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Reviews Comments: Hasn't Worn Out it's Welcome Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple whole series review by Bio Yu Gi

I found Kenichi when it showed up on the Funimation channel and liked it, so found some of the manga. It is very good. There's very little to complain about it. The characters are memorable and all have defined personalities, the fight scenes are well-done and usually don't feel dragged out, the fanservice is there, but it definitely doesn't distract but does supply some humor now and again, which brings to mind the very funny scenes. But my favorite thing about this series? The artwork. I am not one to judge something by it's art, but this is an amazingly-well drawn manga. Especially considering it's a weekly release, the detail and shading done on every page really shows it as a labor of love. I highly recommend the series. As the anime is a pretty faithful adaptation, I also suggest watching the anime up to the not-ending and following up the rest with the manga.


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