Reviews: Knotted Flags

This doesn't deserve to be on the recommendations page.

Although I'm not very sure of the plot since I haven't read past one chapter and skimmed a few more, I really just have to say that, in terms of technical writing, this fic is far from excellent. Far, far, FAR from excellent. Italy calls Germany "Doitsu" without any explanation whatsoever. The writer clumps up dialogs in paragraphs so the reader will always be confused about who the hell is speaking. Italy is prone to unrealistic mood changes. The writing is littered with grammatical errors. The descriptions were curt and lacked vividness and the dialog is extremely melodramatic. It's almost a bad parody.

To be completely honest, reading through just ONE paragraph was painful. I'm willing to give the plot the benefit of the doubt, but I'm not keeping my hopes up and neither will I ever read it again. Why anyone would even want to recommend this is beyond me.

Comment by Anonymous

Thankfully, fans who couldn't stand for the ending have an alternate ending, which is much happier than the original Tear Jerker.

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Where, to start with this. It starts off like a regular Mpreg fic, light soft and fluffy, but the later chapters can range from creepy to downright depressing. It is VERY well written, the characterisation is exellent on despite a little bit of OOC or Flanderization and Russia as an insane Complete Monster out for revenge just works in this story. When he crosses the Moral Event Horizon, you just can't forgive him and you don't feel sorry when Japan pops a Cap through his throat. Prussia in the fic is absolutely hilarious, though that doesn't prevent the last Few chapters from being one emotional punch to the gut after another. The Ending is Bittersweet that is slighty heaver on the bitter. This is the only Fanfic to make me cry as of yet.