Reviews: Knights Of The Old Republic


First off, let me say that I never played the video game. But I am a fan of Star Wars in general. I went into this comic having only a passing familiarity with it and its characters — and I came out with an appreciation for great writing and artwork.

Issue 0 gives us an amazing start, laying out some important characters and the world they live in. The plot proper hasn't even started yet, and already we have some important groundwork being laid out.

Issue 1 starts, and it looks to be the standard "Failure Hero works his way from the bottom to the top" routine — and then, at the end of the issue, we get The Reveal. And the story goes from merely great to amazing.

Over the course of the narrative, we are introduced to new characters, each of whom is memorable in their own way. The writer makes excellent use of Foreshadowing and Chekov's Gun, although some of the Call Forwards will only make sense to those who played the game.

The artwork is fantastic, although thanks to Depending on the Artist, it doesn't maintain the quality throughout. At worst, it's still fairly adequate; although the original artist is still the best of the bunch. Thankfully, this same artist gets to show off his skills the most.

The writing maintains a high standard throughout the story, which lasts 50 issues (56 if you include Issue 0 and the five-issue miniseries that follows), although it does dip a little bit in the second half, thanks to a Halfway Plot Switch. Even then, the story is still great.

My only other gripe with the story is occasional Fanservice, along with some REALLY dark moments in the second half. Thankfully, the creators are tasteful enough to keep such instances to a minimum, though it can still feel rather off-putting, given the nature of the story.

All in all, this comic is simply amazing. Great characters, great artwork, and great writing — and it LASTS. The story is easily worth a 9/10. Even though its banished to that graveyard far far away, it's still worth checking out for anyone who is interested. If you can't find the omnibuses in stores, don't worry — Marvel is re-releasing them under the Legends banner.