Reviews: Kim Possible In Blackest Nigt

Kim Possible: In Blackest Night

One of the better Kim Possible crossovers, this one plants the cast of the Disney animated series squarely in the DC universe and manages to be true to both universes. Right after the events of "Graduation" Kim is abruptly transported to Oa and recruited into the Green Lantern Corps, just in time for the events of the Blackest Night. Soon the dead are rising as Black Lanterns, and friends and enemies find themselves taking sides in the War of Light; among others, Monique is now a Star Sapphire, Gill is turned into a Red Lantern, and Ron is given the opportunity to support the woman he loves as a Blue Lantern. Hal, Guy, John, Kyle, Kilowog and a host of DC's finest and foulest round out the cast in an exciting and fun read.