Reviews: Kissed By A Rose

One of the Best

Okay. This is one of the best fan fictions I've read in a while. It was great to say the least. The Beast was his own character but I actually kind of wish there was more emphasis on his attraction to Belle. There were enough twists and turns from the original Disney story to keep me interested while keeping the heart and soul of the original. It was also nice to have some "plot-holes" covered, like the Beast's back story and what happened with the minor characters that I actually hadn't thought of. I highly recommend it, and it's not as dark as it seems at first.

op's review

Comments: Although the author is never graphic about the rape, the subject matter is still, by its very nature, mature. As for the story, it goes into depth with Belle's and the Beast's character developments (and backstories) in a way that few Beauty and the Beast fanfiction or even the movie do. It is at turns exciting, heartbreaking, and funny, especially after the first couple of chapters. Truly worth checking out, although, at about 107K words, you'll probably want to break it up over a couple of days (Or not.).