Reviews: Krull

Krull is quickly turning into one of my favorite movies, and I have no idea why. Maybe it's the occassionally laughable special effects. Maybe it's that it's just so fun to riff on.

But my best guess is nothing that relates to ironic watching. My best guess is that it's just so pumped full of absolute manic energy from start to finish that it becomes blessed with (suffers?) Irony Decay and, somewhere during the course of it, becomes quite a wonderful movie.

I rented it as the first B-movie I would ever watch — plus, it had one of my favorite actors, so that was what made me realize it existed. Happy and riled up for irony, I giggled my way through the first few scenes, whispering a few riffs to my mother who was watching with me (and remained dignifiedly silent throughout the riffs, as, I suppose, I should have expected), but somewhere along, I started coming up with less and less bad things to say about it.

Post-watching, I was actually pretty hyped, happy and, overall, satisfied. I asked my mother what she thought, and she, calmly pulling her glasses on with a chuckle, said "It was pretty B". Trying to come up with a decent comeback, I flubbed out "Yeah maybe B for BEST" before fleeing to my kitchen to get more Cola.

In any case, this isn't my story. What I suppose I'm trying to say is — if you're an ironic, cynical type, it's So Bad Its Good, but if you're slightly more idealistic, you might wind up watching it as a joke, but turn out to genuinely like it. There's so much care and manic glee pumped into the world that the fact that it's a Cliche Storm really doesn't seem to bother me. (Of course, I haven't seen any other films with a similar premise, being a bit out of touch...)

Plus, philosophizing, gloomy, Unfunny cyclops. Yes. I approve.

In short, it's a...spectacle, to be sure, with the 'dot-dot-dot's optional depending on what sort of person the viewer is.

I guess the world of Krull isn't the best written, or has the best effects, or isn't really the most well-acted, but it's certainly one of the most beautiful. (Location! Italy! It's purty!) But mostly, it's just plain charming. It's a cozy movie, I guess is what I'm trying to say, suitable for casual watching or hardcore watching when you have nothing to do.