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"What about the people who don't have a witty quotation to sum them up, huh?! What about them?!"
Tillbourne Mc Allister, from unreleased attempted-novel One Day Everyone Will Be Dead


For my first trick, I shall introduce how I am, or feel I am, a part of the TV Tropes Wiki. Ladies and gentlemen, watch the hands, nothing up my sleeves. And now...

I've been an on-and-off contributor to Our Beloved Wiki for...three years, I suspect. I was first introduced to it when someone gave me a link to the Giant Robo page on here, and I became fascinated with the strange phrases and slang that were used (Natter? Tropes? Bulletpoints? Crowners?) You know the story — you go in to read about a work, you're confused by the way the work is described, curiousity sets in, you go off to learn the language (and, in doing so, ruin your vocabulary) and before long you're exposed to a whole new world of fascinating fiction you didn't know about. You begin reading tropes you're fond of and finding new shows to watch or books to read, determined by what sort of tropes they use. You begin hunting down tropes you like. Well, I did, at least. Then I stopped doing that as well, and simply sank into the cozy comfort of the TV Tropes Wiki.

I have a deep fondness for it. When I was a kid, I spent a great deal of time on the internet. It helped me learn English and I loved playing the colorful Flash games. Then I found The Other Wiki, and used it as my go-to place for learning. I viewed it as some sort of gallery of knowledge. A looming and unwavering educator. A fantasy supercomputer of the kind seen in sci-fi. All very soppy, I know, but I was young. I tried to help, and, being young and ungrammatical, my edits were always reverted. I remember being quite pouty and sullen about this, but...yeah. Young. In any case, life went on, I grew up — and, eventually, was given the fateful link to the Giant Robo page.

This was something different. This was...more free and more friendly, knowledgeable but not professional. Enthusiastic amateurs gathering to gush. This was a list of fiction and a work of fiction all in one — it was a fanclub for practically everything. If The Other Wiki was the metaphorical Drones' Club of upper-class chums, then TV Tropes was the friendly neighborhood pub where everyone was invited provided they have two cents to give, either to the conversation or to buying a new round.

It invited me in.

Since then — as I said — I've been contributing on-and-off. I've been trying to control the sheer addictiveness of the site, and I'm glad to say I now usually only have five tabs open at any given time. I can leave the site for months before coming back to water the metaphorical daisies and upholster the metaphorical...whatever it is you upholster. (Upholstery? That can't be right.) In any case, no matter if I try to avoid it, the site has made an impact on me, my vocabulary, and the way I write — and quite often I return to this little pub in the corner of the internet for a quick drink and some packets of trivia.

Ta-rah! Just like that, ladies and gentlemen! And now, I shall introduce myself with the way this page was originally written — an introduction of myself as the person I am rather than the troper I was. Or veni, vidi, vice versa, depending on how you prefer your sentence structure. Oh, dear, oh, din, Odeon. why am I talking like this. Typing like this. Hm. I shall have to think about that.

Let's start again...hi.

I'm a Swedish person and I occassionally do stuff. In the past, when I did stuff, I was extremely passionate for a while, yet lost interest very quickly, before hopping on to other stuff, and the cycle repeated itself...this has lead to a lot of unlaunched YKTTWs, so sorry about that.(The Cycle: "...Hey, I just thought of something. I wonder if we have it? We don't have it? Huh...we don't have it!? Gosh! Quickly, now! Whip up description, add, it'll be fine-polished soon, ROLLING UPDATES AHOY! ...No one's commenting anymore. ...Eh, I guess it wasn't that important.")

Since then, I've mellowed out a bit, I've gotten over a lot of issues, I've gotten a bit better with people, and I'm all-around happier now. No dramatic cliffhanger here.

I write poems, short stories, jokes, and miscellaneous sentences. I obsess about capitalization and spelling. I tend to overquote. I wrote a lengthy bit last June, which has been described by the two people who've read it as "okay" and "good". (If it elicits this eloquent response from people, how can it fail? Order now!) I'm in love with In Which a Trope Is Described. I can't think of a good stage name. I'm fickle about opinions. I appreciate most things as long as they're done well. I used to be an Entry Pimp of worst degree, and old habits die hard, I'm afraid. But...dududandandandadidadadee, dandumdelacrut lemonade. No, that doesn't work. Hm. I shall have to think about that.

(There will be no excuse for I Thought It Meant Farmville. None.)




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