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The Illustrious Crackpot is a writer and artist, mainly situated on DeviantArt. She's responsible for Madness In A Box and Heroina Robot Detective.

Her main characteristics are an expressive, energetic, cartoony style and a fast-paced, bizarre sense of humor. (These are both toned down heavily in Heroina Robot Detective, which, while having comic interludes, is more dramatic).

She's a prolific creator of fanworks, including A Very Muppets Mystery. She also has a Tumblr, where she mainly uploads completed comics, sketches, and works-in-progress.


She also takes commissions.

Tropes that apply to her:

  • Art Evolution: Noticeable — her comics now look a lot more completed than they used to, and she's become more prone to experimenting with coloring.
  • Running Gag: Harvey being her soulmate.
  • Spell My Name with a "The": Either "Illustrious Crackpot" or "the Illustrious Crackpot". It varies.

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