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A Boring Delight
Kill Me Baby is a slice of life, comedy anime about an average, ditzy, teenage girl named Yasuna, and a professsional assassin named Sonya. The show revolves around the two, and thier conflicting personalitys. On one side you have a clumsy, idiotic, and random school girl, and on the other side you have a serious, professionally trained, assassin/hitman. They are both "best friends," and attend the same high school.

ART/VISUALS: The art isn't exactly oustanding, its your basic cute, chibi character design. The world itself, while not stylized at all, is very well made. The real appeal here is the intro, outro, and transistion cards. The animation, isn't anything special, not particularly sharp, but has its moments. Overall its visuals are extremly average and isn't very special.

MUSIC/SOUND: The show is full of bland, and boring background music and sound affects. The real star here is the intro and outro. The intro is wacky and full of dleight, while the outro is electronic synth pop, with a good beat. There isn't much to say here, the sound and music is very average and tame, excluding the intro and outro.

STORY/CHARACTERS: As a slice of life the story is essentially non-existant. Don't expect any really good story arcs concerning Sonya's hits as they are rarely mentioned at all. Yasuna and Sonya can be hilarious to watch as they yell at each other and inflict physical injuries on one another, though after a while it becomes the same boring gags and becomes very boring. The comedy can be sturdy, but you won't be laughing your ass off and losing your breathe over it, you might get a quick chuckle in here or there. Agiri is where the comedy really lies in the show. Agiri is a "ninja," who makes a quick buck off selling bogus "ninja techniques," though sometimes she can pull off feats that truely only a ninja could achieve. She is the most hilarious character in the entire show, and truely stands out from everyone else.

PERSONAL ENJOYMENT/CONCLUSION: I personally enjoyed this series alot, but it can get real bland, real fast. The series is good taken in small doses not in a marathon. The series is totally passable, but if your looking for a light-hearted slice of life, or just want to add another anime to your list, sure its good...but not exactly great.
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Absolutely Atrocious.
I heard a lot of good things about this anime, which was why I wanted to try it out. But as it turned out, it was the worst fucking show I have ever seen in my entire life. I could only watch the first 2 episodes before I had to stop. Here's what's wrong with it:

1. The characters suck ass. All of them. They all suck ass. Yasuna is UNBELIEVABLY annoying, but not so annoying that she's funny, just so annoying that you want to scalp yourself. Sonya has ZERO personality (and AGAIN, NOT IN A GOOD WAY), and Agiri is always as if she got like 1 hour of sleep the previous night, which makes for a really boring and uninteresting character.

2. Nothing happens. At all. I don't care if it's slice of life, they're in a school, they should be doing something school related. Even Lucky Star acknowledges the characters do schoolwork. Even if it's not often shown, it's still mentioned. But here, all they do is just sit on their asses inside of a completely deserted school. What happened to everyone? Why are they like the only people there? It gives a bland, lifeless feeling to the show.

3. The animation is horrendous. 90% of the stuff on Newgrounds is animated better than this. I had seen some ytpmvs of the show before, and I didn't notice it then, but once I got around to watching it it hit me that they stay in chibi form the whole time. I don't mind if it's just a reaction shot or something, but not 24/7. There's also an overuse of computer animation (as in like, after effects-esque, not CGI.) It looks so out of place that at some points it felt more like ATHF or Tim and Eric (for example, when Agiri swings the watch or whatever it was for hypnosis). I've seen some of the other shows animated by the same people, and those looked pretty good, so I don't know why this one looked so fucking bad.

4. Probably the biggest and most important one, it isn't funny. I did not crack a smile once during the entire first two episodes. This is probably largely due to the awful characters, but I can honestly say that I have not seen a show less funny than this. I've seen some really unfunny stuff before, but this was painful to watch.

If it ended up getting better as it went on, then sorry about this review, but those first two episodes were so unforgivably bad that I refuse to watch any more of it. Biggest letdown I've experienced from any media, period.
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