Reviews: Kuroko No Basuke

Likeable characters, haphazard plotting


Lack of foreshadowing

Dramatic elements introduced too late in the series. Examples include: Kuroko and Ogiwara's friendship; Murasakibara and Akashi's existence; The man guarding the Zone's door (particularly egregious because it was introduced near the very end without being alluded to in any way in previous chapters)

Art style is meh, though it does improve somewhat. Composition, however, remains flat all throughout the series

For a shounen basketball anime it's not very heavy on the basketball. In the Moh's scale of sports anime sports-y-ness I'd rate it at about 4/10.


Characters are really likeable. The main characters especially. Kuroko particularly.

The gags are actually funny.

Taken as individual scenes, the off-court drama is usually done well. For a shounen sports anime, at least. Taken as part of a whole, they're kind of overshadowed by the egregious lack of foreshadowing and forethought mentioned earlier.

Akashi alternates between heartbreaking and unintentionally hilarious.

The voice acting is really great, especially Ono Kensho's portrayal of Kuroko's breakdown/panic attack at the end of the Teiko arc.

THE NEUTRAL but definitely helps:

Good-looking guys.

A main character that could be paired with literally anyone in the damn series.

No need for any knowledge of basketball whatsoever to find it enjoyable.


If you're the kind of person who likes a well-structured story, this is not for you. Otherwise, if you're just looking for something fun to watch with likeable characters and funny scenes, or if you're a yaoi fangirl, then by all means give it a try.