Reviews: Kamen Rider Hibiki

Unique series, until retool

Hibiki's main problem is the staff change in the middle of season.

The first half is unique, like a slice of life series. It gives a heavy J drama vibe, with the main theme being 'mentorship' and hard work.

Personally, I found the first part could be a bit boring though, but I like the realism and peaceful vibe . Most of the characters felt like a real person, with the focus being on Asumu and Hibiki.

I also like the gimmick of musical instrument being used as a weapon. The costume and the fight secenes are decent.

However, the second part after staff change is forgettable and not entertaining. Most people hate Kiriya and the fact Asumu didn't even manage to become Oni at the end.

Overall, I could only wonder how the series would turn out had it not undergoing the staff change. Which is a shame.

It is definitely not for everybody though. If you like slow, slice of life J drama with kamen rider element, then this is for you. At least for the first half of the series.