Reviews: Kamen Rider Wizard


Kamen Rider Wizard is the epitome of a by-the-books, bland, and basic Rider series. The premise seems interesting at first glance, stop the spread of despair so no more phantoms will be born while keeping hope so you won't be overwhelmed by your own inner-Phantom. The problem is that this goes nowhere. Haruto never has to worry about his Phantom going out of control and there is no gravity to abusing his powers. Even Nitou who's premise is having to constantly feed his Phantom goes by the wayside and is basically moot-point. Almost the entire cast is full of uninteresting characters. Haruto is nearly the same at the end of the series as he was at the beginning. Shunpi, the comic relief character, is rarely ever funny. Rinko never gets to do much beyond repeating information thats already been stated. Koyomi was supposedly a "warming the ice queen" kind of character but she never does anything of note except "die".

Basically, skip this series.

Don't listen to the fans, it's a good show

I think the core issue here regarding fandom perception of Kamen Rider Wizard is that itís a show that you need to devote your full attention to in order to get anything out of it. If you don't pay attention (as most of the fan base seems to have done), your impression of Kamen Rider Wizard is itís an uninteresting show full of uninteresting characters and stories. When really, itís quite the opposite.

Haruto Souma, the protagonist of the show, is a complex character who has more depth to him than just donuts, contrary to what you might hear. He does love donuts but he's also tenacious, cares deeply about his friends, has a habit of being close mouthed, has no sense of self-worth, and believes he has to be the last hope. If you believe that Haruto is a flat character then, to put it bluntly, you're wrong.

The supporting cast of Kamen Rider Wizard all have their own place in the story, although there were some issues such as several characters not receiving enough screen time and/or focus. For example, Rinkoís job as a policewoman didnít receive the focus it called for, and due to scheduling conflicts Koyomi did not appear as much or have the story significance she was intended to.

Wizard's storyline did have pacing issues but overall I found it to be satisfactory. The manner in which the plot is built on over the course of the show, the character driven moments and the subtleties to the story make up a show that warrants the attention of the viewer if youíre to get more than flash from it.

Kamen Rider Wizard isnít for everyone, and youíre not required to like it, but it's by all means NOT a bad show. I believe that it's quite a good show and worth watching if it catches your interest.

Don't watch this season it's a disappointment.

We can't sugar coat this Kamen Rider Wizard sucked. And there are too many reasons to list. The villains were Horror wannabes that reached Incompetence, Inc. levels of failure after Phoenix went down. Haruto was bland and extremely uninteresting Flat Character and never received any Character Development to make him interesting. The supporting cast was always Out of Focus and when they were in focus they were just plain annoying and acted like loads. There was a poorly executed Genre Shift at the end that was supposed to create a Tragic Villain, but lack of screen time for him just made you incapable of caring. Basically, Kamen Rider Wizard was all flash, no substance.