Reviews: Kamen Rider Ex Aid

Great characters

Pros : Don't let the design puts you off, this series had memorable characters, one of the best that Kamen Rider had to offer. Everyone had their own roles and story. Emu is one of the clever main character in the entire Kamen Rider franchise with the tendency of taking a third option.

Bonus point if you like games, the CGI effect (and the henshin pose) are really nice. The bgm and ost are good, plus the opening is an earworm.

The story is tightly paced with little to no filler episode. Personally, the plot is one of the best since post-Decade kamen rider series. It's weird at first, the idea that meshes doctor theme with games but it worked somehow and it made sense when you think about it. The 'hidden' main theme is actually about death.

Dangerous Zombie is one of my favourite costume, and the user is definitely one of the most memetic characters in the entire Kamen Rider franchise.

Cons : Most of the costume design. I still can't get into it even after finishing the whole season. The driver looked silly (even though the gashat looked cool). The ending is rushed due to being only 45 episode.

Overall, the whole series had been entertaining to watch, a very fun show.