Reviews: Kamen Rider Fourze

Kamen Rider : Friendship and Space

Pros : The dynamic between characters in the Kamen Rider Club is entertaining to watch, they had truly become true companion throughout the series.

The villains design are good and the victim/monster of the week is done quite well.

This is depend on the taste, but I personally like Gentaro's boisterous personality, friendship (and space!) theme and the lighthearted comedy.

Cons : It had a lots of suspension of disbelief, exaggerated highschool tropes and a lot of 'friendship is awesome' tropes being hammered on that it might sounded too cheesy for some people. Fourze's suit design might be a turn off too, though I personally think Meteor's suit is even more ridiculous.

Overall, I would recommend it if you like fun, lighthearted kamen rider series with entertaining characters and be willing to put a lot of suspension of disbelief and enjoy the show.

Flawed, but loveliest Rider i've even seen.

Truth be told, I wasn't excepting that high of this series, but after a few episodes, what I thought would be a guilty pleasure ended up as a series that helped me with depression:

  • Story: Since it's a toku show from Toei, don't except the general plot to move very fast. However, it is well done since it leaves room for exploiting the character's weakness and strenghts, how they react when becoming Zodiart, etc...
  • Characters: Easily the selling point for this show: nearly every character has development and is likeable for me (or at least love to hate). Special mention for Kengo who has the best character development (and being my favorite character), and Gentaro for being a prime example of lovable idiotic hero.
  • Fight scenes: The first episodes don't have very impressive fight scenes, but as more power-ups and Meteor come, they get better and more creative.
  • Designs: The weakest point sadly, the fourze suit is okay, but the helmet is still silly, even though it does make sense, and even the power ups aren't helping.

While it has impacted me and I love it, it does have some flaws that can keep you from liking it: The acting is narmy (but since it is toku, it is the hero's real strengh), the first 10 episode can be challenging facing mostly A-holes (how much of a reward the 10 next episodes is up to you), and even Gentaro can be perceived as annoying.

So I really liked it, but it's actually hard for me to tell you to check it out, unless you don't mind trying the first two episodes.