Reviews: K

A beautiful series that's not for everyone...

K is well known for beautiful animation, no surprise here considering the studio animation and the budget. The visual is absolutely gorgeous. The backgrounds are sharp and breathtaking. The rendering on the cityscapes are vast and alive. The colors are rich and rife with symbolism and suggestion, which is not just lavish because of the budget but relevant to how important colors are to the setting and the plot.

Even the side characters have enough detail to be the main characters of other anime. No expense was spared on the art here, filter and other effects is used in greatest effect to please viewers eyes and it shows. If there is one place K shines, this is it.

However as far as plot goes, while this troper would give full marks on it, the part on 'storytelling' tend to put off people from enjoying it to the fullest. As in first episodes our protagonist is shoved to war between clans with clear evidence but he has no clue whatsoever about it... yes, the start of this anime is very confusing as it feels like we are watching from the middle not the start.

The fanservice is often criticized but in the end this is a pretty complicated story with serious tone, so the fanservice is just there and as of now is more of a running gag in the fandom, especially Awashima's attack sequence.

This series is definitely not for new anime fans with its unusual storytelling style, especially with how 'backstory' and plot holes is filled up in another media 'manga' and novel. This series is also tend to be very slow in plot, so if you like fast track plot this series is not for you.