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03:00:42 PM Jun 25th 2017
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Regarding the artistic licence - biology entry, I did some back-of-the envelope calculations (just out of curiosity) to see what the density of a kaiju would be like, based on the height/weight they're given.

I wasn't sure if by "height" of the kaiju who were mostly horizontal/quadrupedal (standing like an alligator, essentially) they meant it's height on all fours or standing upright, so I decided to take a look at Knifehead, since it's a more bipedal one. It's overall body plan somewhat resembles a T-Rex-like dinosaur (at least, in the old fashioned stance they used to be associated with), so I decided to just compare it to a T-Rex.

A T-Rex (standing in the classic, albeit incorrect upright position) is about 8 meters tall, and is estimated to have weighed 9 tons (8200 kg). Since volume is proportional to height cubed, I took the ratio of height cubed in m to mass in kg, and got 0.063 m/kg, or about 16 kilograms for every meter of height.

Knifehead is listed 315 ft (96 m) tall and to weigh 2700 tons (2,500,000 kg). This gives a ratio of 0.36 m/kg, which is about 3 kilograms per meter of height.

If these stats are correct, then it's possible that the kaiju are made to be relatively lightweight for their size, which could help to explain their ability to move so quickly.

However, I do wonder what this means as far as their density goes. Does anyone have one of the Knifehead models that they could measure the height and volume of (Archimedes-style)? I'm curious to see if it is less dense than water... :^)
04:04:57 PM Nov 3rd 2016
Character tropes on main work page

I am gonna move character tropes to the characters sheet where they belong. This includes tropes like Action Dad, Action Girl, Badass Family, Bash Brothers, Big Bad, Big Good, Broken Ace, Celibate Hero, Chest Blaster, Confusion Fu, Dad the Veteran, Glass Cannon, Giant Flyer, Giant Enemy Crab,Good Is Not Nice, Husky Russkie, Jerkass.
10:52:16 AM Jul 15th 2014
'Reality is Unrealistic': the newton's cradle was actually done with a miniature (about quarter scale) set. "Instead of using their working-class dark wizard powers to create a digital office to punch apart, they built an entire miniature office, complete with papers, computers, and desk chairs. Because ... wait, I actually have no idea. Are desks and paper that much harder to render than cars, bricks, and broken glass? Did the roto artists threaten to revolt if they didn't get a week off? Did Del Toro owe his practical effects friends a favor? Whatever the reason, they put a lot of effort into making sure those tiny desks looked correct for the fraction of a split second they were on screen: Each piece of that office was carefully crafted so that it would break apart in a realistic way when the giant robot fist crashed through the window.

Read more:"
01:24:33 PM Jul 15th 2014
And? So? Therefore?
01:39:39 PM Jul 15th 2014
What is the meaning of this post? At best, it should go to Trivia.
08:25:22 PM Jun 6th 2014
Okay, who made the trope page title "Pacificrim" as opposed to Pacific Rim?

Also, how do I change it back?
12:49:20 AM Jun 7th 2014
The Problem with Pen Island did. It can't be fixed other than by using a non-broken link.
07:11:51 PM Apr 5th 2014
Has anyone else noticed (I haven't seen this anywhere else, ANYWHERE, so I don't know where it should go) that in Neon Genesis Evangelion, a work this movie draws heavily from, the Angels blood pattern is BLUE? Just like, I don't know, KAIJU BLUE? If this is somewhere I'll feel pretty dumb but after perusing all of the Pacific Rim pages, my mind = blown

05:41:05 AM Nov 19th 2013
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Not sure where/if to put this, it just keeps going through my mind.

  • Mako was first found wearing only one shoe - carrying the other.
  • Hannibal Chau ends the film missing one shoe - Newt carried it off.

They're not related, but the theme is oddly noticeable. Two characters end up wearing one shoe.
05:58:59 AM Nov 19th 2013
Something related to Book Ends? (I haven't seen the film.)
11:43:45 AM Nov 5th 2013
I actually don't know where this qualifies, but has no one here noticed that at one point, pre-movie, Stacker and Herc piloted together? Pentecost doesn't outright say it, though, when telling Chuck that they're compatible. I'm curious as to where that would fit in...
02:50:45 AM Oct 11th 2013
A) If you honestly think I'm literally convinced by its handwaving, I don't think sci-fi movies are for you. B) It's a movie about giant robots.
10:19:47 AM Oct 11th 2013
With regards to the actual Hollywood Tactics brought up:
  • Combined arms: Largely irrelevant, because the only weapons big enough to reliably hurt even the Cat 1 Kaiju are so huge that they could only be mounted on either something as big as a Jaeger or by naval ships, which would be more vulnerable to the Kaiju than even land forces. You might have snipers try to shoot out their eyes, but this was shown to be little more than an irritant to Leatherback, and reliably hitting the eyes would have been extremely difficult because of how much the average Kaiju moves around. Even a twitch of a head is going to move the eye dozens of meters.
  • Reconaissance: Also irrelevant, because these are Kaiju. They're observed the moment they leave the Rift up until they reach their targets. The only times recon would have been relevant were when Gispy Danger was tracking Otachi through Hong Kong, and Gipsy had helicopters overhead doing just that, and when they were attacking the Rift, which was when the Shatterdome was on its last legs.
  • Guerrilla troops: There's absolutely no use for any kind of "guerrilla" force. Guerrillas are used against an occupation, not a destructive force like the Kaiju. Infantry are singularly useless against something that big, except possibly aiming for the eyes, which will be extremely difficult and clearly has been abandoned after a decade and a half of war.
  • Navies: Considering the Kaiju attack from the ocean, move faster underwater than any existing ship, have hides that can take sustained modern weapons bombardment for days on end, and can be as large as most warships, navy ships are clearly not used because they've either proven entirely ineffective or they've been totally destroyed by the Kaiju over the course of the war and all resources that would be devoted to rebuilding the navies are redirected toward Jaeger production or the Wall.
  • Corpse perimeters: We only see one perimeter around a Kaiju corpse during the movie for any length of time, and that perimeter is handled by Chau's personnel, which are not a military outfit to begin with. Too little information to go by.
  • Lack of soldiers: There are plenty of soldiers shown in the Shatterdome, both armed soldiers and military support personnel. But the Shatterdome's resources are limited, and the vast majority of the movie is focused on this relatively small group of personnel and their small number of Jaegers. Of course there won't be a lot of troops shown when the guys fighting are a limited force entirely focused on supporting four massive war machines.
09:06:10 PM Aug 31st 2013
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Wasn't sure where/if to put this in the actual Trope page/subpage, or what tropes might or might not apply, so I'll mention it here, if only to get it off my chest... If it's wrongly located or badly written, someone else can move/rewrite it.

Why, it seems, does the official info seem incapable of choosing if Aleksis is the woman, and Sasha is the man, of the two Kaidonovskis, or vice-versa? Sasha is a male name in Russia, after all.

Info from the PPDC site says Sasha is the male, and Aleksis is the female. But info from the artbook says the reverse.

Something needs a decision here!
08:21:41 PM Jun 6th 2014
And the credits refer to Aleksis as the husband and Sasha as the wife, but personally, based on dialogue from the movie, Heather Doerksen's character is calling out to Robert Maillet's character when Raleigh walks into the mess hall, she calls him Sasha. And in interviews she calls herself Sasha.

But since they were married because they were drift compatible, and since they're noted as having the longest sustained neural handshake, maybe even they don't know for sure.

Or maybe they do and like screwing around with everyone else. Also worth noting is that the Art book and site are off from the writer's original intentions, for example, Cherno Alpha being listed as a Mark 4.

Finally, Aleksis and Sasha are both gender neutral names, so we really have no source to say which is which. I'd say just go by whatever you think is the case. Personally, Sasha's the guy, and Aleksis is the gal
10:54:18 AM Aug 11th 2013
Removed this line as the troper is obviously trying to add personal opinion to the main page.

Idiot Ball
  • Minor example: during the fight with Otachi both Gypsy Danger pilots seem out of options before one of them points out a "SWORD" button which unsurprisingly whips out a sword. Drama purposes aside, it seems no one decided to go through all the available weapons on the Jaeger with its pilots, who have never used it ever since it was recovered and upgraded. That sword would have come in handy well before they stumbled upon it mid-combat...

Whoever wrote this, please add it to the Headscratchers page instead.

06:57:02 PM Jun 1st 2014
actually it's not an idiot ball moment.

It's not touched on in the movie, but Raleigh was familiar with all Danger's existing weapons. The sword was the only one he wasn't familiar with. And the reason for that is that Mako installed it in the hopes of getting to pilot the Jaeger. The reason for THAT is that Mako Mori's father was a swordmaker, and in Japanese culture, it was considered impossible for a woman to carry forth the family business after her father. She did it to honor her lost family, and probably just didn't get a chance to mention it after the chasing the Rabit sequence.
03:25:06 PM Aug 7th 2013
Most people give flak to the governments who cancelled the Jaeger project, but from a realistic point of view it seems they didn't have a lot of options. Attempts to seal the rift had failed and the Kaiju were coming faster then they could be produced. Since we never see a finished version of the wall there may have been a goon point for it. They may have been planning to have it outfitted with a large range of offensive which would have proven better then the apparently Awesome, but Impractical Jaegers.
02:39:27 AM Aug 4th 2013
Alright... Whoever keeps having the idiot about mako activating the Jaeger system added... CUT IT OUT! In the novel it explain weren't on, they were activated due to How strong the drift memory was. Tendo choi didn't know tat was possible wit Pentecost thinking it was some kind glitch in the system. But you see that NOT the case. the novel talks about a drift hangover. and how even separate the jaeger and pilot are still connected.

don't get me wrong, the novel has some minor faults to it. But still a very good read.
01:17:45 PM Aug 7th 2013
(I'm not the poster of original text)

Then this should be noted as different (or explained in) the novelization.

Problems with the film requiring people to Read The Manual are valid concerns, as individual media should stand on their own, and not require a huge backstory to understand. It's perfectly valid to point out the problem in the movie, but it's also perfectly valid to add a supporting point that this problem is explained in the novelization.

02:16:42 PM Aug 2nd 2013
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Kaiju (up to Otachi) are slow moving, ground bound, and have no anti-air capabilities, so what's the ideal weapons platform to fight them? Zeppelins of course, mount a Gau-8 in one, hover out of your target's reach and pump it full of depleted uranium or drop bunker busters on it.

Jaeger's would be the perfect partners for them, they can tear the armored carapace off of MightyGlacier kaiju and tire out FragileSpeedster ones; as well as Zeppelins being a much more realistic means of deploying jaegers than helicopters.

On top of being AwesomeButPractical they would have added to the Otachi fight by giving her more stuff to destroy in spectacular fasion with her acid spit and flight.
02:41:07 PM Aug 2nd 2013
What Could Have Been is trivia about what the writers were planning but which didn't make it into the finished product. It's not for random ideas you've comeup with.
02:47:34 PM Aug 2nd 2013
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Noted, care to weigh in on the thought itself?
08:45:13 AM Aug 5th 2013
Not really. I came to the movie to see giant robots fighting giant monsters, and that's what I got. I'm not going to sit around nitpicking about every other tactic they might have used.
06:18:35 AM Jul 20th 2013
Is Tendo Choi supposed to be an Asian character? Did they actually use yellowface in 2013? On a minor character that there are lots of actual Asian actors for?
09:11:28 AM Jul 20th 2013
12:26:38 PM Jul 21st 2013
He's Chinese-Peruvian.

No, there is no Yellowface, and he grew up in the Americas. If you look at the "Tales from Year Zero" comic, you can clearly see that he was raised in San Francisco, and his history.

Amazing what Google can do for you.
07:40:34 AM Jul 19th 2013
Just a thing I want to lay out there: Kaiju as a word is both singular and plural. Though it was used once in the movie, "Kaijus" is a very incorrect term. Primarily, Kaiju is used both singularly and in the plural. This is primarily because Japanese doesn't have plurals in its language.

People do occasionally use "Ninjas", but the gramatically correct version is Ninja.

I bring this up because when the character pages were split up, "Kaijus" was used to set it up. And that's gonna bug the ever loving crap out of me!
05:23:35 PM Jul 19th 2013
What the movie does with the term is what we should do with the term, is it not? Although if the movie primarily uses "kaiju" as both singular and plural then you're correct. I can't remember off the top of my head what they did.
09:39:02 PM Jul 19th 2013
Dr. Hermann Gottlieb, in one scene, does utter the word "Kaijus", but otherwise, the word is used correctly. It's the one standout exception, and somehow it's leaked onto the character page.

Does anyone know how to fix that — or to do a page transfer thingy?
10:02:33 PM Jul 19th 2013
I see.

We don't work like Wikipedia. There's no dedicated move function, you just make the new blank page, cut/paste everything over, and make the old page a redirect/ask a mod to delete it.
05:38:35 AM Jul 20th 2013
Alright: does anyone know the code for a redirect?
08:45:24 AM Jul 20th 2013
[[redirect:(Page goes here)]]
09:32:52 AM Jul 20th 2013
03:13:02 PM Jul 20th 2013
Not a problem.
04:04:50 PM Jul 14th 2013
What happened to the fishing boat? Gipsy did more or less move the boat away from Knifehead, but did the boat actually get away safely? It was a little hard to tell...
02:20:11 PM Jul 16th 2013
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I think G-Danger saved it by putting it a safe distance away, and they booked it with their engines.

UPDATE: Confirmed. The Saltchuck made it to safety according to the novelization.
04:06:18 PM Jul 13th 2013
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Did anybody else get a Buckaroo Banzai/Reno Nevada vibe from Tendo Choi?

Oh, and are we putting the tie-in preequel Graphic Novel here or do we set it up its own page?
09:33:50 PM Jul 13th 2013
Now that you mention it, I wish I had. :) I kept getting Jeffrey Combs vibes from Geiszler and Gottlieb, but especially Gottlieb.
08:27:07 PM Dec 30th 2012
Pacific Rim kind of reminds me of Shinkon Gattai Godannar!!.

Just saying.
04:02:35 PM Jul 13th 2013
The movie is a love letter to mecha and kaiju titles, and there is a lot of history to take inspiration from. It would be almost impossible for them to not have stumbled into some kind of excuse plot.
11:22:12 AM Jul 14th 2013
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Gipsy Danger saving the fishing boat. Honor Before Reason? Oops, meant to start a new topic.
11:43:11 AM Jul 14th 2013
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10:40:24 AM Jul 19th 2013
Why was Reality Is Unrealistic taken down and somewhere a paleontologist is crying back!? large saurupods like the brachiosaurus did had a second brain! so yes, while some dinosaur would have been better, there no reason for somewhere a paleontologist is crying to be there!
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