who's your favourite character from your own work?:

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1 VincentQuill28th Apr 2013 03:46:37 AM from Dublin , Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
i saw this topic on another website, and decided to ask the tropers what they thought; this is Exactly What It Says on the Tin, which character of yours do you find the most fun to write about, or you think you would love to read about.
The Quiet One, the Anti-Hero of my first trilogy, because he is my Author Avatar, though he is nothing like me. I like the challenge of keeping him out of Mary Sue territory.

The Wicked One, the Complete Monster villain of the first story, because he makes the Quiet One look positively saintly - he rapes and murders a pregnant woman for no apparent reason. I like writing a truly disgusting character.

The Fierce One, the Anti-Villain of the second story, because she is the only prominent female character and likes to drown greedy men, which makes me think of russian rusalkas. I like the challenge of writing a lesbian character.

Bishop Lawrence Mallard, the Well-Intentioned Extremist anti-villain of the third story, because he's the only prominent humancharacter and likes to torture demons and sorcerers until they die from the trauma (splashing fire demons with water, burning shadow demons with fire, etc. I like the idea of a Hitler expy who hates REAL monsters.
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3 Tuckerscreator28th Apr 2013 04:00:50 PM from High Charity, the Prophet's Holy City , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
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Gaafi, an Unggoy Ultra in my Halo fanfic. He's partially based on The Man With No Name, and is an interesting character to write for because how much his alignment changes. One Pet the Dog moment, and he's a Neutral Good. A Kick the Dog moment later, and he's Chaotic Neutral. But he never switches sides; he's always in it for himself. It's also interesting to write for how many contradictions he has; he claims to be self-reliant and impartial, but a closer look reveals that's not true at all.

Vodvo is also fun to write for. He's an Special Operations Unggoy trained as a sniper, and is essentially the Cold Sniper trope turned Up to Eleven. He almost never shuts off his active camouflage, even when out of battle, meaning he's invisible at all times. He constantly speaks of war in florid terms, and calls himself "the Slayer", while the rest of the team views him as affectionately crazy. He also collects battle trophies, and plans to one day collect the helmet of a Spartan.

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I'm trying to avoid having favorite characters so I don't end up with The Wesley.

But I do really like how the protagonist of my current project is coming out so far. I'll elaborate when I finish the first draft. I don't like talking up unfinished projects.
5 Masterofchaos28th Apr 2013 05:10:33 PM from the void , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
sophie! from mwdh
All my characters.
6 Eagal28th Apr 2013 07:56:06 PM from This is a location. , Relationship Status: Waiting for Prince Charming
This is a title.

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7 montmorencey28th Apr 2013 07:59:37 PM from the quaint town of Grimm, Bismarck and Gauss
An OC from a fanfic. He didn't seem to set any Marty Stu alarms off with my readers, either. That I know of. So I feel safe in liking him.

He's also the template for my current protagonist...which is where I have to get careful.
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8 Ninjaxenomorph28th Apr 2013 08:19:17 PM from Texas, Texas, Texas , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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My favorite character I have ever written was from an old terrible Bionicle fanfic I wrote. His name was Casanuva, Toa of Magnetism, social and otherwise. He was just so gosh darn fun to write for; that, and having a wide range of creative uses for his powers made him my favorite.
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9 Tuckerscreator28th Apr 2013 11:26:35 PM from High Charity, the Prophet's Holy City , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
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10 VincentQuill29th Apr 2013 12:49:16 PM from Dublin , Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
this is interesting, reading about your characters. mine is an expy of sorts, taking from my four favourite characters in The Legend of Korra, Lord of the Rings , The Addams Family and Pan's Labyrinth. Lin Beifong, Galadriel, Morticia Addams and Mercedes. Fhian starts off as The H Igh Queen of her highly successful Hidden Elf Villlage, and refuses to get involved in the giant war that the whole world is involved in. She is the ex-girlfriend of my insane wizard (another favourite) and so is Working with the Ex when she agrees to get involved, revealing her Iron Lady personality following her capture by the bad guys, where she is about to be tortured after she is kind of knocked off her pedestal, but she breaks her way out (courtesy of Mercedes) and then she along with her Badass Army join the war and are instrumental in the downfall of my Big Bad. She sounds a bit cheesy written like this, but her personality is a blast to write- she and my wizard have a really morbid sense of humour (courtesy of Morticia Addams) (they're both Really 700 Years Old and have seen enough atrocities to be desensitized); think laughing heartily at a dead baby joke

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11 MorwenEdhelwen30th Apr 2013 11:44:16 PM from Sydney, Australia
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Sigurd in Fafnir's Bane. Because, well who DOESN'T like a guy whose destiny is to kill a dragon?
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12 MajorTom1st May 2013 07:20:04 AM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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^ The dragon that's going to be killed that's who.
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13 Eagal1st May 2013 11:25:28 AM from This is a location. , Relationship Status: Waiting for Prince Charming
This is a title.
The dragon's family. Don't want to end up in Vaarsuvius' shoes. Does Vaarsuvius wear shoes?
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14 Jabrosky1st May 2013 03:31:14 PM from San Diego, CA
The longest-running character I still work with has gone through many name and back-story changes, but her basic archetype has remained constant: the Black Dinosaur Huntress. Think of her as a race-lifted Shanna the She-Devil, a black woman in tribal getup who fights dinosaurs in the jungle. I think she would work great as an RPG or video-game heroine.
Probably Naomi, aka "Hen". She is more of an author avatar than any protagonist I've written, which might be why I'm so attached to her, and which is why I am horrible at writing her, since I expect everyone to know her as intuitively as I do.
16 Misuki2nd May 2013 04:48:53 PM from Texas, USA , Relationship Status: Married to the job
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I would say Ivan from my NaNoWriMo, "The Celestial Legend." Something about his personality and his motivations makes me adore him. I love how he is the cynical, practical opposite of my main character Lucian, but at the same time, he is just so loyal.
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17 NickTheSwing2nd May 2013 04:56:01 PM from Ya really wanna know? , Relationship Status: Dating Catwoman
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I have to admit, it is really damn fun to write Bael.

He is incredibly Hammy, gleefully evil to such an extent that people's reactions to his bizarre tangents, Shout-Out laced rants and non-sequential statements...

His own organization doesn't quite know what to make of him.
18 ironcommando4th May 2013 09:04:21 AM from Terra 102 , Relationship Status: Abstaining
I'll probably say my game's Disc-One Final Boss, who doesn't have a name yet. An intangible Eldritch Abomination the size of a galaxy cluster who rules over the solar systems, planets and people within.

He knows about the nature of humanity and various aliens, cares about their well-being, and the people like him. In some scenes between levels, you see his interactions with the people.

He only works for the villains because they have his "life support"- if they take it away, he'll be forced to retreat back to his home dimension, and this will cause chaos amongst a huge number of people, which is what he fears the most.

Unfortunately, in order for him to have his "life support", he has to traffic people to the villain who will transform them into his own emotionless minions.

All in all, a genuinely nice guy with good intentions, but is forced to work for the villain. Shame about some of his minions, who are definitely evil.

In the end, after you defeat him, he decides to stop working for the villain and is forced to retreat back to his home dimension. But not before the heroes help him teach the people he rules over about how they should choose a future for themselves and elect their own leaders.

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19 nova244th May 2013 09:31:39 AM from Irgendwo in Deutschland , Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
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Well, I have two, each in their own work. In my fantasy comic, Psy, there's Terron Malos, a Mage, who is basically Crazy Awesome and likes to Kill It with Fire. Then, in my science fiction comic Smuggler's Crew, Banshee Kra'nixx, the first mate in the aforementioned crew, is another Crazy Awesome (with emphasis on the "crazy") who uses a lot of BFG's. But really, most of my characters are fun to write, and just plain fun a lot of the time.
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20 Wolf10665th May 2013 03:44:24 PM from New Zealand , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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I don't generally have a "favourite character" (singular) in any of my projects as most of what I like about the characters are their interactions with one another and how they work/don't work as a team/couple.

So I have characters I like as a group because they interact in fun/interesting ways.

In one of my stories it's a whole team of Personal Protection Specialists (a.k.a. "bodyguards") and a few other "outsiders" (outside the Personal Protection Agency itself) whom they have known and liased/worked with for a large number of years - notably a couple of police officers, a hacker and a "broker" (what does he broker? What do you want to buy?).

So that's about 7 "favourite characters" right there.

They "give each other shit" in a casual and friendly manner and seem more like a family than a team with a boss and subordinates (even though its fully understood who calls the shots when it gets down to actual work).

In another project, it's a rather unconventional family and a few individuals from other families that they interact with that make up the core of "favourites"
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21 KyleBrackman8th May 2013 10:01:48 AM from Delta, Ohio , Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
My favorite character is Mr.Bigshot from my comic book called Mr.Bigshot. I like him because he's a real person that is a based on a friend of mine. But also because he's a superhero that fights crime in Toledo, Ohio. Another of my favorite character is a pirate named Melize Toxoday. He has a bounty of $800,000,000. The reason I like him is because he gets to sail the seven seas along with having complete freedom. Some other reasons are because he has a cool sword called the Red Devil War Sword (which is a real sword) and the reason(s) he's sailing the seas are is because he's looking for his father and looking for Captain Jack Sparrow because if he kills him, Dana Jones, a sea horse woman pomised to bring the little kid who was hung at the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End to life. But he is one of toughest pirates ever. He fought Francis Drake, Dracule "Hawk-eye" Mihawk (beat him), and Zoro Roronoa (he's the guy that Zoro mentions in One Piece volume one when he mentions he went after a pirate on the sea but got lost).
I don't really have one, but if I had to choose, I'd say its a three way tie between the Dragon-in-Chief / Big Brother Mentor / Big Bad. The Chivalrous Pervert Mentor. Or the angry Anti-Hero turned The Dragon.

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23 nrjxll28th Aug 2013 12:20:09 AM , Relationship Status: Not war
I've said this before, but I think that having a favorite character from your own work is something to be avoided. There are certainly characters that are more fun to write than others, but preferring one character overall will probably influence your story in a negative.
24 ramuf28th Aug 2013 12:21:34 AM from the Shining Throne
I think it's unavoidable to an extent.
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25 nrjxll28th Aug 2013 12:23:37 AM , Relationship Status: Not war
I don't. Like I said, there's a difference between enjoying writing a certain character and actually having a "favorite" character.

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