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YMMV: Troy
  • Common Knowledge: The Trojan horse, Achilles' death, and fall of Troy were not mentioned in The Iliad.
  • Designated Hero: Achilles is a bit of a jerk.
    • That's because of Values Dissonance. What to us might seem like an arrogant jerkass, to the Greeks was simply a hero who took great care of his dignity—as he should.
    • A number of scholars have argued that The Iliad was actually the tragedy of Hector, not Achilles. The story is considerably more sympathetic to the Trojans than the Greeks, Achilles never meets his tragic fate (and in fact finds partial redemption at the end), and most convincing of all, the narrative ends on Hector's death and funeral.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Priam's speech.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: With Achilles' trademark finisher resembling a certain leaping assassination technique from a certain video game series and at least three of the Greco-Roman gods comprising the First Civilization, maybe Achilles was really an Assassin.
    • The fact that this is one of the few movies where Sean Bean's character (Odysseus) doesn't die, a movie where over half the named cast members die, ranks up there as well.
    • A major plot point is Achilles getting sick of being at Agamemnon's beck and call. Which happens every week in the first season of Danball Senki.
  • Memetic Badass: Achilles. "Who would win? Achilles or...?" (Leonidas/Maximus/Superman/Chuck Norris...) Experts have even pronounced him "Str8 gangsta", unusually for the time period. Beowulf fans debate at length: "Achilles is kinda cheating with the heel thing..." And the answer is: Achilles.
  • Moment Of Awesome:
    • Achilles vs. Hector.
    • Achilles finally getting shot.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Practically every Greek solider, save Achilles and Odysseus, crosses it when they sack Troy in the Director's Cut.
    • Values Dissonance comes into it again. If you were a lowly paid Greek soldier, spent weeks sick at sea, watched over 10,000 of your friends die in front of you, lost your Kings, captains and champions and forced was forced to hide, sacking a city is the only release and revenge you can get. Not to mention that such sackings were commonplace and normal throughout most of history (even until World War II; the Soviets and Nazis thoroughly sacked each others' cities throughout the war, though the worst was probably Berlin) after a city was captured.
    • If Agamemnon hadn't already crossed it, "I gave her to the men!" made him sail over it like he was launched from a cannon.
  • Narm: Where to start? Brad Pitt's accent seems a likely place.
  • Tear Jerker: For all the Ham and Cheese in this movie, the look on King Priam's face when he emerges from his chambers to find his beloved Troy in flames is utterly heartbreaking.
    • Hector descending to fight Achilles. We all know how well that was going to turn out for him.
      • And it seems his family, who are watching on, also seem to know what little chance Hector stands against Achilles. The shots of his wife, Andromache, are especially heartbreaking, as she practically has a nervous breakdown during the fight, and her reaction to his death is even worse.
    • Hector showing Andromache the escape tunnels beneath the city in case Troy is sacked and Hector dies. Made worse by the fact that some versions of the myth do not end well for Andromache.
    • Hector's face in every single scene. Man knows they're on a slippery slope to hell five minutes into the film but he can't DO anything about it (without dooming Paris) and that realization makes his entire performance just heartbreaking.
    • Priam asking for his son Hector's body back, especially this line:
      Priam: "You're still my enemy tonight. But even enemies can show respect."
  • The Woobie: Patroclus.

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