Awesome: Troy

  • When Hector spears Ajax through his belly ... and then Ajax breaks the spear off, and starts beating Hector with it.
  • Achilles has a series of them. Not only does he have a Trademark Finisher (a leaping downward thrust that strikes the heart of the victim through the trapezius muscle) which is used several times in the movie, but he swings a shield onto his back in perfect timing to block an oncoming arrow only to switch to a two handed fighting style. Finally, his battle with Hector is one of the most suspenseful, white-knuckle, edge of your seat battles ever seen in an epic film. The lines "You will wander the underworld blind, deaf, and dumb, and all the dead will know ... this is Hector: the fool who thought he killed Achilles" and "Get up, Prince of Troy. I won't let a stone take my glory." display Achilles' absolute confidence.
    • What's more, the fight choreography in this and other scenes is a CMoA for the film. Achilles is established to have a distinctive fighting style that is more...well, stylized than the other warriors. Even the near-superhuman Hector fights in a more grounded way. Achilles' trademark killing blow, the leaping neck-stab, kills anyone he tries to use it on...until he fights Hector, who blocks it and later breaks Achilles' spear. At that point, although we know Hector is doomed to lose, he shows he's not going down without a fight.
    • And that's the first time anyone even got past Achilles' shield. For him, armor WAS useless...
  • The first CMoA of the film tells you everything you need to know about Achilles: dragged out of his tent with a hangover, facing the biggest, meanest looking man possible in Combat by Champion to decide the battle, he strides out, pulls off his finisher ending the battle in 15 seconds or so, and heads back to his tent (and the women in it).
    • Heaven knows Troy is not without faults but there was one complaint involving this scene which caused this editor to nearly die of laughter - namely that it would take lots of training and skill to pull such a stunt off. He's supposed to be the goddamned Achilles, what did they expect?
    • But not without first yelling "Is there NO ONE ELSE?!" at the opposing army, who are all now quaking in their collective boots.
  • Let's not forget the part where Achilles throws a spear at one of the Trojans riding towards the temple after the first attack, and spears the Trojan when he's still way too far away.
    • And then effortlessly tilting his body out of the way of a spear thrown in return by Hector.
  • "You're still my enemy in the morning —" "You're still my enemy tonight. But even enemies can show respect."
  • Achilles taking the beaches of Troy with just 50 men.
  • In the second battle, when, after Hector gets Paris back behind the Trojan walls he turns and lifts his helmet, screaming "FOR TROY!", a cry echoed by the entire Trojan army.
  • The third battle, where the Trojans attack the Greeks, but after the fireball scene. Hector appears to be standing there watching the Greeks, then he starts banging his spear on his shield, which is then copied by the other men standing behind him. Then they walk forward out of view, and we get a panoramic view of the ENTIRE TROJAN ARMY advancing on the Greeks. Even Odysseus looks worried.
  • And finally, one for Briseis, who stabs Agamemnon and kills him. This troper considers that a CMOA because Agamemnon was nothing but a Jerkass the entire movie.
    • In the original myth, his wife did it after Agamemnon brought home Briseis' cousin Cassandra as a slave-girl... and burned his daughter Iphigenia alive as a sacrifice to obtain fair winds for the voyage...
    • It's not like he wanted to sacrifice his daughter, they would never be able to reach Troy because of Artemis' petty anger.
    • And his wife murdered him so he wouldn't find out she'd taken a lover... prompting the revenge cycle for Electra and Orestes. The Greeks liked their Big Screwed Up Families.
  • During the sacking of Troy, a bunch of Trojans decide to make a final stand. They know they can't win, but to them it's to buy everyone a few extra minutes while going down fighting.