Heartwarming / Troy

  • Priam welcoming Helen to Troy, despite the questionable nature of her being there.
    "I have heard rumors of your beauty. For once, the gossips were right."
  • Hector's scenes with his wife and son, clearly showing that he never wanted to be a warrior and only fought to keep his home and his family safe.
  • Priam pleading with Achilles to give back his son's body and Achilles finally showing Hector the respect he deserved.
    • "You are still my enemy tonight... but even enemies can show respect."
  • Hector killing Menelaus to protect Paris. Sure, Paris arguably deserved it, but he was still Hector's little brother.
    • On that note, Agamemnon starting the charge on seeing Menelaus's death. As much as Paris was Hector's little brother, Menelaus was his.
  • Any of Achilles' scenes with his younger cousin. Arrogant, hot-headed, and brash, Achilles is most often portrayed as a warlord concerned with little more than battle and glory. But whenever Patroclus is shown, Achilles acts like a very different person and doesn't hesitate to show affection to the boy he helped raise from early adolescence.
    Achilles: Cousin, I can't fight the Trojans if I'm concerned for you. Guard the ship.