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YMMV: Toriko
  • Awesome Music: Guts! Guts Guts! Guts Guts!
  • Base Breaker: Episode 142, it completely alters what was the epic conclusion of Toriko and Starjun's fight in favor of a different ending.
  • Complete Monster: Tommyrod is one of the Sous-Chefs of the Gourmet Corps' organization. While he puts on a rather Faux Affably Evil facade with his subordinates he is utterly ruthless and won't hesitate to kill them if failed. His powers use Body Horror insects he keeps inside his body and he doesn't hesitate to sacrifice them, even with high capture levels. He takes sadistic joy in tormenting his opponents, or even bystanders like the unfortunate hunters he encountered in Ice Hell, and his brutal fight with Toriko just shows how much joy he has in inflicting pain on others. Its taken to extremes when he kills Komatsu's baby wall penguin's parents for absolutely no reason, just because he found their calls of affection to be annoying.
  • Crazy Awesome: Everything.
  • Creepy Cute: In a sense, Terry Cloth. S/He's a large, vicious looking wolf but around Toriko and friends, s/he's as precious as any puppy.
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome: As expected of this kind of manga, there are a lot. Check out the page here.
    • Everything about the Battle Wolves is concentrated awesome.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Check out its new page here.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Check out the page here.
  • Dueling Shows: With One Piece. Its author even considers the author of Toriko to be his rival/equal.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The first character poll put Uumen Umeda in 8th place over more prominent characters like Tommyrod, Melk, Rin, Setsuno, Jiro, Mansam, and Zonge. You could count the number of Umeda's appearances on one hand.
    • And now it looks like Uumen is actually a member of NEO, who seeks to destroy the IGO and Gourmet Corp. - and may be much, MUCH stronger than he initially let on.
    • Brunchi, when he makes his flashy debut, he easily steals the show with his attitude and unique heart of gold. Enough have a full on fight with the highest ranked fighter below the Sou Chefs.
    • Wabutora was popular enough to get an extended role in the anime.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The reason why Toriko spent so much time trying out the exhibits at Life, the country of healing seemed to be so much different than his normal curiosity, was because it was different. Toriko is afraid that there won't be a cure to regrow his arm, and he is fooling himself into thinking about other stuff to take his mind off of it as most of us do. The exhibits aren't food, the only thing that actually gets Toriko excited, so it makes sense.
    • More Fridge Sadness than brilliance but Midora used to have an appetite like Toriko's. It's only after Frohze dies that Midora's appetite becomes unsatiable. He's trying to eat away the pain of losing Frohze, the closest person he had as a mother.
    • Chapter 259's revelations mix this with a bit of Fridge Horror, explaining why humanity is confined to a small fraction of their own planet. "Human World" is actually the original Earth, the rest of the planet being a gigantic tumor created by a meteorite infused with Gourmet Cells. All of the more fantastic plants and animals in the series are actually invasive species.
    • After learning about Appetite Energy, the BB Corn arc makes more sense. At the time it seemed a little odd that the corn would enable Toriko to use more advanced techniques, as it wasn't incredibly tasty. But the Flying Forks and Knives are made of Appetite Energy that he releases subconsciously, and the BB Corn is special because it makes you hungrier when you eat it.
  • Hatedom: You'll be surprised how many people think Toriko doesn't warrant its success. See Hype Backlash below.
  • Ho Yay: Lots of it, to the point of TorikoXKomatsu being practically canon by now. Komatsu's interaction with the Second Melk and Toriko being enganged to Rin does somewhat counteract it, though.
    Toriko: Komatsu, how about you and me form a "combo"?
    • Coco becomes very concerned for Komatsu in episode 4 and 5, after Komatsu becomes friendly with him even though Coco is poisonous.
    • The last page of Gourmet 34:
      Komatsu: Did you do something to me!?
      Sunny: I diiidn't. Do you want me to do something?
      • This after he fawned over Komatsu's cooking skills, saying he's beautiful when he works...
    • Toriko compares being "tasted" by Sunny's hair sensors as being licked by him. In the show, this is demonstrated by a shot of Sunny licking Toriko's cheek. Sunny's descriptions of people's actions/emotions towards things as "beautiful" doesn't help — Komatsu's cooking, Coco's entrance...
    • When they are traveling on the Gourmet Carriage, some classical music starts playing and Sunny grabs Komatsu for a dance. Then you see Toriko and Coco waltzing together, looking like they have no idea how they got there.
    • The fact that Toriko, Sunny and Zebra are all fighting over having Komatsu as their "partner" makes it feel like a really strange harem anime.
    • The amount of Ho Yay in this manga combined with all the muscular man and manly harem undertones would probably qualify as intended Homoerotic Subtext. In fact, this is likely as close to Bara as it possibly can be for a shonen manga with all due age restrictions.
    • Gets lampshaded by Sunny who asks Toriko, who after accepting Rin's proposal, if Komatsu really is his partner. Toriko asks 'what does this have to do with it', and Sunny is shocked the relationship isn't romantic between Toriko and Komatsu!
  • HSQ: The introduction of Head Waiter Alfaro. Two horrific behemoths, the ruler of Ice Hell and a mutated insect, each with capture levels in the high 70's are duking it out in the sky. Alfaro slices them to pieces in a second. With dinner plates.
    • Promptly one-upped by Setsuno. Alfaro is about to pull out his dinner plates and kill her while her back is turned, but never really gets the chance seeing as Setsuno broke the plates from several yards away using what we can assume to be the aura of 'screw you' she was emitting.
    • Master Chin takes it up to more ludicrous levels. His secret food technique, "Spoon", can carve out mountains. He did this once "Death Falls", before we even knew it was him.
    • Toriko vs Starjun, Coco vs Grinpatch, Sunny vs Tommyrod...and...Setsuno vs Chiyo for the latest arc. On top of a mysterious third faction and the Bishokukai actually having captured and weaponized a Nitro which pwns Yuda with ease!
    • Chiyo can perform an You Are Already Dead technique in which she completely removes all the flesh off of your bones from under your armpits to your hips leaving a cleaned skeleton without you even realizing it.
    • Down in the basement of the stadium where the fighting at the Cooking Fest is taking place, it seems as though Kuriboh, Kousairou and COOKING KING ZAUS HIMSELF are all planning to either capture or kill Setsuno. They're working together with the richest men on the planet, such as the King of Jidar and President Mohs.
    • Knocking Master Jirou arrives just in time to save Setsuno from Joa's nitro. He then uses knocking on the entire earth and everything on it completely stopping even things like natural disasters for a split second.
    • Two words: HUNGRY SPACE
    • Coco makes an amazing discovery, a meteor that absorbs energy and grows, which he hypothesized eventually grew out of the Earth to form the Gourmet World.
    • All of this PALES in comparison to the reveal of Gourmet World Beasts. Thought the Four Beast and beasts with capture levels at 500 were insane? How about many creatures who's capture level is in the 1000's! And Above them all, one of the eight Gourmet World Kings, a battle wolf with a capture level of 6090!
    • Heracles sets the bar for how powerful the Eight Kings are: he snorts in Toriko's direction and blows off a third of his body.
  • Hype Backlash: This is happening quite a lot, lately. After the full-throttled advertisement campaign from Shonen Jump, the crossovers with One Piece and Dragon Ball, the extra publicity from the anime, and Eiichiro Oda himself considering Shimabukuro to be his rival, Toriko has - perhaps inevitably - failed to live up to many peoples' expectations, hence the Hate Dom. The manga sales are only barely better than Bleach (which lost its anime in 2012), its only feature-length film tanked, its own anime will soon be discontinued in favor of a DBZ Kai adaptation of the Buu Saga, and the series generally doesn't do that well in the weekly rankings or yearly volume sales. The differences between the anime and manga compound the issue as well.
  • Memetic Badass: Zebra will kick your ass from his prison cell.
    • For evidence, check the main page and the character page. Nearly every trope related to Badass mentions Zebra at least once.
  • Memetic Molester: Livebearer seems to be approaching this status, thanks to his... off appearance and suggestive dialogue towards Komatsu (although to be fair, it was moreso to eat his brain).
  • Narm: Midora's backstory includes the clearly-supposed-to-be-sad-and-dramatic line "My heart was a shirt that's never been changed."
  • Nausea Fuel: If this manga in general is full of Food Porn, observed dietary preferences of Gourmet Corp. serve as Fetish Retardant to it. For members of what their Japanese name translates as "Beautiful Food Orginization", they sure are prone to eating disgusting things in disturbing ways.
    • One such example would be Grinpatch who taunts Toriko by not only stealing and eating all of his BB Corn, but proceeds to vomit it back up and eat it again!
  • The Scrappy: Tina the news reporter seems to be this for fans of the manga, as she is put into a lot of arcs to add as a Ms. Exposition. Fans who were introduced to the anime don't seem to hate her as much.
    • One of the reasons given is that those fans see Toriko as a male buddy story/more reflective of old school shonen manga. The addition of Tina supposedly removes some of the testosterone fueled awesomeness so that there can be a relatable female character to bring in female fans as it is "considered wrong to have series nowadays solely aimed at males".
  • Ship Sinking: Toriko/Komatsu, after Toriko accepts Rin's proposal. A few chapters later, Komatsu and Nono have dinner together.
  • Squick: Midora's Overly-Long Tongue powers is this and Nightmare Fuel
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Episode 142. Just when Toriko and Starjun's epic rematch is heading to its conclusion, Joa shows up and the fight ends in a draw.
  • Too Cool to Live: Ichiryu
  • Ugly Cute: Ob.
  • Uncanny Valley: Livebearer... does not look right, even for the series' cartoony artstyle.
    • Tommyrod to a lesser extent
    • Joa Aka Frohze...possibly?, looks like a beautiful woman except, the cracks along the face and Hellish Pupils make her look very off
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Terry Cloth, Melk the II and Shuu

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