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Tear Jerker: Toriko
  • The death of Terry's mother.
  • The supposed death of Teppei may be more nightmare fuel than this, but the sudden mood whiplash to this can make it downright devastating. Thank god it was only a nightmare.
    • While his death may have just been narrowly averted, it IS however heartwrenching to see the once so cheerful Teppei having been turned into an emotionless fighting machine by Joa. Especially since Joa implies that Teppei's old personality may be gone FOREVER.
  • Midora's past, he was left to be fed to wild pigs when he was born in order for his village to survive, grew up stealing food in order to survive and then he loses Frohze, the one people he considered a mother, his now endless hunger is to eat in order to dull the pain
    • Zoom to the present when he kills Ichiryu, he unleashes Berserker Tears after killing his adopted brother, showing that even the Big Bad of an organization that disrespects food has a heart.
  • The Food Tablet mini arc, the Human World is brought to despair and can't even eat a decent meal. If Toriko hadn't shown up, it would've gotten much worse.

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