Funny: Toriko

  • Rin's constant fawning over Toriko, being upset that the battle fragrance didn't cause him to "go wild" on her.
  • Sunny and Komatsu's reactions to the giant Regal Mammoth falling off the cliff.
  • Some of the monsters and food items are pretty silly. Octopi that squirt condiments? Butt Bugs? Burger Clovers?
  • Everyone agreeing that the best way to enter the Regal Mammoth would be through its butt. Sunny does not approve.
  • When Toriko and Terry arrive on the Wool Continent, Terry's first instinct is to mark everywhere on their landing spot.
    • He does it again later in the anime, this time on walking trees (who step out of the gang's way so they have a clear path to their destination).
  • In one panel of the manga when Toriko and friends are on a cruise ship being pulled by giant horses, Toriko and Coco are waltzing together, they both have a look on their faces that literally say "What are we doing?"
  • Beasts beware the power of the ZONGE SMASH! The manga version was just as "effective", but the animators really ran with it.
  • Surprise Apples. They get tastier the more you surprise them. They're also called "Human Face Apples". Guess why.
    • And who got the highest level of surprise/taste? Zonge. By farting on them.
  • THIS. When Teppei accidentally reveals there is no Century Soup, causing the ship to turn back without them.
  • The look on Komatsu's face when he finds out Melk II isn't a boy.
  • Toriko makes a noble, badass and dramatic speech when faced with the prospect of loosing his food memories in a game, saying the past doesn't matter....Before immediately relying on Coco, much to Coco's chagrin.
  • Toriko makes a awesome and badass speech on how he'll add the Jewel Meat to his Full Course Meal...only for Sunny to interrupt (Literally stopping the 'adding menu item sequence), because he's adding the Jewel Meat to his Full Course Meal. The two start arguing over it.
    • The anime reveals how they settled their argument. By Rock Paper Scissors
      • Actually, the manga showed it that way as well (albeit in one panel).
  • The grin that the characters get when they drink or even think about Century Soup. Coco refuses to show his face when he tries some.
    • Sunny declines the soup because of those silly grins.
  • The Dodorian Fruit. It is a fruit so stinky that its smell lingers in a place for 300 years, and when it ripens and drops, it knocks Toriko and Komatsu clean out, wakes them back up, and knocks them back out sporadically for one month. Before hand, the intense smell actually rotted their clothes and food.
    • And the explosion causes everyone in the entire Human world to cringe in horror. Except Zonge.
      • And Sunny. In his case, he doesn't just cringe, he passes out, foaming at the mouth.
  • When Setsuno shows Toriko and Komatsu her GIANT vat of Century Soup, the two start gushing over the amount and types of ingredients in it. She dramatically tells them that the soup is incomplete...but the boys are too busy gushing to hear her. So she tries again. Still not paying attention. Getting annoyed, she screams that the soup is incomplete. That gets their attention, and she angrily tells them to pay attention.
  • When Toriko has to go through the process of growing his arm back he thinks it'll be fun since it pretty much just involves him eating a lot of food. Cue the next panel, when the process kicks in and Toriko has gone bone thin, begging for food
  • Before their battle with the Four Beasts, the Heavenly Kings discuss their philosophy on life. Toriko, Coco, and Sunny provide their own ideas on success and failure. What's Zebra's philosophy?
    Who cares?
  • The climax against the the real body of the Four Beast. Beaten and barely alive, Toriko, Coco, Sunny and Zebra pour their entire life and predator aura into their mightiest technique, a energy representation of their very concept of Hunger: "Ou Shouka Bansan". The kicker it takes the form of freaking Pac-Man .
  • Tina freaking out when she sees Zebra through her video camera in episode 68. She tosses the camera into the air, then can't decide whether she's more concerned about it or her safety.
    • Next episode she's doing "Dishing with Tina" with Warden Love as the guest. She appraises a diamond encrusted...black thing that is probably worth more than a hundred years of Tina's salary. Then she finds out it was used to shackle Zebra's wrist. The value shrinks to ZERO.
  • Meet Buranchi. He's the Number 3 chef in the world, and is to chefs what Zebra is to gourmet hunters, and owns an eatery in the Gourmet World. And his reaction to meeting Komatsu is flat-out hilarious. He basically throws a hysterical tantrum when he learns that the chef the Four Kings praise is just a little guy, while Komatsu's in awe of meeting someone of Buranchi's status.
    Buranchi: There's no way in Hell you're higher than me!! No way I believe that!!
    Komatsu: Huh? Me? Higher than you, Buranchi-san? Of course I'm not!
    Buranchi: Hell yeah you're not- What?!
    • Shortly thereafter, he starts a shouting/insult match with Setsuno and Zaus (the only chefs ranged higher than him) after blowing by them in the race, while poor Komatsu (who was dragged along) tries to calm things down unsuccessfully.
  • Rin proposing to Toriko and Toriko accepting; what sells it is the nonchalant way in which Toriko accepts it as if it was no big deal.
    • And Sunny, in a moment of awareness of what Manga he's in, asks the question that probably every reader had upon reading this: "But what about Komatsu!?"
    • Then there's Rin's face when Toriko just casually accepts her proposal. Apparently she didn't think it would be that easy.
    • Everyone in the room, even Zebra, all make faces at his casual acceptance.
  • When the team learns that Ichiryuu's Main Course is the egg of a bird that reproduces exponentially, Komatsu tries to hatch the egg by warming it with his body, insisting that they'll need to work in shifts. Sunny disabuses this notion, claiming that they need to rub it for warmth. Then Zebra decides that the best thing is to just break the egg open...while the assembled chef's sweatdrop and Coco apologizes.
  • After drinking the egg of the Billion Bird everyone's hair and nails instantly grow out. Sani however is the most extreme, his eyelashes simply explode from his face and are around one foot long.
  • Chapter 270: From the Four Kings' humiliating struggles to breach the treehouse, to the introduction of a friggin' Nitro who has the personality of a Grumpy Dirty Old Man.
  • Chapter 299: The fact that one of the most feared and dangerous things in Area 7 is a tiny plant that looks like a Piranha Plant from Super Mario Bros..
  • Chapter 302: After many chapters of suspicion, from both fans and Sani, the Four Kings finally figure out which part of Monkey King Bambina is the legendary Food King PAIR. It's his testicles. Sani yells that he knew PAIR was going to be testicles soon after Kaka reveals the fact.
  • Chapter 307: Toriko, Sani, and Coco show their mastery of Enbu by juggling many BB Pill bugs. Zebra, on the other hand, doesn't bother juggling it and eats the BB Pill Bug instead. Kaka convinces him to give it a try by telling him that the BB Pill Bugs taste better after being juggled.