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Awesome: Toriko
  • Terry and the Battle Wolves in general are made of this. As is Toriko managing to befriend one.
    • The Battle Wolf is actually one of the Eight Kings of the Gourmet World. Its Capture Level? 6090.
  • The whole Toriko vs Starjun battle inside the Regal Mammoth. Especially after Toriko ate the Jewel Meat.
    • Komatsu standing up to Starjun's Intimidation.
  • In the crossover OVA with One Piece, Luffy and Toriko work together to take down the final boss. And then they eat the entire island.
  • Komatsu making his own version of the Century Soup.
  • Coco poisoning a robot.
  • Sunny can scale giant cliffs and hold up giant creatures with his hair.
  • The entire Toriko vs. Tommyrod battle. ALL of it. Also a major Cerebus Syndrome moment, as it's the first real fight, where the opponent wasn't in a GT Robo or holding back, and Toriko lost.
    • A notable part of the fight, Tommyrod bites Toriko's arm off (or in the anime blasts his arm off), the latter proceeds to attack anyway with the still bleeding stump!!
  • A "Nitro" just wakes up from de-hydration hibernation, and proceeds to push Zebra and Toriko, both certified Badass characters, to the brink before being finally beaten.
  • Zebra kicking the ass of all the beasts outside of Honey Prison.
  • Toriko and Sunny use a joint attack to cut up an approximately five thousand meters tall mountain.
  • Komatsu standing up to a GT Robo that is piloted by Starjun who took out Toriko and Rin without any trouble. Because Starjun wanted to take the knives that Komatsu valued more than his life, earning Starjun's respect.
  • Toriko goes ahead and eats a freakin' exploding cherry.
  • Chapter 169 is a huge one for Coco. He explains to Livebearer just how screwed he is, just how he's been manipulating him. That exploding Cherry above? Actually part of the plan. And best of all, he lets Livebearer think he's got a chance of cheating, and winning before explaining to him that, no that won't work either. Moral of the story, do not cheat at cards when playing with Coco.
    • Komatsu's talent as a chef really shines through in this arc as he masterfully prepares each of the ingredients Toriko eats. Livebearer even realizes that Komatsu is the reason Toriko has been doing so well throughout the game. Komatsu and Toriko really do make a great combo. This even results in Livebearer performing a Heel-Face Turn.
  • Ryu literally walking through the ranks of the Bishoku-kai, including one of their ultimate combination attacks. Then he frightens almost all of them with just a look. And his reason for doing this? Just to ask the boss of the Bishoku-kai, Midora, to a meal.
  • When Jiro arrives in the Gourmet World to save Toriko, the first thing he does is use a "knocking gun" on a flock of Mamyuu, hitting every single one of them with one shot each. The next thing he does is intimidate the King Lander and Asura Tiger, both beast with immeasurable capture levels, and ones that Toriko could barely injure.
  • The minimum result of Food Honor Training for Toriko leads to him accidentally cutting a multi-story building in half from a considerable distance. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Chapter 189: Toriko masters Food Honor. It's basically Tranquil Fury to the max. Remember that Golem thing that pwned the other disciples? Toriko utterly curbstomps it. First with a casual wave of his hand he turns its arm into meat chunks...then he delivers a Kugi Punch. There are a minimum of 30 Kugi Punches, which sent the golem out of the temple...then through a mountain...then kept beating and beating on it until it EXPLODES!
  • Toriko continues the awesome in Chapter 190. Even after his Food Honor is briefly shaken by his rage towards Chiyo, he quickly shows he has the upper hand in their battle. Toriko even breaks her knives, forcing her to draw her best knife. Keep in mind that Chiyo was curbstomping everyone else at the temple just moments ago.
    • Chiyo herself, even if she's a villain. She was fighting Toriko on almost even terms and curb-stomping everyone else in spite of ChinChinChin having nearly gouged her stomach out, which even she called a near fatal wound.
  • The Four Beasts. Period. All four are so powerful the Human world can possibly be destroyed just by them alone. For example, Gaoh the fang king completely destroys the eighth Biotope, the first biotope, Gourmet Pyramid, and One Hit Kills a REGAL MAMMOTH with a swipe of his paw. Then, it's revealed that the Moun-turtle destroyed the continent of Ice Hell, ad takes a military barrage that has enough power to destroy Japan 27 times over like it's nothing and then annihilates the battalion of GT Robos firing at him with one mouth blast.
  • The Four Heavenly Kings after their Food Honour training engage in battle with the Four Beasts and kick their asses with minimal effort. You heard that right; they curb-stomped Gourmet World creatures!
    • Followed up later when The Original master of the four beasts Curbstomps them right back with ease and knowing all their attacks. Also, It's capture is 320!
      • It changes to 350!
  • Komatsu gets one in chapter 204 when he's not only able to perfect the simplified Medicinal Mochi recipe in five minutes, he's revealed to have simplified Disappearance Cuisine to the point where anyone can now eat it.
    • The fact he perfected the simplified Medicinal Mochi recipe fast enough that he ended up spending most of those five minutes working on making it taste better.
  • The Four Kings make this in chapter 206 when they surpassed the Four Beast who had fought full grown versions of Kiss, Terry and Quinn in the past and annihilated the three pets, and their intimidation makes it looks small in comparison.
    • 3 Words: Dinner Of Kings.
      • What is the Dinner of Kings? It's a giant pac-man made of Appetite Energy that consumes everything in its path, including the Four Beast.
      • It gets even MORE awesome. Dinner of Kings only eats the intended target. So it only ate the Four Beast, but not the people eaten by the Four Beast, saving them! Everyone lives!
  • The Introduction of The 50 Fold Nail Gun punch.
    • Taken Up to Eleven in Chapter 218, where he delivers a barrage of these to Starjun, which manages to strip him of his suit and mask, reducing him to a standing, but bloody mess.
  • Mansam curb-stomping an entire army of GT Robos in his Knocking form.
    • It gets better, it turns out his Knocking is used to limit his strength, not enhance it.
  • Rin is faced by three Bishokukai at once (albeit low-rankes ones) who No Sell her sleeping perfume. Rin's answer? Fragrance Sword: dual sai-like energy blades at once.
  • Setsuno: "Dai Atsuryoku Kabe."
  • Sunny's Satan Hair. By infusing his hair with Appetite Energy, he can consume all manner of creatures through his hairs. He claims that a single strand could wipe out all life on the Earth.
    • Not only that, it kills Tommyrodd by eating him.
  • During the battle at the Gourmet Colosseum, Yuda, Damala Sky, Chiru - are all taken aback by the sudden appearance of no less than what seems to be TWO HUNDRED or so Scum Beasts capable of using Food Pressure. They got cocky, and despite Zebra having been using his energy to make barriers the entire fight so far, uses a WIDE-SCALE Shi Oto/Death Sound and KILLS EVERY SINGLE SCUM BEAST AT ONCE. Scum Beasts that were giving Yuda, Damala, and Chiru a run for their money.
    • This is upped by Zebra dominating the Nitros
  • Zebra's Big Damn Heroes moment in the second One Piece crossover. Notable because the group was in a far off island, but he still managed to pull this off despite still being chained up in jail.
  • Starjyun vs. Toriko, in which the two use "Illusion" to imagine pretty much obliterating one another. While involved in a two-sided No-Holds-Barred Beatdown that was leaving both a bloody mess. Inside a massive whirlwind made of fire.
  • Chapter 241 quickly establishes that Joa's status as The Dreaded is well deserved. He brainwashed Teppei who in turn easily neutralizes Zebra with plants that can counter his sound-based attacks. When the Nitros attack him, Joa casually takes control of them with a few slices, remarking that it was easy since they were already being controlled by others.
  • Chapter 242 Knocking Master Jirou finally makes his appearance, how? By vaporizing a head of an offending Nitro with a finger flick.
    • Tops himself in 243 by using Knocking on the entire world.
    • Not to forget the look of sheer undiluted rage on Jirou's otherwise calm and friendly face when he sees what Joa has done to Teppei.
  • Chapter 243 God Cooking - Sky Cut.
  • Chapter 245: Jiro shows off why he's the Third Strongest in the entire world. With a single knocking punch...he paralyzes the ENTIRE world. Including Natural Disasters.
  • The Midora/ Ichiryuu fight starting from chapters 248 an Overly-Long Tongue user and a Gravity Sucks user's fight has never been more awesome.
  • In chapter 262, we find out that 1000 chefs were captured along with Komatsu, and Midora tells them if any of them can make him a meal he can enjoy, he'll let them go home. Komatsu not only makes a meal that gets Midora (a man who didn't even smirk after eating century soup) to laugh, but also turns down the offer to go home, saying that Toriko will arrive to rescue him.
    • Oh, and lets not forget he made that meal with sub-par ingredients in a rush because the kitchen might collapse at any moment.
  • Chapter 263 shows Toriko scaring off the Breath Dragon, a level 200 creature that had previously overwhelmed him by nonchalant shots and not even aware of his existence beforehand with his Fork technique, he then scares off an even larger beast with a level of 500 at minimum with the same technique.
    • The introduction of level 900 to over 1000 level beasts that tower over normal landscapes.
    • The introduction of one of the Eight Kings: it's a Battle Wolf like Terry whose Capture Level is 6090.
  • Chapter 264: Toriko and Komatsu not only have survived the Gourmet World, they have thrived there. Toriko is now strong enough that not even a gigantic Pelican with a capture level of 770 can intimidate him. He can cut mountain sized trees with just a flick of his wrist and only needs an hour of sleep now so he can stay away non-stop for two weeks. Oh, and all those ingredients he's been getting? They're not for him, but for the Human World!
  • Chapter 265: Toriko and Komatsu single handedly stop the famine in its tracks with the bounty they had gathered in the Gourmet World. Toriko had gathered so many ingredients, he could shower it in a Rain of Food all over the Human World, and there is so much that there'll be a surplus for quite a while.
  • Chapter 275: Coco pulls another Batman Gambit by creating a living Poison Doll of both himself and Toriko causing the leeches of the Leech Heels to die of poisoning when trying to drink their blood.
  • Chapter 276: Toriko defeats all of the Soy Milk Roads by doing... this.
  • Chapter 284: Toriko challenges Heracles, one of the Eight Kings of Gourmet World, in order to buy time for Komatsu to reach AIR.
  • Chapter 285: Heracles snorts and blows half of Toriko's body off. All hail the King.
  • Chapter 286: Then Toriko's "Blue Oni" responds by punching Heracles in the face. This battle is going to be epic.
  • Chapter 287: Heracles and "Blue" clash. Their clash is visible from space,every creature on the continents begins to flee, and an Emperor Ring forms.
  • Chapter 288: Heracles breathes in a tenth of its normal breath and creates a vacuum. Cue "Blue" retreating because the vacuum means Toriko cannot breathe.
  • Chapter 289: Komatsu manages to prepare AIR, and while doing so shows signs of having Gourmet Cells.
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