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Awesome: Toradora!
  • The race around the school, when Takasu finally puts his angry face for good, not to mention Minorin helping him in the end, with a Double Knockout by a baseball ball.
  • Episode 16 ends on a particular high note. After Kitamura is rejected by Sumire, Taiga becomes furious and pulls a bokken out from her shirt, goes to Sumire's classroom, charges at her atop the desks and then proceeds to have a fake-sword battle against Sumire as they beat the crap out of each other.
    • The swords are fake. The battle, not so much. Both girls' faces are visibly swollen and bruised and have to be restrained by other classmates.
    • Not mention Sumire's reaction, a complete Tranquil Fury.
  • Ami smashing her stalker's camera.
  • It might have been uncivilized, but Taiga slapping Ami, who was saying some really petty and mean stuff to her at the point, in the face with a bored, nearly stoic expression (something Taiga is not known for) and then calmly saying it was a fly was very pretty awesome to watch.
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