YMMV / JonTron

  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Many of the endings of Jon's videos are this, especially since they tend to be Gainax Endings.
    • At the end of his Dino City review, Jon sings Katy Perry's "Firework," and he even reenacts a scene from her music video. His performance of this song is noted on his Awesome Music page. Despite later references (and performances) of this song, the BLAM that particularly sticks out is at the end of the first performance, the music cuts off, Jon turns to face the camera, and a caption displays on the screen that reads (with some sound distortion) "Death comes to us all." This is never referenced in following performances.
    • At the end of "Bootleg Pokemon Games," Jacques says "Boobs," then there's a close up on Jacques followed by an image of a sumo wrestler. After a beat, there's an image of an udder, and the video ends.
    • The end of "Hercules Games" has Jon commit suicide while confessing how he never wanted immortality anyway. As we see his body on the couch, the word "POOP" appears flashing. And then the video ends.
    • The end of "Food Games Part 1" has Jon force a strange, Gollum-like thrall named "Grimbo" bring him food. This character has never been alluded to in the entirety of Jon's videos up to this point.
    • The end of "Food Games Part 2" has the random appearance of the Kool-Aid Man, played by Ethan Klein of H3H3 Productions.
    • In his movie review of Dark Dungeons, a man named Rich the Homeless Guy enters the video and startles Jon. He's never mentioned again.
    • In his movie review of Christmas with the Kranks, Jon randomly slits his wrists. At the end of the video, Jon interviews random people on the street, one of whom claims to be Allah and starts proselytizing for his personal religion. There's a relatively large portion of time given to this strange man at the end of the video despite there being no foreshadowing or relevance to Jon's work. Neither of these things are foreshadowed or brought up again.
  • Broken Base:
    • The Starcade series. Some feel that it's a funny and well crafted love letter to the Star Wars saga, others feel that it's unfunny, disappointing, and the Nostalgia Critic-esque jokes ruin it. Some people feel that Jon himself doesn't seem interested in it, leading to rumors that were plausible such that Jon wasn't in control of the series and is merely the star to the outlandish ones like Disney produced the series to hype up The Force Awakens. Jon denied these rumors in his Jon Spills The Beans video, confirming that he was, in fact, in control of the series. There's also the fact that the series continues to suffer from Schedule Slippage despite Jon repeatedly insisting that all the filming had been finished for a while now and that the rest of the series would have a more frequent upload schedule.
      • This is somewhat helped by the finale – it was over 20 minutes long, made a nice Call-Back to an older review, brought closure to the overarching plot with Darth Vader that was never referred to after the first episode, and (most importantly) finally saw Jon & Arin in a video together for the first time since the finale of their Super Star Wars playthrough on Game Grumps, exactly two and a half years prior.
    • As with any popular Youtuber, there are inevitably people who feel his newer content has lost that special spark, and those who like it just fine. It all depends on whether you think Jon is making good use of the show's obvious Big Budget Beef-Up, or if it distracts from his signature style.
      • Lampshaded when Jon meets the Great Bootleg.
        "That's hokey, and old JonTron was better!"
  • Critical Research Failure:
    • In his Hercules episode, he points out that Herc's Adventures has a piece of soundtrack that sounds like the Binary Sunset theme to A New Hope. It's very clear from looking at the disc itself, as well as the title screen, that the game was made by LucasArts, which was well-known for inserting nods to the franchise in even unrelated games.
    • The bootleg Pokémon episode ends with Jon playing the Pokemon Black hack, depicting the game as being possessed, floating in the air, and reaching through the screen to steal Jon's soul. While this was most likely done for the sake of ending the video on a joke, it can put off those who enjoyed the original creepypasta because it managed to be creepy without including any supernatural elements, thus standing out from the likes of so many haunted video game creepypastas. He also refers to the Lavender Town Syndrome when describing this hack, even though Pokemon Black and Lavender Town Syndrome are two separate and unrelated creepypastas. There's also his listing of Moemon as a bootleg Pokemon game, when it's technically just a romhack.
    • While the grommet gag is funny, it slightly falls flat when you find out it is actually a very common surfing term, and it has been since the 70s, which means a young child. On a similar note, the graffiti reading SWOOD was probably meant to be SWOOP (although it's not like that is common lingo, and it may have been straight up Rule of Funny).
    • In the Clock Tower review, he says that the Scissorman's real name is Dan. However, the first game's Scissorman was actually Bobby Barrows. Dan is actually the giant baby monster that made him vomit candy corn. (This is most likely the result of the fact that most runthroughs of the game will not see the sole scene to name the two characters while Dan returns as the Scissorman in the second game.) He also mistakenly claims that the game requires the player to restart upon dying even though it contained an autosave function.
    • In his top 10 best boss battles, when he talks about Jubileus he says that after punching her into the sun, Bayonetta has to go in the sun and destroy her. While in the game, she punches Jubileus so hard her soul went to the sun and she must destroy the body before it crashes on earth, hence the flames surrounding the body.
    • In "Food Games Part 2", one of the things that makes Jon launch into a Faux Symbolism sequence is the fact that there's no music in Pepsiman... except there is, meaning that something was wrong with Jon's disc/emulator. While it's justifiable (Jon mentions in the review that he hadn't heard of the game beforehand), the fact that the music is one of the most iconic things about the game makes it a pretty glaring oversight.
    • In "The Zoo Race", he comments on a flag reading "Shalom" seeming out of place. However, the game's focus is on an Old Testament story which is also part of the Jewish faith.
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • StarCade 8 has Jon wearing an SS uniform when he briefly decides to "embrace his inner bad guy" before realizing he went too far.
    • Jon analyzing the appeal of the Plug-n-Play console craze:
    Jon: You're telling me there are ten classic Namco video games in this one small box that looks like a tiny version of the box it used to be in! WELL, SIGN ME AND THE REST OF AMERICA UP! We got a couple years before the housing crisis, let's have some fun!
    *(Urn of ashes falls over)*
    Jon: Dad!
    • His videos with the character "Malkovich" run almost entirely off this style of humor.
      Malkovich: It is always fun to see the misfortune of others, especially a mother who has lost her child!
    • This line, roughly paraphrased, from his 2015 Q&A video, discussing the high production values of Starcade vs. his older videos:
      Jon: I understand what people were saying about the older videos, my older videos had a very sort of voyeuristic feel....y'know, like, I put a camera in your bathroom, watch you takin' a shit......maybe that's a little too far......
    • *toots toy horn* "I CAN STEEL HEAR THE SCREAMS, PAPA!" *toots toy horn*
    • When a 'duel' with Obi-Wan in one of the Star Wars Plug-n-Play games mostly consists of Jontron wailing on him with his lightsaber:
      Jon: I tried this tactic on my grandpops to get him to stop drinking and throwing stuff but all he hid was screeeeeeeeeaammm....
    • In Jon and Ethan learn Kung Fu, Jon gets Ethan a karate gi... off of a child's skeleton collecting cobwebs in Jon's closet.
    • Disney Bootlegs gives us Hitler singing Hakuna Matata.
    • Really, his Disney Bootlegs video runs on this humor throughout. Tons of Nightmare Fuel, Nausea Fuel, Black Comedy Suicide, and that's not even mentioning the fucking Elsa games.... Eventually the viewer will end up in tears of laughter, but mostly as a coping mechanism to avoid permanent mental scarring.........
      "Wanna see something re-e-e-e-e-al bad?"
    • Waterproofing My Life with FLEX TAPE has Jon finding increasingly bizarre and rather disturbing uses for the Flex Tape until he finally becomes one with the Flex Tape, and an epitome of perfection that no longer belongs on Earth.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The Great BootLeg, who only had thirty seconds of screentime in just one review ("Disney Bootlegs"), is beloved by the fans for being a clever, creative, and hilariously dark and twisted gag.
    • Grimbo, the Gollum-like goblin creature that Jon keeps chained to his couch, only appears twice (and the second time as a corpse), but is one of the most memorable gags in Jon's entire repertoire, being just out there even by Jon's standards.
  • Fountain of Memes: Thanks to his popularity, numerous quotes and moments from his videos have popped up in various places online, with gifs of him being especially popular.
    • A secondary fountain is Phil Swift, with his sheer enthusiasm and unusually destructive methods for selling Flextape and related products making him very quotable.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: During the top six horrible boss battles video, Jon makes a joke saying "finishing games is for Bioware" and "Sorry guys, we ran out of time making the game." at the same time. A little harsh since this was made at the start of 2011... And Mass Effect 3 was released a while later.
  • Growing the Beard:
    • When Jon got his start, he was much less atypical in terms of his reviewing style and comedy. It wasn't until his "Joe and Mac" review that the editing and comedy started to improve to a form more resembling his current works.
    • "Hercules Games", first episode of Season 2, shows a further increase in production value and sets the tone for the following episodes. According to Jon himself, this trope was his exact intention.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Jon predicts that there'll be a Final Fantasy XIV-II that would bring about the Reckoning. Then Square had to redo the entire game... and decided to do so by bringing an apocalypse to the game world, setting the new game a couple years after this "event". And it quickly becomes Irony when the redone version, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was so well-received that the influx of subscriptions raised their quarterly revenue by nearly fifty-million dollars and singlehandedly pushed Square Enix back into financial stability.
    • One of the bootleg Pokémon games JonTron reviews is basically a Sonic the Hedgehog ripoff with Pikachu as the main character. It's a Sonichu game! Simultaneously, his bringing up the existence of a Pokemon double-hack game is this considering the second occurrence of this phenomenon two months later.
    • The Plug n' Play console review includes a game called Brave Boy. Turns out the main character (occasionally) looks like a naked KAITO, scarf included, although he has white underpants on. Even better: it's also the name of a Vocaloid song for the Kagerou Project.
    • Jon calls the enemies of the Barren Wasteland level of Space Ace for the SNES "mutant purple bunnies" and is perplexed by how they're much of a threat. In 2014 Five Nights at Freddy's would be released with one of the game's animatronic threats being a big purple rabbit.
    • Jon "gettin' upset" at the "Jerry" weapon in the Harmful Park segment of his "Japanese Shoot-Em-Ups" video becomes a whole new kind of funny for fans of Undertale, which features an In-Universe scrappy named "Jerry," who everyone prefers to ditch.
    • In the intro for the Nostalgia Critic's "Nostalgia-Ween' in 2014, Jon "kills" the Critic for reviewing Foodfight! after he did. Fast forward a year, and JonTron has reviewed the movie "Titanic: The Legend Goes On," which the Nostalgia Critic has already done. And the video was released on Halloween, no less.
    • Another example of this happened in episode Bootleg Pokémon Games, where Jon said that he cannot see a game about monsters using phones catching on. Undertale is about monsters, many of which use phones... and it's insanely popular.
    • In the first Are You Afraid of the Dark? video, Jon has a brief Suddenly SHOUTING! rant at Canada because "[their] money's cartoon" with a picture of Looney Tunes (referring to the fact that their one-dollar and two-dollar coins are called "loonies" and "toonies" respectively). One year later, the Royal Canadian Mint puts out commemorative coins featuring, you guessed it...
    • The ending of "Bootleg Pokémon Games" implies that Jon got sucked into one of the games. Then, when Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire came out, many said that Professor Birch looked like Jon.
    • Jon's Clock Tower review has him scared shitless of the Scissorman. Then, in his "Jon & Ethan Learn Kung Fu", he promotes Kill la Kill, whose protagonist wields a pair of scissors.
  • Internet Backdraft:
    • Fans of Matt Smith didn't really react to well to Jon's actions towards him in the Magfest video (even though it's really only a cardboard cutout of Smith), since it seemed to show Jon "acting like a David Tennant fanboy." During Magfest, Jon was asked by a fan if he really hated Matt Smith (amusingly, by a fan dressed as the Eleventh Doctor), but revealed it was all just an over-the-top joke and Jon really doesn't hate Smith at all (saying he's only seen one season of Doctor Who, though he did admit it was a David Tennant season).
    • His infamous "Top Ten Overrated Games" review. Jon himself came to disagree with what he had said in the video and pulled it from his channel, though someone else re-uploaded it to YouTube. He later took a jab at it in his Mighty Max review.
    • For some reason, "Apples and Breaks", a video he privatized in the early days of his channel. Fans eventually forced its return through asking someone who had copied the video through a third-party downloader to put it back up. Jon was indifferent when he found out about the leak at Magfest 2015.
    "Some guy had it burned on his DVD. Well, congratulations. Now you have that worthless video."
    • Any sponsored video is guaranteed to have this reaction, with some of the comments accusing Jon of selling out, others accusing him of the game he's sponsored by, and others rationalizing Jon's actions.
  • Memetic Molester: He depicts William from Titanic: The Legend Goes On as this.
  • Memetic Mutation: Enough to have its own page.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: The Audible Gleam at the end of the intro.
  • Narm Charm: Obi-Wan's monologue on Anakin's betrayal set to video of a toy the flash games Jon was playing was based on. It manages to be both humorous and depressing.
  • Nausea Fuel: Some of the bootleg creatures in the Disney Bootlegs video are disgusting, not to mention some of the bootleg Frozen flash games and their Squick-filled ugliness.
  • One-Scene Wonder:
    • Jon's cameo in episode 8 of Songify the News. The comments on that video became rife with references to Jon's show (helped by the fact that Jon and Schmoyoho have collaborated) as well as comments happily praising Jon's singing.
    • Markiplier and Ross' appearances in episode 2 of Starcade.
    • People flipped their shit when Jon was actually seen on the news when Apple released the iPhone 6 in stores. Jon himself acknowledged this on his Twitter, stating he found it weird the news reporter asked him to take a picture with him for the story segment (even though Jon was only included for B-Roll...).
    • The absurdly adorable miniature horse that Jon shares his Thanksgiving brick with in the first part of "Food Games".
    • The DVD seller in "Foodfight", who has three seconds of screen time.
    • His cameo in Mike Tompkins' acapella cover of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" (in honor of the 2013 World Series). Although Jon only sang one line ("If I never get back"), everyone in the comments has unanimously agreed that Jon made that video.
    • Grimbo in "Food Games", who only appears for one brief scene in the first part (in the second part, he's dead from a Pepsi overdose). The second part also has Ethan Klein as the "Kool-Aid Boy", and the bizarre delivery man who brings in Jon's replacement for his broken Macaulay Culkin head bust.
    • Arin appearing as Darth Vader in the final Starcade episode. Complete with Dance Party Ending.
    • That one man Jon interviews at the end of the Christmas with the Kranks review pretty much stole the show.
  • Paranoia Fuel: "It'll be out faster than you can say 'Issa- issat someone in my bat'room? Issat someone in my bat'room? I can see an outline, but I'm not sure...'"
  • Scapegoat Creator: In the Sonic R video, Jon blames the game all on Sonic Team, even though it was developed by Traveler's Tales. Though in all fairness, Sonic Team was involved in some capacity, so their hands aren't completely clean, but they weren't even the main developers.
  • Special Effect Failure:
    • During the hanging scene in "Disney Bootlegs", Jon's right hand exits the green-screen range. Given the nature of the scene, though, it's more reassuring than anything.
    • The new set introduced in the Titanic: The Legend Goes On review uses green-screen effects for the windows behind Jon's couch. The effect is decent if the camera is stationary, but whenever it starts panning or zooming, it becomes painfully obvious that the editing team hasn't master the effect yet. Thankfully, they solved the problem by adding curtains on the set in the "Disney Bootlegs" video.
  • Squick: EVERYTHING in "Disney Bootlegs", especially those horrifying Frozen games. Bonus points go to Bootleg Zazu and the Great Bootleg slowly vomiting a game disk onto the ground.
    • A good majority of "Turducken Chef", where Jon tries to cook a turducken. note  Key word being "tries".
  • Tear Jerker: See here.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks:
    • Many were not happy with Starcade for a multitude of reasons: the triple-A budget strayed away from Jon's usual tastes of comedy, the amount of time it took to release them slowed down the main show's schedule, and people even perceived the joke delivery to be lackluster.
    • Season 3 is getting hit with this as well as Jon's sitcom-esque set, more elaborate skits, and increase in movie reviews has some fans yearning for Season 2's setup to return, feeling that the show's higher budget is interfering with Jon's comedy style. Not helping matters is Jon putting away videos he considers to be Old Shames or not fitting with the current style of the show, leaving fans that loved his old videos feeling irate.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome:
    • Jon's Starcade miniseries, on top of his usual brand of wit and humor, features some rather impressive special effects and set design for an internet review show. Jon reviews games in replicas of different parts of the Millennium Falcon, the intro to the comm room features a rather nice panning shot showing the extensiveness of the set, and some rather impressive CG effects are used for exterior space shots.
    • Jon's video for his Fireworks cover has impressive animation in it. Check it out.