Funny: JonTron

Funny moments from JonTron. The page is split into subpages for each "season" of the seriesnote .


  • His "Reviews?", done in a slurred monotone that is rarely ever broken, talking about things very barely related to the actual game, eventually giving it an ambiguous rating that could may or may not be translated as "buy this game".
    Jon: I give Donkey Kong Country Returns six golden banans plus out of Shigeru Miyamoto.
    Jon: [Reviewing Sonic Colors] If you press A, you'll do a jump, and if you press B while pointing at the screen you'll shoot some star bits... And if you push A and B together you'll accidentally sleep with your boyfriend's best friend after your boyfriend bought you a $600 ENGAGEMENT RING MAGGIE!!
  • After announcing his panel at Magfest, Jon presents a video of himself playing the harmonica. The best part is that - although he's obviously half-assing his way through - the song turns out to be rather good; even Jon himself is impressed!
  • Any time he gets angry or cries, it's so funny.
  • A meta bit of funny: Apparently, Grant Kirhope's son is a fan of JonTron, as Grant revealed on Twitter. When Grant told him they were friends, how did Grant's son reply? By saying that Jon was "way too famous and cool" to be friends with him.
  • The many variations of his trademark "ECH!" are always worthy of a smile, at least. Same when he starts ramping up the Joisey accent.
    Jon, replying to the video: I can't breathe.
    • And Jon wasn't the only prominent youtuber to lose it while watching this.
    Markiplier: That's it, I'm done. The funniest video on YouTube has been made.
  • "I need a BURRITO!"
  • Jon once contacted pornhub via their twitter agreeing to a collab...
  • Jon discovers the horror that is NBA 2K15's Face Scan technology.
    Jon:: Let's play some NBA 2K15!
    (Shows NBA 2K15's create a player mode, as the model turns around to reveal Jon's face on it, which looks a little... off.)
    Jon:: (running away as fast as he can) I'M RUNNIN'! I'M RUNNIN'!!!
  • Jon unveiled some bloopers from an unreleased episode on Disneyland games; if the bloopers are as funny as they are, he ought to release the full version!
    [Quickly] You know how most people wanna visit Disneyland? They say y'can't. Gotta go to California, gotta go to Florida, gotta go to Paris, gotta go to Tokyo, gotta go to Shanghai, the one that kills at least one baby a day, well fuck you, we're gonna play the games.

    If only there was some way to truly experience the Magic of the Magic Kingdom from the comfort of our own homes...what's that, huh? It's already set up? I don't have to go to a - to a - to a - to a story arc at this time?! [Grabs his iPad from off-screen] This is a script?!

    That wasn't even a regular vase; that was my dad's urn! [Corpses]

    It took my eyes two days to adjust to that; I was like a newborn walking around! I could barely drive! I killed a few ladies. They deserved it.


    • The overly shocked face he makes. Whatever he's reacting to must have been bad...
    • Getting interrupted twice in a row - and on the same line - by a police siren outside.
    • Jon sitting fully-clothed under a running shower and sobbing incoherently before holding up a copy of Disneyland Kinect.
  • From Magfest 2014, ProJared's Comment Hate Panel with him, Jon, PeanutButterGamer, and The Completionist reading hate comments they have received. Most of what Jon says is utter hilarity.
    Jon: If I post something on Twitter like "I like Mario 3D World" or whatever, they're like, "Go to bed Jon." WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO TELL ME TO GO TO BED!?!?!?
  • On his primary YouTube account, Jon's Affectionate Nickname for the channels he's also affiliated with is "My Little Bastards".
  • One memorable outtake has Jon making baby talk as Jacques nibbles his lip... then gagging when Jacques sticks his whole head in Jon's mouth!