Trivia: JonTron

  • Colbert Bump: Obscurus Lupa promoted his review of Birdemic on Twitter and earned him new viewers.
  • Creator Backlash: 'Top 10 Overrated Games'. Jon probably couldn't handle the bad press, as he's taken it off his site (the link once directing to it now leads to a sad song on YouTube), and the episode description reads something like, "This is an episode I made that I hate. It's now in its rightful place—Hell!"
  • Development Hell: It turns out that the Takeshi's Challenge review started production in 2012, but because the game was so cryptically difficult, the actual review didn't come out until 2014.
  • Fan Nickname: Blueboobs McFurrydream. Given to Krystal of Star Fox Adventures.
  • He Also Did: Jon has a second (or fifth, if you count Game Grumps, JonTronLOL and JonTronStarcraft) channel, the contents of which include a video of Jacques either throwing up or trying to throw up (a sign of affection for birds), a Minecraft video with Barry Kramer and a video containing a photoshopped image of his girlfriend strapped to a rocket flying through the sky.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Jon is doing a bit of voice acting in the upcoming A Hat In Time, appropriately enough as a bird.
  • Missing Episode: Some of his older videos are put as private/deleted from his channel. The most infamous one however is one called Apples and Breaks, which according to some found information (due to the fact Jon hastily put it on Private), was about Jon's broken DS. The fact there is a PETITION to get the video release says something.
  • Old Shame:
    • He has removed his "Top 10 Most Overrated Video Games" list because his opinions on many of the games in question have changed. However, it can be found here.
    • This trope was implied in how Jon (back during his Game Grumps days) admitted he was very uncomfortable with the word "fuck", yet before and since then he included the word in his JonTron scripts as if it was a vital tool for his comedy. His feelings on the word may have changed, however, since he used it a lot in his much-later-made Bootleg Pokemon Games episode.
    • Jon apparently had a brief foray into flash animation with this video. Given the date of publication Jon could not have been more than sixteen years old at the time of production, but it's interesting to see how he went from a teenager with an odd onion fixation to an adult video-game critic, even moreso because Jon has never mentioned these videos except very, very briefly in one episode of Game Grumps.
    • 'Top 10 Mario Party Minigames', which Jon bashes in an episode of Game Grumps. He realized it was incredibly stupid of him to make a Top 10 List where the vast majority of mini-games are from Mario Party 2.
    • On his early days of his channel, there was a lot of episodes that he put as private. The most infamous one being the Apples and Breaks video.
  • Portmanteau Series Nickname: Jon eventually starts pronouncing Dino City as if it were one word (pronounced "Dye-naw-sity")
  • What Could Have Been:
    • On Game Grumps Jon admitted that Jaques was originally going to be a "jive black man" and that he was very happy he hadn't gone through with that decision.