Web Video / Negima The Abridged Series

Negima: The Abridged Series (MSNTAS for short) is an Abridged Series created by BlasterMaster1942, xXNeokaXx, and TheJesterking. It takes the 20 minute episodes of the first Mahou Sensei Negima! anime and turns them into 10 minutes of reference humor, internet memes, and Lampshade Hanging.

A notable part of the series is the Asakura Hour, a Fourth-Wall Mail Slot where Kazumi Asakura interviews members of the main cast. Questions are submitted by YouTube commentors and chosen based on which ones can be made funny.

Originally hosted on BlasterMaster's channel, the series is now hosted on the series-devoted KazumiSexyChannel, which can be accessed here. Unfortunately the series appears to have been abandoned in early 2013 as Facebook entries suggest that the team working on it had a falling out, with the series currently at nine episodes and seven Asakura Hours.

This series provides examples of: