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Tai and Marigold will get together

Faye torched her own apartment so she could move in with Marten
We've all seen Fight Club. Don't tell me you weren't thinking it.
  • Absolutely. Maybe her whole backstory is a lie: every few years she burns down her whole life, moves on and attaches herself to another under-assertive boy.
    • So who was she living with previously? The building burning doesn't happen until the 22nd comic. Also, she states in the fourth comic that she's new in town, so...
      • Who says she was living with anyone? Maybe she arson'd a random apartment building and was staying at a motel or something while she found a new roommate.
      • Along this line, is there really any evidence she torched her apartment aside from Faye saying she did it? It would explain why it hasn't come up at all ever again since the comic she said she did.
      • Wait so you're telling me that an Arctic Monkeys music video might very well be a parallel to the very core of this strip?
  • In the early strips, you might be able to go all the way with the Fight Club parallel and claim that Faye is a hallucination that represents the repressed parts of Marten's personality.
    • If we're willing to accept that Steve is a similar hallucination, perhaps, which has some rather tragic implications as to Marten's mental state...
  • Its possible the whole of QC is Faye's Hallucination, she is in prison or an asylum creating a relative Happy Place to cope with the trauma of burning down her flat and killing everyone in the building.

Hannelore is making all of her idiosyncrasies, neuroses, etc. up
  • So her dad is a plumber?
    • Hannelore's dad IS a plumber. He is the founder of the Plumber organization from Ben 10. The intergalactic Peacekeepers.
  • Wouldn't making all that up, presumably to get attention or sympathy, itself be a neurosis?
    • Possibly - pathological lying, or a severe case of confabulation - but we've seen evidence of both parents in-strip now...
    • The disorder would likely be factitious disorder with primarily psychological symptoms.
  • This becomes less likely when you look at the Twitter feeds for the characters. If you can get back that much, look at the Christmas 2008 tweets for the characters. Hannelore evidently got the other main characters various bizarre, 5 Minutes Into The Future technology based presents.
    • There was also the prototype robot boyfriend which is hard to explain if she is just making stuff up.
    • That, and when her mother showed up proving at the very least, that the family is absolutely loaded with money. As for faking the neuroses, it still requires one to keep the apartment extremely clean. This requires some level of obsession in itself. Also, she was mighty effective, cleaning Marigold's room.
  • Jossed. "Hannelore's Dad's Birthday Party in Space" arc... thing, showed that her life was pretty crappy when she was young.

The comic takes place in the same universe as...
  • Chobits: The recently introduced AnthroPC is clearly a laptop persocom.
    • Recently? Pintsize was in strip number 1!
      • There's a new AnthroPC introduced recently that has anime characteristics.
      • Could work. It was explained Persocoms have different shapes. Male, female, teddy bears, etc. Pintsize could be the standard model for non-Japanese countries. The one glitch could be that in-universe Persocons are extensions of those angel dolls from that other Clamp series.
    • This would explain how Marten could afford Pintsize. If he found him in the garbage, and his real creators had intended him to be a Chobit...
      • According to strip 1459, a normal AnthroPC chassis costs about $200; due to a supply-chain mistake Marten was sold a military-grade unit, presumably for the standard model's price. The $200 figure would put the overall costs at roughly the same level as a Real Life desktop computer.
      • That $200 figure was likely the cost of his chassis, not for the "whole robot". I would expect a brand-new AnthroPC to cost substantially more. A computer case versus a complete computer, to put it another way.
  • It clearly takes place in the same universe as Zelda CD-i. Seriously people, this is common knowledge...
  • It's the same universe as Bloom County; the Banana Computer is The '80s forerunner to the AnthroPC.
  • It's the same universe as Lost in Space; space travel has become so common since The '60s that by the time of Hannelore's birth, a space station was a family posting. Robots have clearly been miniaturized and made much more affordable, while data storage and telecommunication are the same as in Real Life (reel-to-reel tape recorders and WE Model 500 rotary phones in 1965, CDs transitioning to MP3s and ubiquitous cell phones today).
  • It's the same universe as Narbonic. Mad geniuses have been producing strange and interesting things for decades, there are fully-operational space stations, robots exist and have relatively decent intelligence, and we've already SEEN Helen and Dave walking about. Oh yeah, and Hannelore has a variant on SRMD.
  • The Culture. note 

The comic takes place in the Walkyverse.
The entire evidence for this is a cameo here. The modern setting with slight technological advances with robots and mad science matches the Walkyverse's style. Hannelore is an abductee but her Martian power was hyper cleaning skills. Furthermore, by the degree of cameo appearances you could determine that this universe also contains the Diesel Sweeties cast (Very obvious) and Tackleford from Scary-go-round (Red robot has appeared in both comics & Shelly Winters and co have appeared in Questionable content. If linking comics that have appeared in cameos in these comics together the list grows. The Walkyverse crosses over with Fans! and Melonpool, Scary Go Round crosses over with Wigu (and others) and Wigu cross back over with Overcompensating which crosses over with the author of Scary-Go-Roand AND Jeph himself!... Oh and Joyce in it's walky has a Toptato Pushie. Egads! the fanfic possibilities! All I need is an excuse to fit in Girl Genius!
Jeph's eventual goal for The Merch business...
...is to develop and offer fully functional AnthroPCs. He makes no secret of the fact that Pintsize and Hannelore are the most popular characters for merchandise; a lifesize Hanners would run straight into Uncanny Valley, but Pintsize was developed from the start with sufficiently computer-like form factors that this isn't an issue with him.
  • Note that with the exceptions of "Apple models" (Winslow) and that one-shot Linux version with the beardlike heatsink, all AnthroPCs are recolors of Pintsize. You'd think there'd be more than one chassis available for Wintel AnthroPCs, but apparently not.
    • Winslow's LCD-screen face would be a lot cheaper and less trouble-prone than Pintsize's hard facial features (moving jaw under a vinyl covering?)
  • He wouldn't sell a Hannelore-bot, just because the current level of "admiration" for her creeps him out enough to think about burning the QC Discussion threads of the forum.
  • If this actually came to pass, Jeph would be a billionaire in a matter of months. Any lonely person who could afford to pay for the electricity to keep an AnthroPC running would buy one.

Hannelore is a robot
  • Her neuroses are just the attempt to create a human personality gone haywire. her creator (the person she believes to be her dad) programmed in an obsolete sense of self-preservation (she is most likely Made of Iron), but due to being a Mad Scientist, programmed it so that she overreacts to things like germs. Her recent sickness is just her hardware acting weird because of the cold weather, or a human characteristic programmed in. Also, the robo-boyfriend his 'dad' sent her was a new attempt at robotics, this time with less human results.
    • Or the robo-boyfriend was an earlier prototype, left in or returned to storage until their creator could make another robot for him to socialize with.
      • Though his "boy-parts" were still "in beta", while presumably Hannelore's "girl-parts" are functional. It could be he was neutered by an Overprotective Pseudo-Dad.
  • Or she could be part computer. Her dad hasn't told her yet.
  • Alternately, she's the culmination of her father's experiments in distributed sentience. So, a cyborg.
  • Well, she apparently can move faster than any ordinary human...
  • Further evidence: Beatrice Chatham isn't entirely sure how she got pregnant.
    • Hannelore Elliot-Chatham. Raised by the government to be an assassin, she was adopted at an early age by a renegade scientist. He decided to reverse the deep-seated training and genetic engineering, implanting cybernetic enhancements to make her cuter - more functional in society - more neurotic. She is - the Bionic Woobie.

  • The government once hired the VespAvenger as an operative, and since Steve's encounter with her the government's been keeping an eye on him (and the rest of the group, thanks to this and the "Pintsize with a laser" thing), waiting for something like this to happen so they could use him. Also? This happened, so it's not impossible.

QC takes place in a world of superheroes.

It has all the trappings - Mad Scientists, AI, war-robots, laser weapons, private space-stations - and possibly a real superhero (or costumed adventurer) in Pizza Girl. Hannelore's parents are both practically supervillains, just without plans for world domination. There's as much superhero stuff happening as in a Marvel or DC comic (Pizza Girl really is a low-end superhero, Steve really is a covert operative), but it's elsewhere, while we focus on relatively normal people who make up the "world" part of "saving the world".
  • I dunno, I think that Hanner's mom might be plotting it later down the line.

Most of the characters are being hired to help someone's life.
Either Hannelore (because her parents are rich and she needs all the help she can get), Faye (same thing, only because of contacts instead of money and Marten isn't in on it) or Marten (and Hannelore, a potential Chess Master, likes him and wants to get more positive influences so his life gets better without losing any of the dysfunctional friends he'd already met.)

Steve and Wil are one and the same.
Compare Steve in panel 4 of this strip with Wil in any strip. Steve could have been a government operative for years, Wil being the Latex Perfection disguise of the secret agent to make sure his friends are doing well via Sven's reports, and Steve is the personality with the memories of his secret agent self suppressed. Steve is gaining a resistance to the memory suppression techniques, and managed to remember the most recent series of adventures (though possibly not that he is Wil). Have Steve and Wil ever been in the same comic? Or even the same arc? Think about it.

Penny isn't Pizza Girl. Sara is.
Sara disappeared before Pizza Girl first showed up. It's kind of hard to tell with all the Art Evolution, but they might look very similar. Sara was afraid her coworkers from Coffee of Doom might discover her secret identity, so she faked her own death and disappeared. There was no allosaurus.
  • Or, near-death by allosaurus gave her her pizza-delivery powers...
  • And she arranged for Penny's arrival to throw everyone off the scent.

Tai increased her Harry Potter LARP activity to cover something far more embarrassing.
Perhaps an ''artist'' of furry porn? Anyway, when she told Marten never to look her up on the internet, she increased her activities in something only mildly embarrassing.
Jimbo and Steve are related.
They look almost exactly the same in this comic.
  • Jimbo and Steve are a single incarnation of a Time Lord who got stuck on Earth (twice!) and accidentally crossed his own timeline.

The comic is a Truman Show Plot with Faye as the center.
As odd as this might sound there does seem to be something for it
  • When Faye's father kills himself it might be either out of guilt at making his daughter a showpiece (hence the drinking) or it might have been meant as an equivalent to a season finale/drama moment
  • Faye meets Marten, they seem to hit it off well and the execs decide they would work as either a couple or a roommate sitcom, they use the apartment fire as a way to justify them moving in together
  • It also explains how Marten can afford a fairly good apartment, an anthroPC (as I'd imagine they aren't cheap) among other things with a fairly low wage job
  • Sarah and Penny are the same person, Sarah was decided to be a less interesting character, they bring her back with pizza girl cameos then recast her as Penelope
  • Faye's problem with contractions and usual lack of using southern dialect were from conditioning she received when she was very young to make sure audiences could understand her clearly
  • Marten was actually going to be the star of a similar show (see the comic about his ex) but the show didn't get off the ground. He was then merged into Faye's show (I mean think about it, dominatrix mother and father who manages a gay nightclub, comedy gold)
  • Hannelore was added in as a whacky neighbor type but who also feels some guilt about what's happening to Faye (hence her dropping hints in asking if the rest of THEM are hired actors to try to indirectly tell Faye what's going on)
  • And as for why Faye didn't notice, she might have realized it and tried to leave after her fathers suicide where she ended up in a car crash, then in a hospital and mental asylum. They essentially had to trick her into believing that her realizations were a result of psychosis from her fathers death. She mentions a boyfriend dumping her, etc. but not caring it might have been apathy from tragedy or the realization that none of it was real.
    • Or maybe she thinks she escaped by moving to Northampton, but it was just the start of a new season in which her show was merged with Marten's (who might not know what's going on either).

The comic is a Truman Show Plot with Hannelore at the center
Organized by her mother. Observe the Sarcastic Confession!
  • Think about it- the world is overrun by talking robots, super heroes, and musicians can release multiple albums within a day. Clearly, someone must have messed around with the "real" world a bit... and who better than Haruhi? She destroyed the world, rebuilt it nearly exactly the same (but cooler), and decided to become a girl who likes indie music and has issues. This is how she gets away with burning down her appartment- she bent the rules a bit so she could live with her love interest, Marten. However, the emotional impact of her father's suicide made for a lot of UST- just how she likes it. At this point, she's trying to get over her issues while making everything as dramatic as possible. Not to mention, this page needed more Haruhi.
    • But what made her pick western Massachusetts (or Savannah, GA for that matter)?
      • Who knows? Haruhi's strange. Maybe she just wanted to be in America, and those were the only not-humongous/famous towns she knew?
      • Would this also support the theory that Hannelore is Yuki Nagato?

Speedbeer's going to be the death of somebody.
Maybe not today (Webcomic Time), but someone's going to be found in the hospital in a pneumonia-induced coma a few weeks (realtime) down the road. Hannelore feels most guilty (or is the one who gets sick, and in recuperating, loses some of her neuroses).
  • Jeph waited until Real Life spring to publish the Speedbeer strips so it wouldn't be the death of somebody- by winter it'll be forgotten and if you Archive Binge webcomics you probably wouldn't do it anyway.

Hannelore is Dora and Marten's daughter, come back from the future to stop Faye and Marten's romance and thus ensure her own birth.

Stolen from Websnark. Hannelore is, like Dora, slender and naturally blonde. Her backstory is confusing and probably fiction. She has an unusual affinity for Marten's couch.

On the other hand, we've MET Hannelore's mother, allegedly. Clearly, this was a feint to throw Marten and Dora off the scent.
  • Kinda Jossed by the breakup.

Alternatively, Hannelore is Dora's daughter. This would explain why she was so torn up over Marten and Dora's breakup. Remember, she said "I thought you guys would be together forever!" This would also explain why she was so excited about Tai and Dora dating. Remember "but think about how cute your babies would be" and "we are working on that technology". She certainly seems to have an awful lot invested in getting Dora hooked up with someone.

Sven is just as big a self-loathing mess as Dora

Whereas Dora tends to hold herself up against Sven's effortless success and kvetch that she isn't doing as well as easily, Sven sees himself as a phony who'll never achieve anything real. Witness his ongoing angst over hurting Faye. Both he and Faye had some sort of real connection going (even if he was too immature and she to screwed up to really see it for what it was). When he blew it - really out of mindless habit - and saw how upset she got, that just confirmed his own mental picture of himself. A phony who's just gliding by.
  • I'd call this not so much "Wild Mass Guessing" as "common sense."

Hannelore/Marigold and/or Marigold/Momo will happen

Seriously Why else would Marigold own Momo.
  • The first has just been jossed by Word of God (And not just the comic, he says in the blurb that he hoped it would end the H/M speculation. Which means...)
  • Further jossed, unfortunately.
    • Jeph should talk to Randy Millholland and see how well just saying "This won't happen" works.
  • Mind you, any shipping involving Momo just became somewhat more realistic. (Of course, Marigold has been established in the comic and the commentary as completely heterosexual, so that pairing is still jossed.)

Jeph's a Troper
Not sure how, but he seems vaguely aware of this page...
  • He has mentioned Uncanny Valley at least twice...
  • Knowledge of the Uncanny Valley is not necessarily indicative of being a troper.
    • At the very least, he's read the page for QC and basically called it retarded.
  • There's one strip that I wish I could find... but Marten returns to the apartment to find Pintsize just sitting. Pintsize is upset by Marten's lack of concern towards whatever horrible prank Pintsize might've set up. Marten replies with something along the lines of "Man, that's the oldest trope in the book."
    • There it isnote . Although, it still doesn't prove anything. The word "trope" has not been invented by this site.

Winston gets a serious upgrade
The introduction of Momo's firmware upgrade (and the weird effects on other AnthroPCs) could lead to Winston re-inserting himself into the boyfriend-chassis and upgrading himself. Hannelore/Winston will happen!

Cosette is really Yelling Bird

Cosette is really Sweet-Tits.

The 'secret weapon' in 1417 is the same device from 897
Only Steve of the main cast was around to see the first, explaining why Marten, Dora, and Pintsize do not recognize it.

Marten is an inversion of Biggus Dickus
  • Apparently he is capable of ear-fucking people...

Marigold's shirt is a Stealth Pun
Specifically, the Yaoi Zone one. Yaoi = Boys Love, so it reads Boys' Love Zone. And which area of the female body is indeed adored by males the world over?

Hanners intends on cloning Marten.
It would explain why she's was stalking him to begin with, why she became friends with him, why her personality is sometimes inconsistent. She will use his blood to clone him for her own dark purposes.
  • Jossed of course she may send it to be checked for genetic diseases and a "chromosomal history" (What ever that is). So I guess she is making sure he can kids. Why she feels the need to do this should be left to the next troper.
  • Knowing Hanners, this troper thought it was so she would a DNA reference point in case any she suspects Marten of being replaced by an (evil) imposter sometime down the road.
  • She wanted proof that he was human

Hanners will sleep with Tai
notice how she is going to her house in this strip and remember all the times Tai flirted with her. thus she will corrupt Hanners.
  • I recommend reading this strip (and The Rant), and then drawing your own conclusions.

Tai and Dora will hook up.
After a few beers, Tai will convince Dora and Marten to try a little adventure into the realms of polyamoury. More specifically, she'll convince Dora to sleep with her while Marten watches. After a bit of discussion, they agree. Next morning, awkwardness ensues.

Hannelore is a vampire!!
Let T-Rex explain to you the connection between vampirism and OCD...

Hannelore will end up in some kind of consensually voyeuristic relationship where she watches one or more people do sexy things, but isn't physically involved due to her OCD.
  • Jeph sorta confirms Hanner's voyeuristic nature in the commentary on this comic
    • Alternately, maybe she'll be a satellite figure to someone else's relationship, having fun by hearing about all the sexy things they do.
      • Perhaps with Marigold and someone she gets together with? They already have quite an amusing rapport going in terms of Hannelore enjoying hearing about Marigold's love life.

Jeph Jacques reads Mahou Sensei Negima!
Or at least did so several years ago. the two people in the third panel look way too much like grown-up Negi and Nodoka for it to be a coincidence.

One of the baristas will be single by the time Faye and Angus start dating.
Jacques wanted to do this joke, but checked his timeline and realized that they were never going to all be in relationships at once, so he used the handwave in the first panel.
  • Close, but not quite. Faye and Angus became official quite shortly before it ended between Marten and Dora, but there would have been time for that joke in the meantime.

The comic is about to end.
All this Character Development... it just feels like the wrap-up stage. Probably going to stop at 2000, what with it being a nice big round number.
  • Unlikely: as of Strip 1984, Dale has received no meaningful characterization whatsoever, and thus has nothing to resolve. Likewise Marigold is largely unevolved. But we'll see by September, shan't we!...
  • Seeing as it is now at 3000+ strips...

Raven is a reference to the immortalized friend of Tara Gilesbie.
It might as well be a coincidence, but... they are both goths, who don't like being addressed with their first names and prefer their second names, both "Raven"! Isn't It Ironic??

If the band comes back the new guitarist will be...
Raven's ex-boyfriend the Canadian hobo. That man can play.
  • Or Dale, trying to get into Marigold's social circle.
  • Or Maybe Tortura.

Many people in this world have a single, originally-unconscious superpower, which can sometimes be trained.
For example, Hanners' dad is a Gadgeteer Genius, and the creator of the AnthroPC (if it isn't Hannelore's dad) is a Genius Programmer taken to unreal levels. Talents in the main group include Sven being the place where Magic Music overlaps with The Pornomancer (but he has practically separated his talent from how embarassing the Magic Country Music part is), Faye is a Lesbian Pornomancer, and Steve may have some sort of luck-related power above and beyond the usual serendipity that plagues Marten's friends and acquaintances. For purposes of limiting the amount of damage Poe's Law can do to this WMG, I hereby pre-emptively subdivide responses to this guess before asking what power or powers each other character might have (note that not all characters necessarily have a power):

Pizza Girl is Penelope's sister or other family member.
Possibly her twin, possibly her younger sister, possibly her younger-at-heart older sister, and possibly her identical cousin. Separated at Birth is one of many reasons Penelope can't or won't explain it to the Coffee of Doom group.

The characters are aspects of The Endless conjured up by Dream!Marten to sort out Faye's problems.

Steve is a dorf.
He has indicated that he is incapable of realizing when he is on fire. All the proof I need!

Marten will be Put on a Bus
Jeph said that the breakup between Marten and Dora has been a long time coming, and now that the relationship is over, he only has a menial job at the library tying him here, where he has plenty of bad memories thanks to his previous breakup and this one. He will wind up moving back to California, and out of the strip.
  • An entire social circle of friends isn't something tying Marten to the area?
  • Given that at the very beginning of the comic he had only a menial job at an office (that he hated, in contrast to his library job) and one friend tying him to the area but hadn't left, this seems unlikely.

We'll be seeing less Coffee of Doom
Marten probably won't hang out there any more to avoid any awkward moments. But he's still a main character and Faye's roommate, so they'll probably hang out at the apartment more. We'll get less time on Penelope, who we haven't seen in a while, and more Tai or Marigold.
  • Correct-ish. Marten has resumed going there, but we have been seeing less of the place, simply because other characters are being fleshed out.

Marten will either date Faye or Marigold
Tai's a lesbian, Hanners can't be in a relationship and everyone else is in a relationship or gone. I know Faye's in a relationship as well, but it might not work out. So either Marten offers to go out with Marigold like Sven did with Hanners, and then they end up having a great time and get together or Faye and Angus break up and the First Girl Wins shippers can rejoice.
  • Other than Marigold being the only woman in the cast who is currently single and into guys, they have pretty much nothing in common. They'd be Ships That Pass in the Night.
    • Yes, but Marigold did confess to Angus she's just looking for a boy who'll be nice to her at the moment. Who knows, they may turn each other onto indie rock and World of Warcraft.
    • Eh. Possible, but Marten seems to enjoy the taste of his own foot, as evidenced by his reactions to seeing her in a swimsuit (to paraphrase, it ended with him chugging his drink in an attempt to shut himself up) and Marigold doesn't seem assertive enough to make a move like Dora did.

Hanna and Marten will be shipped.
Marten will help Hanna get over her fears of being touched, and she will developed feelings for Marten.
  • Develop? She was the one who stalked him; he never showed any interest whatsoever, IIRC.
  • Who the hell is Hanna?

Every pairing will get sunk. No-one will end up together. The comic will end with All Love Is Unrequited or just no pairings at all.
  • Christ, people, one relationship is going through a rough patch. At least wait to the end of the Story Arc before you start pronouncing life to be pointless.

  • Canon.

Sweet-Tits will end up in the actual comics.
Because there isn't anyone who breaks the fourth wall in canon. Naturally, she will be shipped with Marten.

Sara will return
Because it isn't QC if Marten isn't getting shipped.

Sweet-Tits is an opposite personality copy/mirror-universe version of Hannelore
  • Think about it; Sweet-Tits lives in a world that is absolutely batshit insane. Her social circle consists of the Yelling Bird, Shame Orb, and Randy. Yet, she seems to be pretty down-to-earth. Contrast Hanners, whose world is basically ours Twenty Minutes Into A Delightfully Strange Future, but is completely neurotic.
    • And as of today (January 21) I am fully on board with the theory that Jeph reads this page.

Yelling Bird, Randy, the Shame Orb, and all other characters in the crazy world have counterparts in canon.
  • An expanded version of the above.
    • Yelling Bird: Marten
    • Randy: ???
    • Shame Orb: ???
  • Hard to tell if they're in some sort of crazy world or not, we saw someone who looked identical to Sweet-Tits reading a book on bird care in the background in one strip.

T-Rex's vision of QC will BECOME REAL.
  • As seen here, Marten and Pizza Girl will get together because, as we all know, Pizza Girl is Sarah who was interested before the epiphany. Dora, concerned about the future of her business, changes it to Cybernetic Arms of Doom (the whole 20 Minutes into the Future means that it's a viable business route?). Marten, due to all the pressure of Pintsize's shenanigans will have a breakdown and start enjoying boybands and convince himself he always has. Finally, all the crazy marriages are the result of Jeph Jacques giving in to the fandom's shipping. Plus, T-Rex is a dinosaur, so how can he be wrong?
    • Except Pizza Girl is Penelope, not Sara.

Faye and Marten will become the main couple.
  • Okay, so Marten and Dora have broken up and I don't think he'll be with anyone for a while. Meanwhile, Angus has had a few moments where he tries to be Faye's shoulder to cry on but because she's gotten over everything because Marten helped her, she doesn't need Angus emotionally. This could make Angus question the relationship while Faye gets pissed that Angus wants her to be emotionally crippled again so he can save her. They break up. A few months later, everyone's talking and Hanners asks if Faye and Marten are going to get together now. They say no, but then we get an arc similar to the Talk arc and they end up together. I'm going to guess this'll happen on either strip 2500 or 3000.
    • Sorry, this is all but Jossed by today's (12/1/11) comic [2]. Marten's mom says that Faye and Marten would have made a terrible couple, and Jeph agrees with her in The Rant.
      • And yet he keeps ending their relationships with other people...

Pintsize is in love with Marten.
First the fleshlight, now spooning? If not love, then he at least wants to tap that.
  • Pintsize just thinks he's being helpful. But since his corruption (via 4chan), his ideas on human interactions are kind of... off.

Sven and Marigold will hook up.
They're both Wo W players, they've already had a Meet Cute, she's his new physical type (similar to Faye) and Momo would approve. Marigold's getting a little bolder with boys, Sven's making an effort to treat women better and they haven't been shipped to death already.
  • Update: Marigold thinks Sven is pretty! Also, Hanners is a possible Shipper on Deck.
  • That strip would indicate Momo might feel a twinge of envy instead of approval...

Dale and Marigold will hook up.
They're both serious Wo W players, and all this antagonizing her is just Dale's way of flirting with her. It might take 500 strips, they'll definitely hook up.

All female characters in the comic are Yaoi Fangirls.
And lesbians, for that matter.
  • Jossed, at least with regards to the lesbian part. Faye, Marigold, and Padma (at least until her bus left) showed virtually no interest in women, and Hannerlore sets records for non-interest in either gender. As for being Yaoi Fangirls, though...Faye immediately broke out the emergency bourbon when Marten mentioned Steve's drunken attempt to make out with him, Marigold has enough Yaoi to have its own subsection, and Hannerlore seemed at least moderately interested in the concept, if not the execution. Padma also assumed Steve and Marten were a couple.

Sven is going out with Marten's mom
And they have the most normal relationship in the comic.

Tai and Amanda will hook up.
Tai needs a girlfriend, Amanda's the only other lesbian character, and it's about time Jeph brought her back.
  • Possibly Jossed now, since Tai's now dating Dora.

Questionable content is in the same Universe as Dresden Codak
Hannelore and Kimiko are both socially awkward daughters of distant genius fathers (John Ellicott Chatham and Kaito Kusanagi) who helped design artificial intelligence (possibly together. Both are generally our time frame with things such as robots and random future tech.

Pizza Girl is really Martin.
No one will suspect that!
  • 'Specially since there ain't no "Martin" in the strip. He spells his name with an E.
    • You don't know about Marty's alternate dimension duplicate?

Dale knows Pizza Girl's true identity.
Well, apparently, he delivers pizza. Also, he just seems like he knows something we don't know.

Hannelore will end up with Elliot
  • Who's Elliot? This guy. He's tall, gentle and socially awkward—in a perfect position to understand and sympathize with her peculiar neuroses. I dunno, maybe it's just me and my weird sensibilities, but the instant I saw their interactions I was like, "That's it, he's being positioned as Hanners' Love Interest."
    • That's a cool idea. Although that was before the whole "Padma" thing.. then again he got shot down, so he could move on.

Pintsize is the result of the reverse engineering of Irken technology, mainly Gir
  • Compare the tint of Gir's eyes to the coloring of Pintsize... there may be something here... Hmmmm...

Marigold is an Eva/Angel

Hannelore's Mad Scientist dad has treated her with Cortexiphan when she was a child.
  • The net result is that she actually has psychic powers, and isn't just playing make believe in this strip. Furthermore, it may have caused her extreme OCD.

Randy is the Anti-Winslow.
  • Both characters are eternal, use "Hi!" as a catchphrase, and have no apparent purpose apart from existing. They clearly stem from the same panteheon.

Sara fell through a crack in time; she never existed.
  • It would explain why no one's mentioned her for over 2000 comics. If she'd died or even moved away, the others would react in shock, or at least mention her once in a while. It can't just be bad writing. There must be a supernatural explanation!

There actually is an AI conspiracy
  • Sub-WMG: Faye's father was involved, and it's why he killed himself.

QC takes place in the same world as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Think about it. The house Casey's grandparents left him is actually in Northampton, which is the same place QC is set. And frankly, it WOULD explain all the weirdness.

Hannelore and Marten will hookup eventually
  • The hints are there everywhere. There's been so many moments of ship tease here and there that I wouldn't be surprised (but quite happy) if they eventually hooked up.

Steve is secretly gay/bisexual and has repressed feelings for Marten
  • Just watch this. And, even if one thing doesn't mean the other, this.

Tai will eventually be turned into a chicken.
  • Making her Hen Tai.
    • Is that you Claire?

Faye's dad really did kill himself when he saw two Fayes
Remember that guest strip? We all know Hannelore's father must be cookingup some crazy things. Why not time travel? Hannelore will feel bad for Faye and either steal her father's technology or convince him to give it to her. Then she'll give the time machine to Faye and... we all know what'll happen next.

Jeph Jacques is secretly the Martian Manhunter
In his many civilian identities, Martian Manhunter tends towards Theme Naming with a "J.J." theme. "Jeph Jacques" sounds eerily similar to "Joseph Jackson", which I'm pretty sure has been used. COINCIDENCE?... OK, probably coincidence. But still.

Marigold will eventually hook up with a flatchested, or lesser endowed, long-haired blonde woman.
Because after reading one JadeShipping Fanfic too many, I've developed a fetish for unlikely pairings.

Marten and Claire will wind up together

The wedding arc is full of hints in that direction, including this.

Also this.

It's canon!

Dora and Tai will break up
On the grounds that Tai is more into Dora then Dora is into her.

Hannelore is the only one aware that she's in a webcomic.

Faye and Dora will end up together
Consider Dora's remark in panel 4 of #1228, and then the fact that Faye actually got a promotion now. Shit's about to go down.

The last page of QC will be set twenty (more like nineteen and two thirds now) years from where it currently is...
And Angus and Faye will get hit by snowballs from nowhere.
  • Hannelore may have been drunk, but she was also right.

Marigold will be pregnant with Dale's child
  • After Marigold slept through the evening of her date with Dale, she decided to make up for lost time the following morning. Given the (as May so aptly described it) social ineptitude of these two, it's highly unlikely that either of them anticipated in advance that the date would turn out that way, which makes it unlikely that they would have had the necessary protection on-hand.
    • (UPDATE) Damn. *sighs* In comic #2648, we see that they definitely did have protection available. So, unless Jeph decides to invoke But We Used a Condom, we can consider this one jossed.

The comic will end with Marten uploading himself to a hoverboard
  • And he'll end up with Pintsize.

The comic will end with Faye and Marten getting married.
  • Despite all his comments that the two would be terrible together, this is Jeph's long term plan that won't come into effect for years, he's setting up a huge end game troll. After all, he compared the chances of Sven and Faye hooking up to the chances of Marten and Faye hooking up.

Marten is about to snap.
  • His hysterical laughing fit after the whole Dee-hookup and the drunken aftermath was the last straw. Poor kid is sliding into a Despair Event Horizon and it will not be pretty.

Questionable Content takes place in, not exactly the same universe, but one metaphysically one or two steps away from that of The Dresden Files.

Hannelore is a fact an IA in a biological body
  • The first of its kind, to be more precise. Its explain its psychological problem and the fact that it got a lot as she grow up when almost nobody expected it. Of course, the therapy helped too. And of course she don't know it.

Faye will eventually be Driven to Suicide or at least attempt it.

Dora and Tai will have a discussion, or maybe a fight, about Dora firing Faye
After all, Tai is the BOSS and she frequently shows up high (occassionally on acid not just pot) and will happily ditch her work to go watch cartoons. This is obviously a huge difference in perspective, and Tai likes Faye. There's no way they're not going to at least have a long talk about it.

Faye has multiple personalities
She has an alternate one that even she doesn't know about. She has shown that she's actually a good cook, yet burned her apartment down making toast. She has stated that she doesn't know if her car accident was intentional or not "and is missing a massive memory segment". She said that she doesn't remember ending up in the hospital in the 2800s, yet remembers getting fired. This is all a pattern of incoherence followed by suicide. She's even mentioned having dissociation episodes: http://questionablecontent.net/view.php?comic=507 Making a further WMG: Faye's alternate personality knows why her dad tried to kill himself, and has been Driven to Suicide, because youngerFaye was just as much as an abusive butt as she is now, driving her dad to suicide, causing massive grief on Faye's part, resulting in a split personality, and the other personallity "which is more present with alcohol", is trying to kill herself.

Faye and Dora are going to get into a legal battle which will tear apart the relationships between multiple characters
There are places in the U.S. where a substance addict cannot be fired if they seek professional assistance while still employed. Dora has stated that she will not officially fire Faye until the insurance pays for her hospital stay, and they seem to live in a rather liberal part of the country (with all the pros and cons thereof). If Faye checks into rehab before her job officially ends...
  • Does an AA meeting count as "professional assistance?"
  • Seems unlikely given that Faye's reaction to her firing here is that she deserved it and isn't interested in trying to get her job back.

Faye's father was an alcoholic
We know Faye has a booze issue, and there are cases where there's a genetic pre-disposition towards alcoholism. Perhaps he killed himself because he couldn't cope with addiction. We know he carried a hip flask with liquor, as revealed in an early strip. We also know he didn't want Faye's mom to know about the alcohol, which would explain the lack of a note. This guess isn't very wild.
  • A person that's such an alcoholic that they're driven to suicide typically has a very hard time hiding it from the family they live with. There are usually a plethora of signs, whereas Faye's mother states that there was absolutely no indication of any problems, depression, or other signs that something wasn't right.
  • Faye's father may not have been a full-blown alcoholic, but Faye mentions that she thinks she's starting to understand him following her slip off the wagon. It's possible they both have/had some form of depression that they were trying to self-medicate, of which alcoholism is a symptom.

Faye's father was a secret agent!
Faye's father pissed off some major Big Bad (or his own organization) so much that the knowledge he possessed was enough to put his family at risk, so the only course of action he saw to protect them was to kill himself, thus forever preventing the knowledge he had from being used against him. This would also explain how he had a gun when nobody in the family knew he owned one.

Marten is returning to normal.
Everyone says that Marten is passive and unwilling to make spontaneous decisions or risks, but he travelled all the way across the country for a girlfriend that he barely knew, abandoning his entire life in California. He may have only seemed passive after that because he knew he had taken a risk and it badly backfired. However, Marten has recently seen other people take risks that paid off, like his mom moving across the country for Jim. People have also been telling him that he needs to pursue what he wants and take risks. Maybe Marten isn't as passive as people think and that his spontaneous relationship with Claire is just him returning to form to like he was when he moved across the country.

A major step forward for Bubbles will occur in the form of her removing her combat armor.
So much is made of her armor and her preference towards wearing it, and it seems to stand as a symbol of her being stuck in the battlefields with her squad. Sometime, it will come off, signifying her finally moving forward and living her own life.

Jeph is pushing Faye/Bubbles hard...only to bring it down.
Considering it's a human/AI pairing, which we haven't seen, perhaps it may not work out, and it would be awfully late in the game to reveal a new category of attraction to Faye, who has previously been portrayed as utterly straight. With the two and Claire, Jeph is definitely building up to something, but it may not be a relationship.

Amanda is going to affect at least one of the relationships between the main characters.
Will likely happen to either Faye/Bubbles and/or Dora/Tai. It's about time the relationship dynamic changed.
  • For Faye/Bubbles:
    • Amanda will flirt with Bubbles.
    • Faye will grow jealous and Bubbles will become uncomfortable.
    • There will be an epiphany of some sort, leading to Faye/Bubbles becoming a canon pairing.
  • For Dora/Tai:
    • Amanda will meet Tai and find her attractive. They will likely flirt teasingly.
    • Evie will go off to her conference, leaving Amanda to have an internal struggle.
    • Amanda will seduce Tai. (Somehow, Dora will also be out of the picture.)
    • Dora will find out somehow and will get really jealous.
    • Tai will feel guilty and will tell Dora, but since Dora already knows, they will fight and eventually break up.

Several of the things Spookybot did after helping Bubbles were done at the same time.
When Bubbles thanks Spookybot through her conversation with Station, we see that Spookybot is a distributed consciousness with multiple bodies. Thus, setting things up with Jeremy and the legal replacement for the fighting ring, dropping evidence off with Officer Basilisk, etc. could have been done by multiple bodies all at the same time.