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  • This is more depressing than horrifying, but in this strip, when Marten and Dora break up, Marten appears to be repeating word-for-word his question from this strip - in which Dora's answer was exactly what Marten had been unable to do. It really drives home Jeph's comment that this was "a long time coming."
  • It indeed seemed to be a long time coming, if you analysis the contributors to the break up. One will realize that they stem from certain personality traits and personal issues (some pretty deep seated) that belong to Marten and Dora. These traits were already revealed from past humorous situations and many events which were played for laughs at the time hinted at the deep seated issues (which can now be realized in hindsight). When these traits manifested during their time together, it started to seriously damage the relationship.
  • Fridge Horror meets Late to the Punchline: Done to devastating effect on Faye in this comic involving her grandmother talking about their ancestors being boarded by "Yankee Seamen".
  • Try not to think too hard about the punchline to this strip, okay? turns out that there are actually ''are'' AI's in charge of nuclear weapons.
  • At one point, Marigold does some repairs on Pintsize, after having done it before, and asks to talk to him alone to make sure that the cast isn't abusing him. The horror: These AIs only exist to ensure friendship and trust, yet they are apparently abused to the point that standard commonly-known procedures exist for it. Combine that with the fact that all the AIs want is equal rights, and it becomes a horrifying portrayal of humanity.

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