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Tear Jerker: Questionable Content
  • The strip's first major one starts in strip #500, when Faye point-blank asks Marten if he's attracted to her, and ends at #509, with the culmination being right in the middle when Faye reveals that she watched her father commit suicide.
  • Dora and Marten's breakup, both in-universe and out.
  • Comic #2082, as Faye angsts over her feelings for Angus.
  • Strip #2134: Hannelore's backstory. Poor, poor Hanners.
  • Strip #2158, sort of a follow-up to the last (but still needs context in the last few strips before it): D'awwwwwww! Ummm... This is the sweetest thing I've ever read from QC!
  • Recently Angus has asked Marigold if the recent loud and enthusiastic sex with Faye has disturbed her and she says no. She then angrily asks whether her regular masturbation sessions keep him awake. While funny at first her angry response makes sense given that this a man she's had a crush on for god knows how long and even if she's over it, she's constantly being reminded of how much fun he's having with someone else.
  • This strip makes one a little sad for Hanners.
  • Anyone who has had to deal with transphobic/transmisogynistic street harassment will probably feel something reading this.
  • Kind of a mix between funny and sad, but Dale looks immediately guilty after hearing May beg him not to turn the glasses off.
  • Marigold's mistreatment of Momo, and her reaction.
  • Strip 2816. "I don't know why I'm hugging you, but I'm hugging you."
    • And the strips before that, with Faye and Angus possibly breaking up.

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