Heartwarming: Questionable Content

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  • Since Sam considers Marten family now she bring to him a frog as a friendship offering. Martin returns the favor by offering to take her out for a gathering excursion, much to her delight.
  • Marten and Claire are adorable.
    • Bizarre as the circumstances are for this comic, it definitely counts because for someone who is transgender to have a supportive parent, IS actually a huge thing.
    • The last panel of this strip.
    • And the entire following strip. "I like you, and I think you like me, and I want to see where this takes us."
    • And the one after that. "So I think we can take it as it comes. And we'll talk to each other, and figure out what needs figuring out."
  • Strip 2832. Veronica's reaction to seeing that her son Marten is dating again is hilariously smile-inducing.
  • Strip 2837. Marten and Claire making puns. I can't help but find this little bit to be hilariously adorable.
    • Pretty much their entire first date is a crowning moment of heartwarming.
    • Like strip 2839. It's like Jeph Jacques, after years of using Marten as his (and our) chew toy, is delighting in giving him a positive update in life.
  • "I got you a bear at the gift shop. I don't know if that's appropriate in this situation, but that's what I did." Poor Hanners is clearly out of her element in dealing with this, but goddamn is she trying.
  • It's a mix between this and a tearjerker, but Dora is willing to have the insurance company pay for Faye's alcohol-related breakdown. Why is it still a tearjerker? Because Dora is still firing her, and is still too upset from their last encounter to tell Faye in person. So she leaves it to Hannelore.