Heartwarming: Questionable Content

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  • Since Sam considers Marten family now she bring to him a frog as a friendship offering. Martin returns the favor by offering to take her out for a gathering excursion, much to her delight.
  • Marten and Claire are adorable.
    • Bizarre as the circumstances are for this comic, it definitely counts because for someone who is transgender to have a supportive parent, IS actually a huge thing.
    • The last panel of this strip.
    • And the entire following strip. "I like you, and I think you like me, and I want to see where this takes us."
    • And the one after that. "So I think we can take it as it comes. And we'll talk to each other, and figure out what needs figuring out."
  • Strip 2832. Veronica's reaction to seeing that her son Marten is dating again is hilariously smile-inducing.
  • Strip 2837. Marten and Claire making puns. I can't help but find this little bit to be hilariously adorable.
    • Pretty much their entire first date is a crowning moment of heartwarming.
    • Like strip 2839. It's like Jeph Jacques, after years of using Marten as his (and our) chew toy, is delighting in giving him a positive update in life.
  • "You're beautiful." Even more so considering how often the bodies of transgender people and the reaction to them are used as a cheap punchline/source of disgust.
  • "Nice to meet y'all."
  • "Dude, your girlfriend is a dork." "I know!" Marten's adorably pleased face is just PERFECT.
  • Marten may be pretty passive sometimes, but he will stand up to his friends if they need it.
  • In the wake of Faye getting fired, Pintsize helps her get a job completely unasked for. Sure, it's a job fixing contestants in a semi-illegal robot fighting ring, but the fact that he cares enough to offer his help without any of his usual joking around is remarkably reminiscent of the first example on this page.
  • Dora finally makes some amends with Sven. Doubles as an awesome moment for Dora because it's a change in her attitude: She realizes that you can't just give so many strikes to throw somebody out, so she's resolved to have them work together to become better people.