Heartwarming / Questionable Content

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  • "You're beautiful." Even more so considering how often the bodies of transgender people and the reaction to them are used as a cheap punchline/source of disgust.
  • "Nice to meet y'all."
  • "Dude, your girlfriend is a dork." "I know!" Marten's adorably pleased face is just PERFECT.
  • The cap on Momo's day, in which she reflects on AI's history and future.
  • Marten may be pretty passive sometimes, but he will stand up to his friends if they need it.
  • Zach Weinersmith's contribution to the Butt Rocket arc, in a very Weinersmithian way.
  • In the wake of Faye getting fired, Pintsize helps her get a job completely unasked for. Sure, it's a job fixing contestants in a semi-illegal robot fighting ring, but the fact that he cares enough to offer his help without any of his usual joking around is remarkably reminiscent of the first example on this page.
  • Dora finally makes some amends with Sven. Doubles as an awesome moment for Dora because it's a change in her attitude: She realizes that you can't just give so many strikes to throw somebody out, so she's resolved to have them work together to become better people.
  • Thank you - Sven.
  • Faye and Dora silently reconciling.
  • Faye's entire relationship with Bubbles is very sweet: a chronically sarcastic Recovered Addict with intimacy problems goes all out to make friends with the only character in the strip with a darker and more troubled past than her own.
    • 'Screw that. I'm goin' to check on my friend.'
    • Bubbles describing the terrifying consequences of zombie AI and then reassuring Faye that she's on the good guys's side.
      Bubbles: And if it comes down to it, you may count on me to stand on the front line to protect you. ...That is, to protect "you" in the sense of all humanity. Although you are small enough that you could probably shelter behind me. There would be a risk of flanking attacks, but with adequate defilade–
  • Veronica being a good stepmom - or, rather, a nice and scary one.
  • Bubbles' second trip to Coffee of Doom:
  • Bubbles won't fuck off.
  • While their introduction is creepy and dramatic, Spookybot takes a quick moment to compliment Bubbles' name, which is especially sweet because she keeps it in honor of her squad members.
  • Bubbles and Faye have a hug after Bubbles has admitted "your friendship was the sole source of joy in the final part of my existence". Faye is actually crying. Immediately downplayed:
    Spookybot: [frowning] How touching. We have never vomited before, but this may inspire us.
    Emily: You should try it sometimes! It's a very intense experience.
  • Although it's in the wake of the tragic revelation that Bubbles' memories have been lost for good, the mysterious AI gets some for encouraging the gang to support Bubbles and reminding her that she has friends who care for and love her.
  • When Bubbles is discussing the idea of Spookybot with Station, the latter mentions that they might be able to eavesdrop on any AI communication. So Bubbles takes the chance that they are to thank them through Station. It works.
  • Jeremy has a crush. It's reciprocated.