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Found this site around late 2010/early 2011 and frequently visited it since and decided to join the community.

Loves video games and is currently studying Criminal Justice as his major in college and hopes to become a upstanding and respectable detective someday. It is my hope that I can help my community and become the best person that I can be through that career.

And to improve my grammar.

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Should you so desire, put tropes you believe applies to me here.

Lawful Good: I've got this vibe, as you want to be a detective and fight for what is right, and corrected many tropes in this very wiki. ~ risingdreams

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  • You wrote on my page, it seems only fair to write on yours. I haven't heard the one about the chicken, but I love the one about the turkey at the stop sign. -Augustine
    • Oh yeah, that one's good.

  • Insert clever vandalism here. -RedSavant
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  • Legionnaire was present in this facility at one point in the flow of time.
    • As was I.

  • Thanks for the welcome! —montagohalcyon
    • Anytime.

  • Your mother eats cakes at the Cheesecake Factory! —Mihashi

  • Greetings! —Amused Troper Guy
    • Salutations.

  • Spirit was my favorite G.I. Joe when I was a kid —Silveratus
    • Good choice!

  • I think you are a good contender for most badass cake ever. Shame your not made of chocolate. :P —Hellman Sabian
    • That it is.

  • Hello, Sir! Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies? ~ A Rabbit Filled Nightmare
    • ........................................................................maybe.

    • Thank you.

  • Spirit - cool name! Although I now have the near irresistable urge to post a picture of Dr Stein here because of his association with the character Spirit from the same franchise. I promise he won't try to dismember you~. - Stolen By Faeries
    • The name actually has a funny story behind it, complete with wacky shenanigans and a catchy musical number.
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    • I feel so dirty.

  • I was certain I already did this, but maybe you removed it, or I didn't actually. Anyway, you vandalized me a long time ago, so this is payback. Bitch... pink tophat bitch. Bitchy pink tophat. Pinky bitchhat. I'M DRUNK, DAMN IT. Mukora
    • So I notice.