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Formerly known as Shadow Bender. Soon to be known as something else.

I'm a Nigerian male in his early 20s, an Architecture student (in my 3rd year as of this time of writing). Used to be known as Shadow Bender on the forums. I'm also a Music Producer/DJ and sound designer. Nicknames on Fora: Motorshade, Shad.

Stuff I like to do: Video Games, Drawing Manga, playing the drums, driving(yes, it's a hobby), making up stories etc. I also like reading. A lot.


A member of SPOON and PLATTER. Was made the Herald for Forum Games as of Jan. 5, 2012.

Things done as Shadow Bender

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    Fora I belong to 


Mass Media that I enjoy:

    Anime and Manga 


    Other Interests 
  • Video Games
  • Music (esp. Sound Design)
  • Coding
  • Architecture

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  • I COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES. But seriously, I christen this new page the MV Motor Runner. -Hotel Kilo
    • Also, I had no idea you were from Nigeria. I have Nigerian electrofunk from the 70s laying around my hard drive somewhere.
    Thank you, HK! And yes, I am Nigerian. I love electrofunk music too...
  • I love that pic at the top. - Spirit
  • THIS. SENTENCE.IS.FALSE! Dontthinkaboutitdonthinkaboutit... - Voids Empathy
  • The lack of vandalism on this page is disturbing. I shall have to correct it. - A Crack In Time
  • Needs MOAR vandalizing! -Aramil
  • Hello Shad. Do not worry, for We are your friends. We shall give you the gift of vandalism. The vandalism of Ube Cake and Fractal Rabbitsjcruz
  • PLATTER shall be of use for the Ube Cake. But, for the Fractal Rabbit, you are on your own.