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Mukora is a female cuttlefish from Italy, who moved to America with her family a few years back. Her age is some number above eighteen. If you must shorten her name for convenience, he prefers to be called "Muk."

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Ye Olde Vandalism/Comments/Stuff

  • Having read said post...geez you've been through a lot. I'm sure anything I could say on the web would just sound trite...if there is ever somehow a way I can help you, though, let me know. -montagohalcyon
  • You've been vandalized. Don't you feel dirty. - Spirit
  • Trick or treat! - Haldo
  • If only your username were "Mokura", I would have asked you if you'd named yourself after the Super Mario RPG enemy. ~GMH
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  • I'll chop your head off! - Motor-Runner
  • Greetings!! You have now been vandalized... IN AMERICA. Karasu91
  • Hey! Me too! Though I have Italian ancestry, and I live in 'Merica the continent, not the country usually known as 'Merica. So I guess it's a little too Dissimile. - Amused Troper Guy
  • Gotcha! Your turn to be vandalized, Mukora! (Can't believe I didn't do it sooner). - whataboutme
  • Be vandalized! (disappears into a vortex of blood) -Crimson Zephyr
  • Checking in, nothing abnormal to report. Resuming patrol. -pvtnum11
  • Overdue vandalism commencing. -sirboulevard

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