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First, an awesome little poem.

"And though I had slain a thousand foes less one,

The thousandth knife found my liver;

The thousandth enemy said to me,

'Now you shall die,

Now none shall know.'

And the fool, looking down, believed this,

Not seeing, above his shoulders, the naked stars,

Each one remembering."

-Klingon poem, from the Star Trek Roleplaying Game Attributed to John M. Ford.

Now that that is out of the way...



PVT #11 was the rank and serial number to a bipedal combat robot I cartooned way back in 1990 when I was in Middle School. It stuck, 'nuff said. Since the '#' symbol is frequently not allowed in a username, it morphed into pvtnum11.

Recently, I managed to smash some words together into something approximating a sentence, and thus was born this phrase; "People don't go crazy in a rational fashion." Well, duh, of course they don't, I thought this was blatantly obvious and I said it more or less tongue-in-cheek. They're crazy. Rational thought has left their brain and took the first bus out of town, and now they're operating off of mere random synapse firings or whatever. Oddly enough, this phrase was viewed as incredibly insightful or some such nonsense, and has been sigged. Cool, I guess. A google search revealed that it's actually original. Well, I'm sure I heard some variant of it elsewhere. All great quotes - and even So Okay, It's Average quotes like mine - are built upon the shoulders of other quotes.


Some quick factoids for those who may be interested (all three of you): a Christian - but has some funny stories of life before that.

...has taken to recording his escapades in playing Kerbal Space Program. I have a lot to learn about recording stuff. Decided to tackle the math behind the game and it turns out that the basic premises behind real rocketry apply in-game as well. Can now build an entire spacecraft for the game on paper, determining a good approximate figure on how well (or badly) the spacecraft will perform in-game.

...finished donating his hair to charity. Feels weird having short hair again.

...might be playing Slave-Hack. Don't forget to clear the log files, and thanks for the programs!

...blanked his keyboard out with a Sharpie pen, just to improve his typing skills. It actually works, so I took sandpaper to it for a more professional look.


...has never engaged in any formal education after High School. The bad spelling I inflict upon the forum might be a tell-tale.

...has interests in most things Military, some physics, Astronomy, and the interesting military sci-fi mix that occurs when you stew those all together. Loved Firefly/Serenity. Will chat militaria stuff just for fun. an Oregonian living in Exile, and misses the evergreen trees. a child of the eighties; I am still of the mindset that anything made after 1990 is 'modern' and 'new'. This applies to people as well.

...gets a kick out of my oldest watching old Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episodes.

...did some time in the Army, and promptly forgot where I put my DD 214. Fixed radios; but lots of that old skillset has been forgotten in the intervening decade since I got out.

...thinks that perhaps being a Submariner might have been a more fun waste of four years. Has been called a Nuke before, and thinks it's a compliment. a fan of Buick V6 engines, especially ones under boost, and especially the older turbocharged ones. evidenced by my avatar gallery, is a fan of the third-gen (1982-1992) Pontiac Trans Am. Used to own a 1988 Trans Am GTA, now owns a 1989 Turbo Trans Am, powered by the above-mentioned Buick turbo V6. Only V6 Trans Ams ever made, only 1,550 made and sold to the public. (five more were prototypes and test mules) I've also previously owned two plebian Firebirds, both had the anemic 2.8-liter Chevy motors. A good rule of thumb for those who might get confused about what car is what, is if it's white, it's usually a Turbo Trans Am.

...likes Wide Open Sandbox games, so gets a kick out of Simcity, Fallout, Minecraft, and stuff like that.

...really likes making ships in Minecraft, but may have become burnt out on the game finally.

...has been called a Fundamentalist before. I guess, if the shoe fits. Also, old-school. I suppose. approaching 40 - to be more specific, is just a few months older than the Voyager probes (if you go by their launch dates). Has given up trying to pluck out the gray hairs.

You can add comments and scribble down here. Or not, your call.

—HI! Hehe I just noticed that you were married. It's not often I find another married folk on here. —[1]

Yiee! — [2]

Hello extremely! I hope you don't mind a slight format adjustment. And "Nuke" is always a compliment. - Noaqiyeum

-scribbles the Anti-Death Equation- Yarrunmace

- Hey another married father troper! It's an awfully narrow specification, so I guess I feel a certain fraternity there. You're a swell chap.

— that makes all of what, two of us? — pvtnum11

-Awww your daughter is adorable!-lolacat

-A conservative Christian on TV Tropes? I thought I was the only one! - Turtle

  • Which just reminds me of a person with a similar standing over on Tumblr, which is, admittedly, even stranger over there. (By the way, pvt, if the year that you ended up moving permanently to Hawaii is anywhere close to 1998, I'm gonna be really weirded out. That's the year my family and a four-year-old me (and a one-year-old little sister) moved over to Oregon.) - Naomi Hansen

— Awesome cars! :D Also, thank you for your service. To combat the awkwardness, try to think of someone who doesn't know cars at all (who isn't me) attempting to guess what each car is every time you change your avatar... and failing, miserably. XD - I vandalize you FTW! - FFShinra

- Anyone, who likes Trans Ams can't be an awfully bad person! Jusamies

- Been seeing you around the forums quite a bit. Looks like we share a lot of common interests. -Specialist290


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