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Dorkus mainly likes to click the random button on TvTropes, reading whatever comes up when he's here. He is also known to post in the land of Crotchety Old Bitches and handle spelling/grammar/markup edits on pages.

When he's not reading TV Tropes or working his job as an electrician, Dorkus plays video games, cuddles with his pomeranian and enjoys watching anime and sports. All at the tender age of 36.


You can also find Dorkus on these networks:

Twitter: MaximumDorkus
Xbox Live: MaximumDorkus
Steam: themaximumdorkus
My Anime List: Dorkus
Crunchyroll: the_maximum_dorkus
Instagram: ColaandJP
TvTropes: Dorkus

Feel free to add him, as long as you say you're from TV Tropes!

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