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Hey, everyone!

RedSavant here, glad to be a part of TV Tropes. I've been a lurker for ages, but I think I'm reasonably well-established now. I'm the Negima forum's pocket translator, and a (too occasional) contributor to the Fanfiction Thread. I spend most of my time in Anime & Manga, but I've been known to dip into New Media, Western Animation and the Roleplaying forum, as well.

Here's my current list of monster girls for DMM's Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou web game.


I'm an Entry Pimp for Negima, and I'm currently... not working on anything.

Pages created:

Feel free to vandalize the page; I'd prefer you only add stuff, though, not take bits and pieces off. So play nice, or Kyubey will contract with you.


Allow me to give you your first vandalization! - Spirit

I will not be outdone by Spirit! - Augustine

Julius Caeser's infamous (and not widely known) quote after viewing his first live sex show: "Veni vidi veni" - RichReeders

Mmm, what is a character to do without a setting? Alas... Oh. Hello. The Thespian

Hey there, I'm bored and not very creative - NLK


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