Tropers / Myssa Rei

A thirty-something graduate of Communication Arts, currently taking up a Master's Degree in Creative Writing, partly due to curiosity, partly due to a sincere love of the written word. Unfortunately I seem to have landed in a class made up mostly of already-published local poets and fiction writers, one of whom is a regular participant of the most prestigious writer's workshop in the Philippines. This makes me kind of the odd woman out, as so far I have nothing published under my name. At this point I'm stumbling awkwardly as I make my way through the program, but it's only a matter of time before I face the course's final requirement: an actual (and published!) full-length novel.

Let's see if I can stay sane until I get to that point.

I like to read, though my tastes skew mostly towards Science Fiction and Fantasy, but I also watch a lot of Anime and play video games on my desktop. I'm a fan of the TouhouProject, and have all of the official games except Shoot the Bullet and Double Spoiler, and many of the fan-made derivatives, like Mega Mari and the Koumajou Densetsu series. I have a fair bit of Western games as well, like the Fallout series (1, 2, Tactics, 3, and most recently New Vegas), Portal, the Half-Life series, Starcraft (I and 2), and some games from the Warhammer40000 universe (Dawn of War, Space Marine).

Wandered into this wiki by accident, but since this is one of the places not blocked by my office's internet filter, I visit here whenever times are slow at work.

I have a bad habit of "adopting" pages of lesser-known manga or anime series on a whim, and expanding the pages of said series (see Narue No Sekai), or making new pages for relatively unknown manga (D-Frag! and LoveAllergen).

Pages I helped create or maintain:

Pages I helped (or are currently helping) with:
  • Working[1]: Added descriptions and pictures to Character sheet.
  • Daily Lives of High School Boys: Added pictures to the character sheet (everyone who isn't Tadakuni, Yoshitake, Hidenori, Takahiro, and Rubber Shooter really), standardized said picture sizes, and generally helped make the page more pleasing to the eyes.
  • Log Horizon: Mostly related to adding pictures to the Character sheet.
  • Narue No Sekai: Giving the page of the old series some love, by adding a picture for the main page (finally!), and adding tropes from the continuing manga. Another long-term passtime while I'm at the office. Pretty much expanded the wiki entry by 200% as of 04/12/2012.
  • Princess Resurrection: Adding to the character sheet bit by bit while I'm at the office. Kind of a long-term passtime, given how little attention it was given.
  • Saki/SakiAchiga-hen: Helped expand the character sheet to include characters introduced in SakiAchiga-hen as well as their descriptions. Added pictures and update pictures for some characters to reflect how they were shown in the Achiga-hen anime.
  • Sumire 16 Sai: Just added tiny details here and there.
  • Ubel Blatt: Slowly adding pictures and fixing the Character Sheet. Unlike High School Boys, it's harder to find manga frames where the character in question looks good enough for framing.
  • Upotte!!: Added pictures (both from the source manga AND the anime adaptation, for the sake of comparison), expanded the character list.
  • Tamayura: Gradually building up the character sheet.
  • White Album 2: Expanded the summary, added an image, and generally filled up the tropes for it. Hopefully someone with more in-depth knowledge of the game steps in though...