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Tropers: Lyendith
A troper from Bègles. A small town near Bordeaux. In the south-west of France. In Western Europe.

I am basically an Ordinary High-School Student who is very fond of languages and even created one (or tried to). I can speak English more or less fluently and am getting pretty decent in Japanese. I am rather shy and not very talkative in Real Life but that's not too much of a problem. Politically rather on the radical left (though not a communist).

Where does that weird pseudonym come from you ask? Well, I happen to be writing a Fan Fiction based (initally…) on Dragon Ball's verse called Kuroki, available only in French, in which the Con Lang I tried to create was born. One of the female characters is named Lyendith, and although I'm male, I liked the name so much that I kept it as a pseudo. Yeah that sounds pretty stupid, but meh.

Physically, I'm 1m87 tall for little more than 60kg. Brown hair and rather bright, green eyes. Nothing special.

Musical tastes: a bit of everything but especially French Rap and the "Rock & Rap" experiences like Casey vs. Zone Libre.

I like video games, mostly platform and action ones, my favorite being Ōkami and Bayonetta. I like challenging games and am currently trying to be The Guy. I'm fine, thank you.

I use the BÉPO keyboard layout, a French equivalent of the Dvorak keyboard.

Contributor for the French translation of TVTropes. I created the page for Dreamland (the manga) and launched the following tropes:

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