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Characters who serve as gods in the Trope Pantheon:

  • Amaterasu and Deadpool are in the Main House.
  • Amaterasu is also in the House of Nature, where she is joined by Ghost Rider, Magneto, Storm, and Thor Odinson.
  • Deadpool is also in the Houses of Knowledge and Narrative.
  • Rocket Raccoon is in the House of Ambiguity.
  • In the House of Combat, Zero is a first-tier god; Ryu is a second-tier god; and Chun-Li and the Taskmaster are third-tier gods.
  • Ryu is also in the House of Power, where he is joined by Akuma and the Wolverine.
  • The Taskmaster is also in the House of Defense…
  • …as is Captain America, who himself does triple duty in the House of Justice and the Court of the Gods. Phoenix Wright joins Captain America in the latter two Houses, along with She-Hulk in the Court.
  • Iron Man is in the Houses of Craft and Technology. Jill Valentine joins him in the former House.
  • Vergil is in the House of Family.
  • Firebrand is in the House of Gaming, as are the Servbots under Tron Bonne's command.
  • Spider-Man is in the House of Heroes.
  • Mike Haggar is in the House of Leadership.
  • Phoenix is in the House of Life and Death, as is Maya Fei, Phoenix Wright's assistant.
  • Doctor Strange and Dormammu are in the House of Magic.
  • Albert Wesker is in the House of Mentalism.
  • Galactus, Shao Hsien-Ko, and Morrigan Aensland are in the House of Otherness.
  • Arthur and X-23 are in the House of Personal Appearance.
  • Dante is in the House of Profession.
  • The Hulk is in the House of Shape.
  • Doctor Doom and Sentinel are in the House of Villains.
  • Hawkeye and Nathan Spencer are in the House of Weapons.

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