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Trivia: iCarly

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  • Actor Allusion: Principal Franklin's daughter Emily was named after Tim Russ' real-life daughter who is also a fan of the show.
  • Adored by the Network: Nickelodeon will often show nothing but this show and SpongeBob all day and treat it better than the others, though it has been replaced somewhat with Victorious.
  • Fan Nickname: Some people who don't ship the Sam/Freddie relationship have called the the second half of Season 4 iSeddie or iSam, due to the Seddie shipping arc taking up 4 out of the 9 episodes filmed and Sam and Freddie together continually taking the A-Plot with Carly pushed down to the B-plot or C-plot in pretty much every episode, especially as some episodes had Carly in a plot completely away from the rest of the main cast. Many consider it a Spinoff or Continuity Reboot instead of a new season with characters who look, sound and share the same names, but aren't the same characters from previous seasons.
    • Ironically, Sam was eventually given a spin-off show called Sam & Cat.
    • The imaginative, pejorative names of "Sucky" and "Cruddie" for Seddie and Creddie respectively.
  • Guilty Pleasures: Brent Spiner (Data from Star Trek) has stated that this is currently his favorite TV show.
    • Emma Stone of Easy A fame has called iCarly her not-so-guilty pleasure, as well as Miranda Cosgrove's music. She even appeared in an episode as a crazed fan (of Spencer, no less).
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Sam's mom is Sue Sylvester! (Although that explains a lot about Sam, doesn't it?)
    • Gibby's girlfriend is that babe from the "Blurred Lines" video (Emily Ratajkowski and Robin Thicke don't have pages to link to, sorry)! Well played, young man. Well played.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: The Japanese-dubbed version has a nice top-notch cast for many of the regular characters:
  • Irony as She Is Cast: Miranda Cosgrove has a talent in drawing. But as Carly, she can't even make a good drawing of a bunny.
  • Lying Creator: The week before the "iSaved Your Life" episode aired, a promo aired showing Carly/Freddie kissing. Dan Schneider, in an effort to calm the shippers of the Sam/Freddie pairing, implied it might not be what it appeared. Cue the episode, where they ended up kissing 7 or 8 times, and it was as it appeared.
    • He posted a picture of Carly and Freddie kissing as a tease for iSpeed Date.. then cut the kiss out later because of a kiss would have impacted on the story of iSaved Your Life. The kiss was likely to have been removed from the script before filming because they would have done the 2nd script already, so he basically created a blatant piece of lying Ship Tease for no reason.
  • Not Screened for Critics: Like every teen and children's show, iCarly is not shown to critics. In combination with closed set filming and tight control on information being passed around, Dan managed to keep the Sam/Freddie plot in iOMG and every episode in the subsequent story arc a secret.
  • Periphery Demographic: Each season skewed older than the last as word got out among adults and the original target cohort grew up.
  • Promoted Fangirl: See Guilty Pleasure above: Emma Stone got a cameo role in an episode.
    • In-universe example: Gibby is a huge fan of the British boy band One Direction and got to sing with them as a ploy to get their lead singer to stop pretending to be sick so he could keep staying at Carly's and be nursed by her.
  • Real-Life Relative: Gibby (Noah Munck)'s brother Guppy is played by his real-life brother Ethan.
  • Screwed by the Network: After season three, Nick has taken a decidedly inconsistent approach to the show. It only orders 13 episodes at at time compared to the 26 or so that it was doing in the first three, it airs the show at random times, advertises that the entire season will be played every week, then stops it after 3 episodes, puts on new episodes with little advertising, and then starts putting them on at weird times, such as Wednesday the 28th of December for the second blooper episode, and then 8-9pm New Year's Eve for the iPsycho sequel. Admittedly, Dan Schneider has to take some of the blame, as he seems to have poor time management, which means Nick were only ordering 13 episodes of both iCarly and Victorious when they could have fit full seasons in even with the studio split (the two shows share the same studio space, and can't film when the other is filming) taken into account. This odd handling of the show and it's timeslots is one the bigger reasons for the abysmal ratings for Season 5 compared to seasons 2, 3 and 4.
  • Shrug of God: Ask Dan Schneider a question about Seddie or Creddie. It will be a miracle if you get a straight answer back. The more 'intelligent' the question, the less likely he will even respond at all. The dumbest, or least focused questions might get the question thrown back at them in a different way.
  • So My Kids Can Watch: Joshua Malina appeared on the show because his children love it.
  • Throw It In: On iQuit iCarly, Dan Schneider remarks:
    Listen to how Gibby delivers his line: 'Uh-oh! Looks like trouble off the stern... port... bow.' You'll notice how he seems confused and slows down at the end of that line. The reason? Noah ("Gibby") forgot the line as he was saying it! He couldn't remember how it ended. Later, when I watched it in editing, I felt it played really funny, so I used the take where he forgot the line.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: Before Season 3 had started airing, Dan posted a script fragment from a future episode. He took it down quickly, but it was reposted on various sites. Naturally, shippers from both sides went nuts, especially on LiveJournal. After heavy criticism about Dan ruining the fandom and the LJ communities with his interaction he quit and deleted his LiveJournal, without warning or notice (meaning the fandom lost alot of interesting interaction with him), and eventually setup his own blog site, which he claimed was for better control, but his first post was about being pissed off with reponses to his script.
  • Word of God: Dan Schneider. Very carefully avoids Lying Creator by using ambiguous meanings, hypothetical, counter-questions in response to questions and shrowding common shipping viewpoints in terms of what "his friends" might think about what's happening. Was very active in the fandom up to the start of Season 3, although not as much now that he's dealing with Victorious as well as the 4th season of iCarly.
    • Taken to the extreme with his post about the finale iGoodbye. After seeing Internet Backdraft about his failure to make the Seddie pairing canon while he made Creddie canon via a typical Last Minute Hookup, he wrote a blog that could be described in short as "completely inverting the meaning of what just took place on screen" by attempting to claim the Last Minute Hookup, the romantic moment Carly comes up to the studio, takes Freddie by the hand then kisses him just moments before leaving for Italy may have actually been a platonic 'friendship' kiss. This did not go down well in the fandom, with people calling him out for the Blatant Lies, many female viewers were especially upset about the idea that they just go around passionately kissing their male friends to show their friendship. This is a good example of Word of God actually making the understanding of what took place on their show less clear. Then again, it was likely deliberate as Dan has the new Spin-Off Sam & Cat, and he wanted to dangle the potential of the Seddie relationship picking up on that show to get more viewers. Most people in the fandom have simply ignored him and have gone by what took place on screen.
  • What Could Have Been: The original name of the Carly character was going to be Sam. The female sidekick was going to be called Kira. But they couldn't get the iSam domain name. So Sam became Carly, and Kira became Sam. This has the curious effect of swapping around the Portmanteau Couple Name of both major ships. The Just Friends Creddie ship would have been known as Seddie, while the Jerk Ass Seddie ship would have been known as Kreddie. It would have a minor impact on the Les Yay Cam ship by changing the name from Cam (Carly/Sam) to Kam (Kira/Sam).
    • Dan Schneider originally explored a straight Drake & Josh spin-off as a Miranda Cosgrove vehicle, with Miranda naturally reprising her role as Megan Parker, but ultimately he felt dissatisfied with every idea centered around that concept he could think of. He then explored the idea of a fresh concept and character that was getting closer to iCarly, but centered around a girl who suddenly found herself getting her own variety TV show. He got as far as writing the script for the pilot - and then threw it in the trash, once again being dissatisfied. He then changed the "TV show" to "web show", and things finally started to click.
    • A second iCarly spin-off centered around Gibby (and titled as such) had a pilot filmed but was not picked up. As originally envisioned by Dan, it would have ran alongside Sam & Cat and Victorious.
    • In-universe example: If Spencer was born normal, Carly and Nevel would be girlfriend and boyfriend, much to Carly's horror.
  • The Wiki Rule: Has a very large and active Wikia site located here.
  • Writer Revolt: It's likely that iGo Nuclear is the result of being forced by Executive Meddling to create an episode with a Green Aesop. See the Broken Aesop entry in the main tropes page to see how it turned out.
  • You Might Remember Me from...: Victoria Justice, who played Shelby Marx in "iFight Shelby Marx", previously worked on another Dan Schneider show, Zoey 101.

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