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Nightmare Fuel: iCarly
  • iSam's Mom: Shadow Hammer is a violent criminal, named that way because he's never caught and carries around a hammer as a weapon. Mrs. Benson fears for her and her son's safety after they have their address exposed on Tv. They end up hiding in Carly and Spencer's apartment. In the end Spencer gets sick of them, and switches Freddie's apartment number with some random apartment down the hall. At the end of the episode Shadow Hammer appears, stalking the hallways of their building. He looks at Freddie's apartment, realises it's not the right one, then continues down the hallway to find the apartment that Spencer switched numbers with!
  • Nevel. Okay, it's creepy enough when he just wants a kiss. Then he surrounds his Hacker Cave with close-up shots of Carly on the webshow. If his crush and obsession continued into his teen years or later, the chances of Carly being attacked by him grow higher.
  • Nora in iPsycho. She seemed perfectly willing to kill Gibby with that fire poker she had. And if she had killed him, then what would she do to his little brother Guppy? The Nixon mask was freaky too.
  • Spencer freaking out when Sam rushes into his apartment and tells him about Carly almost getting killed by a truck on iSaved your Life. Carly and her friends went out to do something for their show as they might usually do, and that time, Carly would have got run over by a heavy vehicle if it wasn't for Freddie, who didn't save Carly without suffering reasonably serious injures himself.
  • The near death experience the girls went through in iQuit iCarly. The insane wind, being up so high in the air, dangling from the platform, the screams... all of it. Dan even admitted himself that it was insanely frightening. On a related note, a college student in Indiana was killed under similar conditions.
  • iStill Psycho:
    • "This is a birthday party. That will go on forever, and ever. And ever...and ever...and ever...and ever..." "Oh my God" indeed, Carly. Oh my god, indeed.
    • The simple fact Nora's family is every bit as crazy as she is. This brings up a bit of Fridge Horror when you wonder just how much of Nora's plan in iPsycho was their idea.
    • Her way of keeping the gang from making any sudden moves? If they did, she would push a button, which will make Spencer spin so fast, his brain would turn to goo.
    • Two notable bits of Fridge Horror in that episode:
      • Spencer was trapped on the wheel at around 9:30 PM. When the gang woke up in the morning, Nora showed them that he was still spinning, at 7:30 AM. That means he was stuck, spinning on the wheel for 10 hours straight. And with a full bladder.
      • Gibby was stuck in the chimney for an entire day. Carly's reaction at the end probably reflected the viewer's reaction as well.
  • Chuck's little brother, Chip. While Chuck was a Jerkass with a vendetta against Spencer, he wasn't scary. Chip, however, has a very well done Death Glare, wants revenge on Spencer for getting Chuck busted and thrown in military school... and is just as good as his brother at beating on Spencer. And he's the little brother.
  • Mrs. Benson boards the elevator in iCan't Take It and a man hidden in the corner (we as the audience realize it's only Gibby, but she certainly doesn't) reaches past her to press the emergency stop, causing the elevator to jerk to a sudden halt and the lights to automatically dim, adding an even more frightening atmosphere and further disguising him, as if the long coat, hat, and sunglasses weren't enough. When she asks him why he stopped the elevator and her breathing speeds up, it's not hard to imagine where she feared this was heading.
  • The fact that Mrs. Benson had Freddie lowjacked with a GPS locator chip, which she activated in iGo To Japan (which is also probably the reason behind Freddie's near-instinctive ability to speak Spanish).
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