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Trivia: Batman Forever
  • Actor Allusion: Jim Carrey as The Riddler shrieks when he hallucinates a giant bat. In the same year, Carrey in Ace Ventura - When Nature Calls played a character who has a bat phobia.
    • Jim once performed a standup routine about impulses and how important it is to control them. In this film, the Riddler calls Two Face out on having a serious impulse control problem.
  • All-Star Cast
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: Folks, nowhere in this movie does Batman say "Chicks dig the car"; it's what Robin says in the Call Back to this movie in Batman & Robin. What Batman actually says is:
    Batman: It's the car, right? Chicks love the car.
  • Breakaway Pop Hit: U2's "Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me". Inverted with Seal's "Kiss From A Rose" (it was released the year before, but only became a smash hit after its inclusion).
  • Dawson Casting: Chris O'Donnell is 25 playing a character that, at this stage of the storyline, is supposed to be a tween at the oldest. Bruce Wayne does suggest he's around college age, but still...
  • Executive Meddling: See What Could Have Been below.
  • Fake American: Jim Carrey, Canadian by birth, as Riddler. Also, Aussie Nicole Kidman.
    • Although to be fair, the latter was born in Hawaii.
  • Groin Attack: For real. Jim Carrey got a little carried away with his cane-twirling and clobbered co-star Jones right between the legs.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: The warden of Arkham Asylum at the end of the film is René Auberjonois from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Boston Legal.
    • Drew Barrymore is one of Two-Face's ladies.
    • R&B divas En Vogue also make a cameo when Dick steals the Batmobile and they "affectionately" call him Batboy.
    • Nan Flannigan appears briefly as a TV reporter.
    • An unbilled Ed Begley Jr. plays Stickley while Jon Favreau has a small role as one of Bruce's assistants.
    • Comedian George Wallace has a brief role as Gotham's mayor.
  • Old Shame: Only if you read it out of context. Val Kilmer enjoyed working on this film and everyone involved and would have been interested in returning once his schedule cleared up, but (fortunately for him) Batman & Robin continued without him. But he was quoted as saying "I've done an absurdly commercial cartoon and now I'm more likely to get hired for a job I couldn't get hired for before because I hadn't done enough movies. It's so rare when an actor gets hired because he's right for the role, it just doesn't figure into it." (In Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Kilmer's character Perry shows up and says virtually the same thing to Robert Downey Jr.)
  • The Other Darrin: Two of them!
    • Val Kilmer replaced Michael Keaton, who bowed out as Bruce Wayne/Batman after seeing — and disliking — the Lighter and Softer treatment.
    • Tommy Lee Jones replaced Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent/Two-Face. The studio had to buy out Williams' contract, as his contract included him playing Two-Face, but the studio wanted to go with Tommy Lee Jones instead.
  • Playing Against Type: Tommy Lee Jones, who usually plays stoic Deadpan Snarker type characters, here plays Two-Face as an incredibly loony, off the wall villain the 1960s Adam West Batman style.
  • So My Kids Can Watch: Tommy Lee Jones signed on as Two-Face because it was his son's favourite character.
  • What Could Have Been: The original version of Batman Forever, before it was edited to make it more family-friendly. Several of the cut scenes (notably "The Bat Must Die!" and Bruce's encounter with a giant bat) would appear in the music videos for the movie, and the comic book adaptation retains the deleted cuts while making it more violent, specifically the large pools of blood around the fallen Graysons.
    • The cuts also would have changed the chronology of scenes in the finished cut: The Batsignal seen by Bruce at Wayne Enterprises is being helmed by Chase in the final cut, but it would've originally summoned him to the bank after Dent escaped Arkham in the deleted opener (which would explain the sirens Bruce hears when he sees it), and the scene with Chase on the roof would've been slotted before the Batmobile chase where it climbs the wall.
    • Unlike Burton, Schumacher is a life-long comic book fan and originally wanted to do a film version of Year One. He had Frank Miller's help drafting a screenplay! But the executives at Warner Bros. wanted something that could be sold to kids...
    • What would have happened had Billy Dee Williams insisted on playing Two-Face?
      • On the DVD featurettes, Billy Dee points out that the chemicals would have made one half of his face lighter than the other, and that this would play into questions of race, or something.
    • Before Schumacher took over from Burton, Scarecrow was going to be in this one, and Brad Dourif had been penciled in to play him.
    • Another comic book fan lobbied to be director before Schumacher was hired. His name? Sam Raimi.
    • Rene Russo was in line to play Chase Meridian when it was still believed that Michael Keaton was going to come back to play Bruce Wayne/Batman, not Val Kilmer. She was replaced by Nicole Kidman because the producers weren't comfortable with the idea of having Batman's love interest be played by an actress rather significantly older than the actor playing him. This in spite the fact Rene Russo is only about five years older than Val Kilmer, who is about eight years older than Nicole Kidman. Plus, Margot Kidder was almost five years older than Christopher Reeve when they played Lois Lane and Clark Kent respectively in the Superman movies.
    • Schumacher also initially wanted Sandra Bullock to have a role in this movie.
    • Marlon Wayans was originally set to play Robin, having been attached to the role since Batman Returns, but was bought out of his contract. Leonardo DiCaprio and Scott Speedman were some of those who auditioned for the role of Robin.
    • Before the helm was turned to Schumacher, Burton supposedly wanted Mickey Dolenz as the Riddler, complete with a question mark carved into his forehead, natch. Carrey was planning on shaving a question mark on his head, but scrapped it because he was due in court for his divorce proceedings.

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