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Comicbook: The Riddler
Now, then, riddle me THIS!

The Riddler is a comic book character, one of the most famous of Batman's Rogues Gallery, first appearing in Detective Comics #140 (October, 1948) as a nemesis to Batman. He was co-created by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang. Known as Edward Nigma, his motivation is that of a man who is obsessed with riddles, mysteries, and clue?cl҉u͢e cl҉ ̢?̴?? ▓ɑ~?

ᴳʳᵉtings! I, the Riddler, h▓ve bypassed Arkham Asylum's pathetic security to gift your small website a glimpse of my famed and illustrious exploits! If only to ensure that the clown, or one of the many under-evolved cretins teeming amongst your readership, will not do it for me.

My first appearance was, aheh, "masterminded" by the writer Bill Finger and artist Dick Sprang, in Detective Comics #140. My origin was thus: after achieving high scores on several important tests in school, my pig-hearted father, blinded with rage and unable to accept my untempered brilliance, decided to....

...hrm. I presume even the MOST slow-witted of you can extrapolate the details yourselves.

Several of the so-called "professionals" ogling my cell believe this incident sparked an unavoidable compulsion to tell the truth, and prove I am right. Although granting these people's inane ramblings any credence will only encourage them, I have myself noticed an inability to commit a crime without the aid of my carefully-constructed conundrums. It... worries me, at times.

After a brief foray into the waters of crime through manning a crooked carnival contraption, I embraced it whole-heartedly, adopting my nom de plume and striking fear into the hearts of Gotham with a dazzling array of crimes, capers and deathtraps! Still, brilliance attracts nemeses, and the Batman eventually began using my riddles to thwart my crimes before FINALLY locating me, and sending me plunging off a pier to my doom.

...for those of you incapable of figuring it out, I lived.

Afterwards, I continued my clue-riddled crime waves! These ranged from the whimsical, such as daubing a charade-clue for the people of Gotham on the Gotham Museum so I could escape through the resultant crowds with stolen Egyptian artifacts, to the more unseemly, such as hijacking a bus, offering riddles to the passengers and killing and robbing any pathetic wastes who failed to solve them.

It was then, through a partnership with upcoming lesser villain Hush, that I solved the greatest riddle of all: the identity of the Dark Knight himself! ...unfortunately, I can't reveal it to you, or anyone else. After all, a riddle that everyone knows the answer to is worthless, as he so irritatingly pointed out.Note  I suppose you'll have to set your tiny, lizard brains to deducing it yourselves, won't you?

After an ill-fated venture on behalf of the Society left me brutally beaten by the Shining Knight, and in a coma for the better part of a year, I elected to turn my vast and undefeatable intellect to solving crimes, rather than their proliferation. The cases were child's play, and in many cases annoyingly so, but they gave me an opportunity to prove my intellectual superiority to the Batman on a somewhat more acceptable playing field.

As of recent events, however, I have discarded this folly and returned to my old ways. Apparently, up to and including imprisonment. Only for as long as I see fit, of course.

It is worth noting that many of the ignorant masses were first made aware of my excellence through Frank Gorshin's portrayal, (To say nothing about his excellent fashion suggestion in costumes) as well as my stooping to engage with the so-called "menaces" in the Legion of Doom. Fortunately, John Glover later portrayed me with the proper intelligence as in a most satisfying Batman: The Animated Series story where I got my revenge on a former employer that even the Batman could not thwart. In 1995, Jim Carrey decided to ape Gorshin's performance in Batman Forever; while not completely faithful, he was close enough and theatrical enough to do me justice. Barely. In the world of video games, Wally Wingert has tried his hand at impersonating me in the Batman Arkham Series, with my affinity for death-traps intact. Cory Michael Smith is set to portray a more youthful variation of myself on Gotham.

And now, a riddle!

A nine-letter word, common as air,
When each letter's cut, a new word to pare,
Take a letter each round and continue to one.
Name the word and the path and then you'll be done.

Can you solve it? Need a hint?  Oh, what am I saying? Of course you can't! Once you've admitted I'm better than you, leave any of your tropes related to me below.


...what? How did CHEATED! You MUST have cheated! I'LL GET YOU F▓R THIS! You HEAR me?! I, E▓▓ARD N▓GMA, WILL▓▓▓▓▓▓▓
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