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Roleplay: Resonating Spirits
So right, what exactly is Resonating Spirits? Well, it began one day when a Game Master on the forum pitched the idea of a Fullmetal Alchemist-based game…IN SPACE as an Extranormal Institute! So quickly, a group of posters on the forum hopped on the chance and made a cast of characters and things went from there. While the game is subject to a slow schedule since all the players are going to college or just busy and, it has still been going on for three years and doesn't look like it will stop soon. and is coming to an end, but may return in another form.

Immediately after the creation of the game, an OOC thread was formed for player chatter, general silliness and the occasional Omake. Here is a link to an archive of the game thus far.

Here is a list of characters in the game and with a small description of them and some tropes they fall into.

Player Characters:
  • Alex Ophen, Passion - A Homunculus character with the ability to change his flesh into fire and ice, and is quickly learning how to use these powers to break things down and make artificial Alchemy.
  • Benjamin (Ben), The Fluid Soul Alchemist - A Sealed Soul with a mysterious and half remembered past who takes the form of a suit of armor. He's able to fully fuse himself into solid object such as the ground and in extreme cases, other characters.
  • Branden Ziel, The Burning Soul Alchemist - A Kyoushin with a non-elemental means of using Alchemy in the form of massive white auras about him. He has a huge family and past and was not one of the original characters in RS.
  • Caliga Enmu, Paranoia - Another Homunculus who has a massive split personality, in which one takes over for long periods of time. One is meek, one is strong, both can control his body and turn it into various gasses and plasma.
  • Elias Neth, The Gate Crasher Alchemist - A Phoenix Kyoushin with an automail right arm. He carries a pet snake that is part of his power and can form wings of resonance when he uses his big attacks and collapses other characters powers around them.
  • Jacob Kinde, The Deceitful Frame - A Hybrid character, half Homunculus and half alive. Jacob can fuse about anything with the dead parts of his body and use them as weapons. Jacob has the tendency to absorb a lot of damage.
  • Nic King, Karma - The last Homunculus with the ability to make a clone puppet of himself. The puppet can then transform into other characters he's fought and absorbed bits of blood and DNA from, making him a well rounded character.
  • Rai Scrimgore, The Harmonic Octave Alchemist - A small Kyoushin boy who holds incredible powers over lightning and thunder and is just learning how to control his split soul. Rai just recently found out he is a small part Chimera, an extremely rare mix with a Kyoushin.
  • Rojo Rockbell, The Flowing Scribe Alchemist - A Ishvalan boy who hated Alchemy when starting at CORE but is now the most accomplished master of neutralizing any and all alchemist effects in the school. His ability to analyze and turn a situation on it's head is second to none.
  • Xerin Barga, The Soaring Fang Alchemist - The group's super powered badass wolf/falcon chimera. What is there to say about Xerin, except that he can kick your ass, will kick your ass, and send you footage of your ass getting kicked to show you why you got your ass kicked, complete with unforgiving, audio commentary.
    • Tends strongly towards Jerkass behavior in the eyes of other characters, though.


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