Roleplay / Celestial Refresh

Starting out as Celestial Eruption back in 2006 on Invisionfree, Celestial Refresh is a statistical Play By Post Game centering around characters and settings from various video games, anime, and a few other odd sources being ripped from their homeland and thrown into a new universe, simply called The Multiverse. Many don't take this very well at first, however, over time, characters learn to adjust to their new homes and neighbors, and veterans are generally unfazed by the zanier parts of both magic and technology, regardless of their native home's surroundings. Despite it's dips into rather depressing situations, it does have it's sillier and more lighthearted moments.

You can find a link to it here, and the wiki here. You can also find the character sheet here.

Tropes related to CRRP:

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    Story/In character tropes 
  • Crossover Ship: Given the nature of the site, these are common.
  • Darkest Hour: NO had certainly going through one, with the destruction of their main HQ and the death of their leader, Sparrow before disbanding and the few remaining members sticking around as the Radiant Crusade.
  • Death Is Cheap: The penalty for death is spending two weeks in a Diablo-based Netherrealm. And some of the areas in it are actually quite nice and peaceful.
    • However, a character can permanently die if the player so chooses to go such a route, examples being Hector and the aforementioned Sparrow.
"[The Multiversal Drain] takes away all of [a character's] power, but removes any limitations, turning everyone into an over the top One Piece character."
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Granted, many of them switch in and out of the story alot due to the users playing the characters getting bored and getting newer ones. Leads to a lot of confusion out of character, since most people are referred to by their main accounts.

    Meta/Out of Character tropes 

    Gameplay Tropes