YMMV / Celestial Refresh

  • Arc Fatigue: The topic that killed Viewtiful Joe went on for quite some time.
    • The Infected Invasion took roughly an entire year to get through.
  • Broken Base: The New Valorian Arc is proving to be this. Many people on board find it to be a fun way of seeing their characters act as villains or allow a whole no slew of chances to play as characters from the Valoverse while also providing some awesome and fun threads with some of the best action and drama the board has had. On the other hand, other people on the board have taken issue with how the villainous New Valorians have suddenly shifted from over-the-top villains to a more Well-Intentioned Extremist interpretation. Not only that, a lot of people aren't comfortable with how many people are apping or getting New Valorian versions of characters as followers, since it makes it seem like an excuse to RP an existing character with a completely different personality and backstory.
  • Iron Woobie: Tails has been through hell and back several times, and a lot of his childish naivety is gone, but he still hasn't lost his positive outlook on things.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Alan can certainly qualify as one.
  • Memetic Mutation: It's a recurring joke that Alan contracted Space Aids as a result of his personal encounter with Jenova.
    • "Lewd" and all its variations
  • The Woobie: Roll...That is until her Character Development sets in and becomes an Iron Woobie!