Narm: Game of Thrones

Yes, she looks like that every time she gives a Rousing Speech...

  • In an otherwise chilling and well-acted scene where Viserys is bellowing insanely just before his death, it can end up causing some chuckles if you realise his insistence that he is the dragon is awfully reminiscent of the memetic phrase "Fuck you! I'm a dragon!"
  • The dogs that play the direwolves are not very good doggy actors. It's very hard not to laugh when a happy puppy jumps on top of a chew toy and gnaws on it with glee as the CGI blood flies everywhere.
    • A particular instance is when Ghost (who is completely silent in the books) is trying to warn Jon Snow that the wights are up and about. The "wolf's" whining and scratching at the door was so dog-like that it seems like Jon should be asking, "What is it, girl? Did Rickon fall down the well again??"
  • YMMV, but the insane level of Fanservice becomes kind of funny after a while. The sheer non-stop boobage crosses over from sexy to hilarious round about the dozenth time naked chicks are just sort of... there... in the scene.
    • On this note, a Deleted Scene shows handmaiden Doreah strangling Irri to death while reciting "sexy" dialogue about erotic asphyxiation. The logic seems to be that because she's a courtesan, she has to do everything sexily, including cold-blooded murder. It's worth a few eye-rolls.
      • Indeed, before the DVD came out it was the most anticipated of the four deleted scenes included. After the DVD came out, everyone agreed that it was the worst of the four—if not the whole series—and it was a good decision to leave it out. Most people point out to the absurdity of the monologue, that Doreah's motives to betray Dany are even less evident after watching this scene, and Roxanne McKee's poor acting through it.
    • Daenerys' bathtub scene in Season 3 deserves a special mention. One can basically imagine the prop department painstakingly adjusting the water-level in the tub until Emilia Clarke's nipples stick out of the bathing water in the intended way.
  • In Season 1, Littlefinger has an awesome, well-written speech that defines his character extremely well and goes into great detail in explaining his motivations and justifications... Which is completely undercut by the fact that there's hot lesbian sex going on right in front of him that he's supervising while telling his story, which proves to be rather distracting for the audience. Not to forget the infamous command towards one of the prostitutes to another ("Play with her arse."), delivered in a completely deadpan and detached tone of voice considering the situation.
  • Daenerys softly weeping whilst Drogo smashes repeatedly and enthusiastically into her quivering arse whilst doing her doggy-style was definitely a mildly amusing "Oh for God's sake" moment....
  • Drogo's hammy ranting speech about what he'll do to Westeros when he invades to avenge the assassination attempt on Daenerys' life. And then he dies.
  • In one Fanservice scene, Theon is having sex with Ros. Alfie Allen puts a lot of effort into his Immodest Orgasm... but it looks like he has had twelve-thousands volts put through him from the way he jerks around in ecstasy, and he bites his lower lip, which, combined with his little beard, makes him look like an electrocuted rat.
    • And since Allen isn't shy at all about doing full frontal himself, we get to see that Theon's penis apparently instantly deflated once he was done. WTF?!
  • During Syrio Forel's Crowning Moment of Awesome one of the Lannister men, straight out of Mook acting school, calls him a "foreign bastard", delivered with a very thick Evil Brit accent.
  • The whole of Daenerys arc in the second season, which consists mostly of her wandering around Qarth yelling at other people (often about her dragons, as the page quote shows) and not being taken seriously, all while several people around her turn inexplicably evil and betray her for no reason, especially jarring given that none of them did so in the book.
  • During season two, Littlefinger has a good deal of scenes original to the series. A good idea so far, since he has very little to do in the books at this point. Except, they were so desperate to keep giving him stuff to do that he seems to be teleporting around Westeros at random, at the same time as the show is trying to build up tension about how long it takes to get anywhere.
    • Also, Littlefinger becomes so increasingly Obviously Evil instead of Affably Evil, and it starts to get ridiculous that anyone could listen to him or he could accomplish anything on the scale he does after awhile.
  • Apart from the very painfully non-narmish wildfire scene, pretty much all of the battle scenes in the Blackwater episode, with the ridiculous amount of plasticine men-at-arms. This doozy of a quote from The Hound takes the cake though:
    If any man dies with a clean sword, I'LL RAPE HIS FUCKING CORPSE!
  • At the end of his Rousing Speech, Theon Greyjoy makes a war face as he screams to battle. Unfortunately, it looks like this. Of course, given the fact that he was knocked out immediately after he was finished speaking, it's likely this was an Intended Audience Reaction.
  • Loras Tyrell talking about jewelry and how he dreamed of his wedding day as a little boy. Because apparently the numerous saucy bedroom scenes with other men weren't enough to convince us he's gay.
  • Everything about Daario Naharis. The man looks like he fell through a time portal from the set of Xena: Warrior Princess, and his lines sound like something out of bad fanfiction.
    • This is as good an explanation as any for why he was recast after season three.
    • And while Michiel Huisman's performance is a good deal less silly, there's still the matter of the number of times Daario's name is said in the season 4 premiere to make sure we know it's the same guy.
  • In Mhysa, a very distraught Ygritte has Jon Snow at arrowpoint. Jon tries to plead his way out and tells her that he needs to go home. He sounds extremely whiny and petulant especially when earlier in the episode, Joffrey shrieks at his grandfather that he is not tired. One of these performances was intentional. The other? Not so much.
  • Catelyn's death at the end of "The Rains of Castamere". The croaking groans of grief might work for you in context—Robb and everyone else she cared about had just been gruesomely killed, after all—but the fact that she still manages to slit her hostage's throat during said groans? Then some guy walks in from off screen, slits her throat, and immediately exits stage left.
  • Daenerys crowdsurfing in the final scene of season 3. The scene is going great, but then it suddenly turns into a rock concert.
  • Chaosh isn't a pit... Chaosh ish a LADDAH.
    • Littlefinger's accent in this episode and onward. It's really had to take all his Magnificent Bastard scheming seriously when he's pretending to be Irish Batman. It get's even worse in Season 4, especially during the scenes between he and Sansa on the ship — "Oy'm teeking The Veeeeel".
  • Rose Leslie's accent as Ygritte starts to verge on the narmy after a while in Series 3, and evokes the kind of stereotypically gobby northern bint encountered on a night out in Wigan, as opposed to a hardened warrior woman from beyond the wall — "I'm Jyon Snuuuuur — raaaaght fut, lyeft fut!".
  • The Season 4 scene where Joffrey Baratheon dies goes from really cathartic to really hilarious thanks to his ridiculously bloodshot eyes and nose. Of course, the scene was considered to be this in the books, disturbing though it was.
    • The fact that you get an awesome view of Cersei's cleavage doesn't help.
    • Also, Cersei's helium-level high pitched cry of "My son!" as he dies is just a little hilarious even if it is rather sad.
  • Tyrion telling Shae they can no longer be together and that she has to leave King's Landing at once. It's supposed to be dramatic and sad, but it comes off like a very cheap soap opera.
  • The entire Dragonstone story in season 4, as it completely ignores the way these characters ended up in the previous season. You want to get a move on to the Wall, guys?
  • Ok, the reveal of the Night King and his method of creating new White Walkers was indeed pants-shittingly scary. This however was slightly tarnished by how the baby reacted to the most terrifying monster in the entire Game Of Thrones mythos by grinning and giggling for a few moments.
    • The fact he looks a bit like an albino Darth Maul has made him a little less terrifying to some.
  • Karl's monologue about his backstory. Not only is it a blatant Info Dump with no real purpose, but even for this series the profanity in it is absurdly gratuitous, feeling like it was written by a teenager trying way too hard to be shocking.
  • The shamelessly blatant Plot Armor Ramsay Snow is wearing in episode 4x6, turning his back on several armored soldiers while not even wearing a shirt, while they all just stand around and wait for him to sic the dogs on them.
  • Arya trying to sound deep with her "nothing is just... nothing" line is more cringeworthy than profound.
  • Sansa's black outfit in "The Mountain and the Viper," complete with dyed black hair and a black dress adorned with feathers. It's supposed to represent her becoming morally darker, but the fact it's so over the top just ruins the drama of the reveal. She looks like Maleficent, or Katniss Everdeen!
    • Although the Mountain crushing Red Viper's skull is Nightmare Fuel in itself, it's ruined by the way the Mountain flops onto the ground beside Red Viper's corpse-they look like they're sunbathing! Anybody for Carnage Angels?
    • Tyrion's "beetle monologue" is already notorious for this, especially when it goes on for about five minutes and is painfully obviously just there for Padding.
      • Which is in itself an insult to the fans who had waited all season for Oberyn's dramatic, climactic fight, assumed to be the high point of the season, only for it to last a few minutes at the end of the episode. If viewers weren't hating the scene before, they're hating it now!
  • In "The Watchers on the Wall" when the giant shoots a man with its giant bow and arrow, the man practically gets launched into space.
    Gilly: Promise me you won't die.
    Sam: I promise I won't die.
    • Ygritte's death scene is undercut by a couple things: Olly's "I have your back" nod to Jon after he spent the majority of the episode hugging his knees in abject terror at worst, and operating the elevator at most was quite distracting. Then you have her last words being her Catch Phrase, which is narmy thanks to the amount of Memetic Mutation it's undergone.
    • The nod isn't helped by being soundtracked to Bon Jovi.
      • It's also not helped by featuring a rare use in the show of slow motion as the battle rages on, making them look stuck in their own narrative bubble given how they're not interrupted at all.
  • While Tyrion killing Shae was a sad, sad scene, the moment is slightly ruined by the camera slowly panning to Shae's corpse wearing a big, happy smile while Tyrion sobs his apologies for killing her.
    • Also, there is a close up on Tyrion's face, and the gravitas is somewhat ruined by the snot visible on his upper lip.
  • "I love my lover." Yes, very insightful there, Cersei.
    • (To Jaime) "I choose you". Did anyone else think that Cersei was talking about Pokémon there, when she said that?
  • The scene where Jaime is trying to talk Locke and his cronies out of gang-raping Brienne is a tense scene... then when she's brought back and tied to a tree, one extra humorously yells out, "Calm down, luv!" in an incredibly thick Oop North accent, which kind of ruins the tension. Until Locke cuts off Jaime's hand.
  • A mix-up in the costuming department resulted in the Sand Snakes' breastplates having nipples. The Joel Schumacher jokes pretty much write themselves.
  • Daenerys' Arc Words in the Season 5 trailers "I'm not going to stop the wheel. I'm going to break the wheel." are either a Badass Boast or...this.